26 June 2013

Happy Hump day!

Nothing beats the mid week blues like early morning coffee sipping on the porch of the coffee house....and I had a pretty cute date! 

The weather is starting to get really hot around here. With the temps rising to 103 we can't help but cool off in some water 

Have you ever had that moment when you realize your kid is cooler than you? Yeah that happened today when Ryder put his killer shades on. 

Dried off, relaxing and I was quick enough to catch this adorable smile 

Have a great Wednesday!

24 June 2013

Weekend fun

Why does it feel like summer weekends fly by so fast?? Time just needs to slow down! This weekend was a little more relaxed then normal, we are usually running around crazy so it was nice to slow down for a change.

Nothing like Saturday morning hugs from this boy!

This weekend we found ourselves at Cabela's, cause were redneck like that. Ryder went crazy with all the animals everywhere. He recently learned the word dog, so he pointed at every animal and yelled dog every time. 

Then we headed to the outlets for some shopping. Thank you quiksilver for having a sale on little baby clothes and almost breaking my bank. I did however find the cutest 4th of July outfit for the babe! So excited to share! 
Then we headed to Johnny Rockets. Um did you know they have s'mores shakes?? I.died. 

Did anyone else catch a glimpse of the super moon?? We caught some cool pics with the hubby's scope

And last but not least! Your little babe pic of the day 

Try to have a great Monday!! 

20 June 2013

Sweet Summertime

I forgot how fun summer can be when your a kid!! There is nothing like sitting outside watching your little run around without a care in the world!
Some of our favorite things to do in the summer time.....

Sidewalk Chalk, We love coloring with chalk! I already have place picked out for my chalkboard wall inside. Sitting on the front porch enjoying the warm weather and doodling is so relaxing.

Water, water, water! This kid loves anything that has to do with water. His baby pool is his favorite because its just his size. He can crawl and splash with just the right amount of water. I am considering getting this water table too, I think he would love it!

We loving going to grandpa's house and playing with all his farm animals. The goats are new so he wasn't sure about them. He finally warmed up to them until the brown one nibbled on his toe, then he went bat shit crazy!

FISHING! Oh how we love the outdoors. We got Ryder his own baby fishing pole for his birthday but of course he would rather have daddy's big one.

Doing all this fun stuff this summer has really made me so thankful for the fact that I can stay home with my babe and share all these moments together. We are truly blessed.

Now, on to the cute summer baby clothes!!
Whoever said dressing boys isn't as fun as dressing girls LIED!! This Summer outfit complete with a mohawk and baby arm chub makes my heart burst into a million pieces!!

Tiny Chuck Taylors?? I just about died! I will be ordering many pairs of these for the babe, and get some matching ones of course!!


18 June 2013

12 Month Favorites

1. VTech sit to stand walker - This is one of Ryder's Favorite toys! He is not walking yet and this thing is perfect for helping him learn. The wheels have two adjustments, one for more experienced walkers that allow for it to move faster and one with a little more tension for the younger babes. The front comes off so he can play with it on the floor. It has a ton of different things he can play with so he doesn't get bored with it. It also has a learning mode in addition to a song mode. This is a must have! Even if your babe is walking.

2. Aden + Anais Issie Security Blankets Ryder has had these since he was a newborn and he is so attatched to them! I orginally got them because he would always put his blankets over his face while he slept and I was afraid he would suffocate, these blankets are breathable so he can put them over his face no problem. He takes one with him everywhere, sometimes he even tries to bring it in the bath! It is the cutest thing.

3. 3- Piece PJ Set We LOVE jammies in our house. I wish we could wear them all day everyday!! These 3 Piece sets from Old Navy are so cute! I love that they come with pants and shorts, perfect for those summer afternoons when your still in your jammies! :) They do run a little small though, order a size up.

4. Brown Bear & Friends Book - These are by far Ryder's favorite books. He loves the colors and actually sits still while I read them instead of trying to rip it from my hands. I love that it is a board book so he can't rip the pages to shreds. It comes with Brown bear, Polar Bear and Panda bear. Seriously a must have!

5.Learning Workbench - Ryder got this for his Birthday and it has been a big hit. It comes with a removable hammer that he can use to hit the screws. There are alot of things to play with like a moving paint brush so he doesn't get bored. It also has a learning and song mode so he will be able to use it as he gets older.

Happy Tuesday!

14 June 2013

Mama + Mister Fourth of July Style

Is anyone else as excited about the Fourth as I am?? The Fourth of July is one of my favorite Holidays! What is better than BBQ's, beer, family and fireworks?? Oh I know....getting all dressed up for it!!

For the little mister....

ummm.....baby cowboy hat?? I can see Ryder now in the yard wearing nothing but this cowboy hat with a sparkler in his hand....i die.

and for mama....

I am absoutely obsessed with anchors and skulls so I was so happy to find both in these festive colors!

And you better believe we will be having some tasty drinks! Of course it has to be festive, so we'll be trying red, white and blue layered drinks in mason jars (because im classy like that) possibly this recipe?? pics and recipes to come!

11 June 2013

8 Ways to be a happy & productive stay at home mom

Being able to stay at home with your kids is such a great blessing and so rewarding. It is also a hard job! Sometimes you find yourself stressed, exhausted and unorganized. Here are a few tips to help with the adventure of being a full time mama!

Get on a schedule and routine. Scheduling even just your day to day routines can make for a more organized home, which means a happy mama. Schedule wake up time, nap time, bath time, lunch time etc and make them a routine daily.  This makes for easy planning of things you need to do during the day like grocery shopping. No one wants to walk around the store with a kid throwing a shit fit because they have missed their nap, am I right?? I will also schedule my week and plan activities, chores, meals and errands that need to be done each day of the week. This also leaves time for mama and daddy to have their own time. Instead of the parents having to struggle until 11pm to get their child to bed, they have a steady routine of an 8pm bedtime, the rest of the night is for the parents!

Wake up before your kids. Shower, get ready for the day, drink some coffee and have some alone quiet time. I know what your thinking...you want me to get up at 6am, get dressed and do my makeup instead of getting my rest until the madness begins?? Just try it! I live for my quiet mornings. Nightime routines are busy and hectic, as soon as my head hits the pillow im out! So getting up early gives you quiet relaxed time to get prepared for the day. And if you dont get ready in the morning, as the day goes on you probably wont get ready at all!

Connect & communicate with your spouse. This one is very important. Let your spouse know when you are overwhelmed, need help, or just need an adult conversation. Set aside time when the kids are asleep to just talk with your husband. And dont forget date night!

Get out of the house. Cabin fever is no joke, kids are climbing the walls and mom is ripping out her hair. Doing little activites out of the house will help save your sanity. Going for a walk, to the park, or just sitting on your front porch watching your kids play are just a few things you can do each day.

Have your own hobby. Schedule time for yourself and do what you love. Go for a run, do a craft, scrapbook or have a girls night. "you time" is so important.

Let your child play independently. For some reason this one was hard for me. If my baby was on the floor playing, I felt like I had to be playing with him too at all times. It is good for kids to learn how to play by themselves, they will let you know when they need your attention.With that being said, this does not mean ignore your children all day long. Obviously they need your attention and bonding time. But it is okay to let them play by themselves while you get a few things done

Clean a little each day. The worst thing ever is walking down the stairs in the morning to a messy house! Seriously, ruins my day. Make it apart of your routine to clean a little each day. Have your kids help clean up their toys before bed, do dirty dishes, wipe counters etc. No body wants to wake up to that! Make a schedule at the beginning of the week of the cleaning that needs to be done each day and voila!  the weekend comes, the house is clean and you can enjoy yourself!

Have quiet time with your kids. Screaming kids running around can be a little nerving. Taking time out from the day to sit with your kids to read a book, color, cuddle and have a conversation brings the stress level down and also lets you connect with your kids. For me, it also gives me a minute to remind myself just how blessed I am to have this little babe in my life.

Now obviously this list is endless, and some people have different ways of how they do things. But through trial and error I have found these tips to be the most helpful for me and I hope it does the same for you.


07 June 2013

Fathers Day Gift Idea

I orginally saw this idea on Pinterest and fell in love instantly!! I think the relationship between a boy and their dad is the most precious thing. I will be more than proud if my son turns out to be anything like his dad and these pics tug at my heart strings!

I took a pair of the hubby's work boots and took some pics of him in the field by my house. I got the frame on sale for $3.88 at walmart and printed the saying from the above link. How cute is this??? I hope the hubby loves it as much as I do.

One Year Pics

I love how Ryder's one year pics turned out! I wanted them to be very boyish and the old cars were just the right touch! We could not get him to smile, but I still LOVE them!

As for his smash cake pics....this boy hates anything sweet! (gets it from his daddy!) so he basically just played in it, but we got to capture his true personality!

Photo's taken by my fab friend Bre at Picture You Photography
Smash Cake made by Hot Pink Cake

Mustache Birthday Bash!

First off...you guys...I can't believe my baby is 1!! I swear it was just yesterday we were bringing him home from the Hospital. What an amazing year its been! Ryder is just what we needed in our lives and words cannot describe the love I have for this boy. What a blessing he is!!

We started his Birthday morning off right with a crib full of Balloons and a great big Birthday breakfast. The rest of the day was spent swimming, watching his favorite cartoons, eating his favorite food and just spending time with family. Then it was party time!

For his birthday party I was struggling to decide on a theme. He really loves Mickey Mouse but I think a mustache theme is the cutest thing ever! (Remember Ryder's Mustache Valentines ??) Mustache Birthday Bash it is!!

I bought most of his party supplies at Hobby Lobby. There was matching invitations, napkins, plates, Birthday banner, and high chair banner. And I loved the colors!!

Seriously how cute is this cake made by my step mom?? She made one cake to serve to everyone and a smash cake for Ryder.

We served a meat and cheese tray, fruit and dip, chips and dip, cake and cupcakes. And as I have mentioned before this kid doesn't have much of a sweet tooth. So he just played in his cake and was more interested in his balloons.

His party turned out just how I imagined it. Thank you to all our family and friends that made Ryder's 1st Birthday a memorable one! Ryder loved seeing everyone and had a blast at is party! However he did not like when I put his mustache on. It's hard to be 1.