25 November 2015

Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving Eve friends!! I'll be signing off for the rest of the week so I wanted to wish you all a safe and happy holiday weekend with your loved ones. Today we are in full Holiday mode over here scrubbing floors, baking and doing last minute shopping. I'm certain that the day before a holiday brings out the Crazy in people because some man walked up to Tyson in Walmart and said "I appreciate your beard sir" with which he replied "thank you...strange man in trench coat..." Pretty sure he wants to shave now. 

This morning instead of rushing around like most mornings, me and the boys cuddled in my bed for far too long for the amount of stuff I have on my to do list. But my babies are what I am the most thankful for and enjoyed every minute of it. I am so blessed to have this family of mine and thank god for them everyday. Also, I'm pretty sure it's a rule that the more babies you have the bigger of a bed you need. 

Happy Thanksgiving from my tribe to yours!

23 November 2015

Black Friday Pre Sales

I'm not a huge Black Friday shopper. Some years I do go out later in the morning and get a few small things but I'm definitely not the kind of person that waits in line for hours to snag a good deal. I would much rather sit in the comforts of my own home and online shop. Cyber Monday is usually my jam but this year's pre Black Friday Sales are killing it so I've rounded up a few of my favorite deals going on this week

Old Navy is speaking my love language today with their 50% off sleepwear sale and Free Shipping on orders of $25 or more using code FREEDOM. So if you read my Christmas Eve Traditions post, now is the time to stock up on those Christmas Eve jammies! My favorites are Cookies Sleep Set, Most Wonderful Time Sleep Set, and Merry and Bright Sleep Set. Hurry fast they are selling out quick!

Pottery Barn is having a 25% off Stockings sale this week plus FREE shipping and monogramming. I've been eyeing these stockings for years!

Victorias Secret has some awesome deals this week including free slippers with a pj purchase, free PINK beanie with a $50 purchase and free secret rewards cards. These Fireside Long Jane's definitely on my Christmas list!

Carters is having a 50% off site and store sale this week. Their girl jammies are to die for! These,  these  and these are just a few of my favorites. I need to have a girl just for these jammies! But in the mean time, these adorable Reindeer Jammies will do. I promise I shop for more than just pj's. A few more items we love include this Fleece Jumper,  Diaper Bag and Stone Boots.

Does anyone else who is not in high school still shop at AE?? ME!!! They are having a BOGO 50% off sale and Free shipping this week. Their Ripped Jeans and Outerwear have always been a favorite of mine.

Now after some online shopping and a few dollars later I'm off to tackle my Thanksgiving to do list which now includes painting the bathroom because...well, were having guests over. #priorities.

Happy Shopping from this little festive dude!

20 November 2015

Friday Favorites

Oh the weekend before Thanksgiving...what a crazy, exciting few days.  Menu making, grocery shopping and deep cleaning the house are in our plans for the weekend. I am also trying to convince Tyson we need a bunch of new stuff for the house since we are having guests over. Wish me luck with that.
This week's Friday Favorite's are just a little bit of everything. A lot of randomness to go with my scatter brained- pre Holiday Mind.
My sign from Hello Happy House came and I couldn't wait to put it up. Holla!! They have so many cute signs and I already have my eye on a few for after the Holiday's. 
Since Ryder has grown out of his snow boots I've been on a hunt for another pair for him. My husband thinks I'm crazy that I'm looking for cute boots. Whatever hubs. This Pair is cute and they aren't too bad priced. I also really love these Duck Boots but they are little pricey so make sure you grab them when there is a sale.
While looking I stumbled on these Jersey High Tops. if Ryder wasn't already swimming in shoes, I would snag them so fast!
Right now we are working on finishing the boy's bathroom. I have the cutest pictures of Ryder and Gage in the tub when they were just babies and I was so excited when I discovered Easy Canvas Prints to have them printed on a canvas. They are such a great price compared to what I have found and I can't wait to share them with you when I get them hung. I hear they might be having an early Black Friday sale as well!
I have a vision for this little corner of my living room that includes a cute chair, side table and lamp for reading. I really love this Tree Stump Side Table from West Elm but found these Dip Dyed stools that are much more affordable and I think I actually love it more.
Freshly Picked is having Black Tuesday sale next week. It will be November 24th at 10am MST and select styles will be 25% off. Perfect time to stock up for Christmas gifts!

And last but not least, since I'm an amateur at this. I have my handy dandy Thanksgiving Serving Cheat Sheet. Although I'm certain the bottles of wine need to be increased by at least 2.

Hope you all have a great pre holiday weekend!  I will leave you with a pic of the bad thing I did a few days ago and I'm not even sorry about it. Happy Friday!

17 November 2015

Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas traditions are one of my favorite parts about the Holiday Season and my best memories come from these traditions. Now that I have a family of my own we do the same traditions I did when I was a kid and we have added a few new ones of our own.

A Festive Breakfast on Christmas Eve morning is a great idea since Christmas Morning is usually busy. And lets be honest, who want's to make a big breakfast after the kids have woken you up at 5 am. Not me.

Christmas Eve Jammies was my favorite as a kid. On Christmas Eve we get to open one present and inside are holiday pjs and sometimes we throw in slippers, a movie, a book or a snack. We then get the boys dressed in the jammies and bundle them up and go to a festival of lights in our town. I haven't gotten Ryder and Gage their Eve pj's yet but a few of my favorites are Cookies Sleep Set, Striped Sleep Set, Santa One Piece and Deer Print Sleep Set for you girl mama's.

I know a lot of people that make  Magic Reindeer Food  and sprinkle it on their driveways for Santa's Reindeer. We've never done this but now that Ryder is older I bet he'd love it. I'll leave Tyson up to leaving the Reindeer prints all over the driveway.

On Christmas Eve we like to all bundle up and walk around our neighborhood handing out our neighbor gifts. A few years ago I did these Hand Soap Gifts and they were a huge hit, plus they were super easy. Since we are in a new neighborhood this year I think I will give these gifts a try again.

Baking cookies for Santa is a must on Christmas Eve. We usually just do chocolate chip cookies but this year I'm determined to do something a little more out of the box. I love these Reindeer and Santa Cookies but they might be a little too fancy for my non-creative self. We'll see.

The Holiday's alone are amazing but add in kids and they are just plain magical. I can't wait to make more memories with my babies this season.

16 November 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The weather here is screaming CHRISTMAS and we are loving every minute of it! I was really sick for over a week and for that whole week we were homebound. There's nothing like a good snow storm when there's no where to be. The boys also got Christmas pics over the weekend and we got a little sneak peak. All the heart eyes for that hand hold!
This is the first snow of the season that they were actually able to play in. G was just a baby last winter so this was the first time he got to play in it, and by play I mean eat. Ryder had a blast pelting me in the face with snowballs. Revenge was sweet when he face planted it right after.

This snow has me itching so bad to put up our tree, I even bought a whole new ornament set for it. But we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year so I am trying really hard to wait. No promises though. So in the meantime we will just enjoy everything else Christmas.

The hubby has caught my sickness, so wish me luck taking care of three children today

Happy Snow day!
Fleece Bear One Piece // Fleece jumpsuit old, similar here //  Grey Beanies //  Striped Beanies   Holiday Elk Raglan // Snow Suit // Skinny Jeans //

12 November 2015

Bath Toy Storage

Bath time is definitely a favorite in our house, But the mess of all the teeny tiny bath toys that are left behind in the tub drives me bonkers. The Nuby Sea Scooper Bath Toy has not only become an essential product when it comes bath toy organization but it has become the boys' favorite bath toy. 

The Sea Scooper is fun and interactive, Scoops all of the toys and keeps them together in one place, allows toys to dry quickly and easily and is BPA Free.

I love that the Scooper is not only practical but it's super fun. Ryder and Gage love putting toys in his mouth and love watching all the water spill out of it. When were done playing we simply scoop up all the toys and hang it on the wall. How great would this be for a Christmas gift?!

The Nuby Sea Scooper Bath Toy is available at
 AmazonBuy Buy BabyBed Bath and BeyondBuy Baby Direct, and Walmart

 I received this product as a part of the Nuby Parent Blogger program. All opinions are my own.

11 November 2015

Christmas Card Round Up

Christmas Cards are my jam. They are so much my jam that I plan months in advance for these cute little cards. I love receiving them even more than I love sending them and have a wall dedicated just for Christmas cards. So today i've rounded up a few of my favorites that are on my list so far.
My favorites from Tiny Prints are....

also Krafty Snowflakes and Berry Spirited are super cute.
From Minted my favorites are....

And last but not least my favorites from Artifact Uprising are the Classic Christmas Card and Merry Little Everything.  

Merry Christmas card season and happy shopping!

10 November 2015


This past weekend was probably the last of the warm weather we will have for the rest of the year. I was super stoked to get outside and enjoy it but we've all been a little under the weather. Oh sleep, how I miss you! Gage's ears still hurt when he lays down plus I'm trying to wean him. Ryder has been getting a weird cough only at night and I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis AND a sinus infection. So in true Whitney fashion I will wait until im on my death bed before I see a doctor although I take my kids in for the slightest runny nose. True story. 

Saturday we started the day way too early and spent the rest of the day lounging and staring out the window at the beautiful weather. Sorry boys! If there is anything worse than being sick, it's being sick with sick kids. 

Sunday we had our yearly family pictures scheduled. Sigh... Does anyone else stress out about these?! The boys decided to play the game called "lets see how long it takes mom to lose it" right before we left and ran around the house messing up their hair and helping eachother take off their clothes. They know it makes me bat shit crazy when they destroy their hair right after I do it. I carried a comb and bribed them with everything I could think of and it actually went great. We had only a few minor melt downs when it was time for pics of just Gage and Our little model Ryder wasn't about to have that. Also how dare the photographer ask them to hold hands which apparently is a form of torture. 
And then I got a few sneak peaks and my heart exploded....

Tyson had Monday off so we got a sitter and went Christmas shopping. We were able to get 90% of it done and I'm so happy that we aren't waiting until last minute like we usually do. I can't wait to share some of the goodies I snagged soon! While we were out and about we picked up the cutest monster truck ornaments for the boys little Christmas tree. Which in turn resulted in us putting up their tree last night and made my Christmas loving heart so happy! Don't worry, I'm still waiting on putting up our big tree until after Thanksgiving. Also, those truck ornaments didn't stay on the tree for very long. Not surprising. 

And today it's snowing. Like huge, fluffy snowflakes sticking to the ground kind of snowing. Ryder and Gage did a nice little happy dance about it. 

Winter, we're happy you're here but can you please take you're cold and flu season somewhere else?? 

05 November 2015

Thanksgiving Inspiration

You guys, its snowing. It's the first snow of the season and it has me in a crazy Christmas mood. So instead of putting up my tree like I promised I wouldn't, I am rounding up my favorite Thanksgiving tablescapes and goodies. You can also check out my Thanksgiving Board on Pinterest for more ideas.
Gold, neutral and plenty of Kraft Paper are definitely my favorites this year. Kraft Paper table runner's with handwritten name tags on them would be so easy and festive. Also, that kids table with Kraft paper and colored pencils would be a big hit in my house!

With Thanksgiving comes plenty of yummy drinks. Apple Cider Sangria, Apple Pie Punch and these Turkey Cup Kids Drinks add the perfect touch to a big dinner.

Am I the only one who get's Thanksgiving outfits for my kids? Nothing crazy or over the top just a little nicer outfit than our daily wear. These Beau Hudson Cardigans {pictured below} are an easy way to dress up any outfit for boys or girls.
Apparently Thanksgiving pj's are non existent. So we will have these jammies waiting to wear Thanksgiving night. You all know Holiday Jams are a must in my house.
I can't believe Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away! Time, please slow down. The excitement of the Holiday season is upon us and we are so excited to enjoy every minute of it with family and friends. Now me and my two little Turkey's are going to enjoy what little Snow we got today and i'm still trying to explain to Ryder that even though its snowing, doesn't mean Santa is coming tonight. Sorry kid.