17 April 2013

Post for the Mamas: How to apply and maintain a gorgeous Self Tan

I have had so many people ask me what I use for a self tanner and I am so excited to share my tan secret!!
To start, I use a self tanner called Flawless by Fake Bake it comes with a mit so there is no streaking and also has a blue base so you do not turn orange. I do this once a week or once every 2 weeks. Fake bake also makes a face self tanner that you can use but it is not necessary. You can use the regular Fake Bake on your face. To maintain the color after using the tanner I use Jergens Natural Glow Daily Mosturizer 

Fake Bake comes with a mit, two gloves, and a spray nozzle for the bottle. Make sure you use the spray!

Below are the steps I use to apply the self tanner:

1. You will want to do this at night right before you go to bed, the tanner will not stain your sheets or your clothes. Shower and exfoliate prior to applying. You do not want any lotions, deodorants etc on your skin when you do this. I use a sugar scrub to remove dead skin which allows for a longer lasting tan.

2. After you shower make sure you are completely dry. Make sure you glove BOTH hands. Slide mit on gloved hand and spray about 3 sprays on BROWN part of mit. I start on my legs and apply the tanner in circular motion, continuing to spray glove and apply as I go up my legs, when your done with your legs do your feet. I only spray about 1 or 2 sprays on the glove and lightly glide the mit around the ankles, on top of foot and in between toes. The blend into leg.

3. Continue doing rest of body. You will see the color start to darken.

4. Do your face like you did your feet. Spray mit once or twice and apply to face making sure you get in all the crevices like the nose. Spray mit again and blend into neck.

5. I do my hands very last because they sweat in my gloves and I dont want the color to run. Once again, apply like you did to your feet. Spray once or twice then lightly glide over the top of your hand, in between your fingers then blend into your wrist and arm.

6. Now sleep with the self tanner on. Like I said, it doesn't stain your sheets or clothing. In the morning you will want to make sure you shower to remove excess color. You will see some brown color come off in the shower but I promise it isnt your tan washing away.

Your done! Once you do it for the first time its easier to judge how many sprays make you lighter or darker for the next time.

Let me know if you have any questions! xoxo


  1. Hi Whitney! Janel again! I am dying to try this self tanner! I am a avid airbusher at tanning salons and would love to find a less expensive option. I was wondering if u has tried the 60 min tan spray by fake bake? If so, does it work as well? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Janel!! I haven't personally tried the 60 Minute by Fake Bake but I have clients who use it and love it. From what I am told it is the same thing as Fake Bake Flawless it just processes faster. When I am out of my bottle of Flawless i'm going to try the 60 minute. I think you would love it so let me know if you try it!! :)

  2. OK! Thanks so much for responding, Whitney! I will definitely let you know! I hope you guys have another fun fall weekend!