30 October 2013

Halloween Eve

Happy All Hallows' Eve everyone! We spent the day coloring ghosts, watching Monster House and baking all sorts of goodies.

We also took Ryder to his very first theater movie. We saw Hotel Transylvania and he loved it! He actually sat in his chair the entire movie. 

And now we are finishing off the night by watching Hocus Pocus and getting prepared for tomorrow. I hope you all have a great Halloween! I can't wait to see pictures of all your kiddos. 

28 October 2013

Happy Halloween Week!

Happy Halloween week everyone!! Let the festivities begin! This week is going to be full of scary movies, Halloween Jammie's all day everyday, pumpkin spice pancakes and lots of candy. We are also going to take Ryder to his very first theater movie on Halloween eve to see Hotel Transylvania. Wish us luck!

Last week we got Halloween pictures done for Ryder. Isn't he the cutest monkey ever?? Be still my beating heart....

This was him last Halloween as a little Tiger. He has grown so much in a year!!

Happy Halloween week everyone! I hope you all have some fun stuff planned with your little monsters!

23 October 2013

Mr. Independent

First of all, thank you so much for all the sweet comments on Ryder's burn! It makes me feel so much better that things like this happen to every mom and a lot of you totally understood how I was feeling. You are all so sweet and your comments really made me feel SO much better! Ryder's hand is much better, the blisters were removed {without sedation!! He didn't even cry} and we just keep it wrapped with ointment and see his doctor every other day. The wrap should hopefully come off late next week. 

Anyway, The past few weeks Ryder has all of a sudden got very independent and wants to do everything by himself. I caught some cute pictures of little Mr. Independent in action this week 

He doesn't want to ride in his stroller anymore, I don't even try because all he does is try to climb out. He just follows behind me on our walks and stops to look at every rock. 

He also loves to help me bake. And when I say help, I mean he wants to play with the cookie batter for an hour and don't even try to stop him.

I laughed so hard when he tried to put the ranch dressing back in the fridge by himself, then couldn't figure out how to get out. 

Look at those tears!! He did this when I took a drink out of what apparently was his orange peel smoothie. 

Then, I tried to help him put his stickers on his coloring book where they are suppose to go, but he wanted to do it himself. So I left the room and when I came back they were all over the dog. And he cried when I took them off. Once again, he wanted to do that himself. 

And last but not least 
If he wants him on the dirty cement in the rocks, then leave him there. He wants to pick him up himself.

His daddy thought it would be funny to stick his bear out of the sunroof of the car. He was not amused.

Even though I love watching him learn how to do things himself, I am so sad he doesn't need my help as much. But, I'm loving how fun this age is! 

Happy hump day!!

20 October 2013

Worst Mom award goes to me...

I earned my first bad Mom award this weekend. I try so hard to make sure my home is baby proof and that there is nothing that Ryder can get into that would hurt him. And yet Saturday morning, I turned on Mickey Mouse in my room to entertain Ryder while I got ready for the day. I got dressed, came out of my closet to find him holding my hot hair straightener. I still have no idea how he reached it. He dropped it, looked at me, then back at his hand then he started to panic and cry. I hurried and put his hand under cool water and I thought that maybe it wasn't that bad because it took him a minute to cry, but it immediately started to blister. So I loaded him in the car to head to the doctor and made a frantic call to my husband who was up the Canyon for the starting day of his deer hunt. I walked into the doctors office crying my eyes out, the receptionist probably thought I was a crazy person. Especially since Ryder was happy as can be and I was the one hysterical. I finally got a hold of my husband and he met me at the doctors office. The doctor said it was atleast a second degree burn and he wont know if its worse for a few days. He dressed his hand and said to come back Monday where they will sedate Ryder and remove the dead layer of skin. Sedate him?? Yeah that's not going to happen. Since This happened on a Saturday we had to take him to urgent care center not his doctor, so We decided to take him to his regular Pediatrician to get a second opinion on the whole sedation thing.
 His doctor prescribed him some ointment and he will go back on Wednesday to clip the skin on the blisters, no sedation. But I have been sick about it all weekend. I feel like it is all my fault and it wouldn't have happened if I was watching him better. Worst mom award goes to me!!


18 October 2013

Adventures of a 1 year old

Oh to be little again. Watching Ryder learn and explore is the best thing ever. To him, everything is amazing. On our daily walks he has to stop and point and every rock and leaf. He loves the sound of the River and gets so excited when a bird flies by.

Morning walks in our Jammie's are his favorite. Especially when Grandpa stops by

I have to pry him off the wheel at the park when it's time to leave. 

Don't you ever grow up, just stay this little! 

16 October 2013

Halloween Crafting

Yesterday we spent the day doing some Halloween crafts. And when I say crafts I mean we played in finger paint. 

First, we made cute little ghosts out of Ryder's footprints. I tried something like this for valentines day and I could not get him to sit still and it ended up just being a mess. So this time I sat him on the floor with the kindle and he didn't even realize what I was doing. It turned out so cute!

He had to be festively dressed while we did it of course. 

Then we painted pumpkins. I thought this was going to be a mess but Ryder figured out fast he was only suppose to paint the pumpkins. He could have spent hours doing this!

I probably should have just stuck with one paint color since they just got mixed together and made a puke green color. But It still turned out cute :)

Happy Hump Day!

14 October 2013

Our weekend in pictures

Friday and Saturday the temps rose into the mid 60's and since it was probably going to be the last nice weekend of the season, we took advantage! 

We went to another pumpkin patch and Ryder loved this one because it had a petting zoo

They had a pit full of corn and he was not a fan. He hated the way it felt on his toes and climbed on me the entire time 

We spent the next few days just going for walks and spending time outside 
This guy loves to be outside, I'm not sure what were going to do all Winter!

Ryder thought pretending to drive with dad in the driveway was pretty cool. He kept honking the horn and steering the wheel

Saturday night me and my mom went to watch Dance Odyssey's Thriller. And it was so amazing! I definitely will see it every year 

Sunday it rained a little so we just relaxed most of the day then we headed to my dad's farm where Ryder had a blast collecting eggs from the chicken coop 

{I think someone was a little milk drunk}

We ended Sunday night with The Walking Dead season premiere! Did anyone else watch it?? 

And now this is Ryder up bright and early on a Monday morning, happy as can be.... Wish I was a morning person!

Hope you all had a great weekend and happy Monday!