28 March 2016


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great Holiday weekend! Saturday morning we woke up to nice blanket of snow but it melted fast and Easter Sunday ended up not being too bad. It isn't Easter unless it snows right?! Ryder is at such a great age for Holiday's like this. He gets so excited and also somewhat understands when we explain what Easter is actually about. 
Ryder and Gage of course woke up at the crack of dawn Easter morning thinking it was Christmas or something....they had a great time searching for eggs and seeing what the Easter bunny brought. It's amazing how much joy a mini Reese's stuffed in a plastic egg can bring a kid. 

I just have to say how much fun it was stuffing a baby girl's basket this year! I still can't wrap my head around all this pink and purple! My eyes are like wtf is this!? 

While Ryder and Gage tore through their goodies like little tornados, this little basket just sat quietly on the couch. I can't wait until she's here to tear through her's next year. My heart is so full. 

And I just have to add that I won the mother of the year award as I was searching for the Boy's Easter baskets at 11pm the night before Easter in our basement full of boxes. Giant plastic Easter egg split in half for the win. 

Here's to napping off your sugar hangover, Have a great week everyone! 

23 March 2016

Max + Moose

Happy hump day everyone! Today these two little monsters and I are taking over Max + Moose's Blog. Head on over and read some tips on Being a productive Stay at Home Mom. While you are there check out their shop full of dreamy blankets. We love them!

Also, Don't forget to enter the PinkBlush gift card giveaway on my last post. You DO NOT have to be expecting to enter. PinkBlush has a great selection of non- maternity women's clothing as well as baby and nursing items. Good luck!

21 March 2016

Dressing For a Summer Pregnancy

When people ask when my due date is and I reply with August 30th I already know what reaction I'm going to get - Gasps with looks of sympathy as they begin to tell me how miserable I'm going to be. I've had a May and June baby so even though I wasn't pregnant too far into the Summer, I have to say I'm already somewhat aware of how hard it is to be pregnant in the hot weather. However, with this pregnancy going further into the Summer I've been on the hunt for maternity clothes that will help me stay cool and comfortable in the future months.
PinkBlush Maternity has been a favorite of mine for all three of my pregnancies and is my go to for dressing for my Summer pregnancy this year. This Fitted Short Sleeve Dress is my favorite piece so far. The material is so comfortable and lightweight without being see-through and It is fitted with perfect amount of stretch for my growing belly. My favorite part about this dress is it's the perfect length so I can still chase around our two little boys while not feeling exposed. Pair it with your favorite Converse or Heels for a dressed down or dressed up look. I got so many compliments wearing this! 

Pink Blush Maternity has a whole selection of Maternity Dresses that are to die for and if you've followed me for a while you already know I'm a huge fan of their Jeans.
We are so excited to be teaming up with PinkBlush to giveaway a $75 gift card to their online store! The giveaway starts today and will end in one week, enter below. Good luck mama's!!

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19 March 2016

Baby #3 is a.....

............GIRL!!! We are so excited that we are adding a little lady to our crew of boys!! She is healthy and growing great and that is all we cared about. But my heart exploded when the tech said the baby is 100% girl, there is no feeling like it!! 

Ryder is so excited to be a big brother and although he did say he wanted another brother he already talks about buying her baby dolls. I don't think Gage understands a whole lot of what is going on but he does kiss my belly and say baby. Cutest brothers ever. 

My belly is growing by the day and I'm finally looking more like I'm pregnant than just like I've gained a few pounds. I have felt a few flutters here and there and I can't wait until I can really feel her kick and so can the boys! I also have some really fun maternity posts planned.

{15 weeks}

So now the fun shopping begins! I am overwhelmed with how much cute girl stuff is out there and I don't really know where to start. Especially since we are starting from scratch! So all you girl moms tell me where you shop! Today is the Freshly Picked warehouse sale where I was going to stock up for baby girl but Gage and I woke up sick this morning so of course the fact that I'm not going is killing me. Nothing haunts you like the stuff you didn't buy!

Baby girl you are already so loved and we can't wait to meet you in a few months! You have two amazing big brothers waiting for you and a mom and dad who are already overwhelmed with love you for!

09 March 2016

Mid - Week Madness

I'm sure all you mom's have had those weeks where it just feels like, when it rains it pours. When things just don't go right and by Friday you are. Just. Done. Well that happened to me this week, except for it didn't happen all week it happened all in one day. From the minute I woke up to the minute I closed my eyes. By 5:00 I was. Just. Done. And to blame for the chaos are my cute little monkeys, because apparently I'm raising a circus. Nothing will make you feel more hopeless than being in the shower covered in soap and shampoo when your 1 year old opens your tube of waterproof mascara and runs off yelling "I COLOR!!!" And you know the disaster that is going to follow and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. And why do they always have to go for the expensive makeup?! This is why we can't have nice things! Gage also ate half a bar of soap.... You'd think after one bite he'd be like ew screw this but nope he kept going. Out of spite I'm sure. 

While cleaning off the mascara and getting the very expensive powder out of my very expensive rug, I realize it's quiet. Way too quiet. I walk in the living room to find this. Of course I already know I'm doomed and couldn't help but snap some pictures to laugh at later because right now it is definitely. Not. Funny. The bowl was sitting next to Gage so I mean I guess he had good intentions. 

And of course big brother Ryder's reaction when he saw my horrified face was that he didn't make the mess Gage did so he should be in trouble. Even though he gave him the bowl and the cereal and I'm sure whispered in his ear just exactly what to do. Nice try kid.

The day continued on - delicious homemade lunches were fed to the dog, tantrums were thrown because they both wanted the same rock in the dirt pile surrounded by another 100 rocks, toilet paper was mixed with sippy cup water in an attempt to "bake a cake" and there were many many cups of coffee and prayers said during the day. Then I finally got them to bed and read some comments on social media regarding the chaotic pictures I had posted. There were so many women who have older kids who said things like "oh how I miss this stage! I have pictures just like this and love looking back at them." And "laugh about it because you will miss this one day." And I realized they are totally right. Someday they won't be so little and I will wish I could just go back to these chaotic days. Days where we stayed in Jammie's all day, days where Ryder tried to do Gage's makeup, and days where they just wanted to do it themselves and ended up pouring a whole box of cereal on the couch. In all reality no harm was done, but plenty of memories were made. So the next time I have a "bad" day, I'm going to embrace it and put a smile on my face. Because these are my monkeys and this is my circus. Please stay little my babies!

07 March 2016

Easter Basket Idea's

Filling Easter basket's has to be one of my favorite things to do, ever! Color coordinating small goodies and setting them out is almost like Christmas morning for me all over again, So I've rounded up a few Easter basket goodie idea's for your little bunnies!

A festive pair of jammies {Boy & Girl which happen to be 40% off today!} with some themed books like Duck & Goose and The Golden Egg are a must every year. But some other ideas I have found for this Easter are.....

Jellies Bath Toys // Finger Crayons // Play-Doh Eggs // Bunny Raglan // Sleepy Peep // Water Bottle // Dino Planters

^^ Seriously you guys, those Dino planters and that sleepy peep...  I.died.

Sometimes we will throw in some things that we know they need like a pair of shoes or some Spring/Summer clothes. I did order some Summer stuff today with the 40% off Sale at Gap and Old Navy that I will probably throw in even though it's not really for Easter.{These Pastel Colored Tee's would be perfect rolled up in an Easter Basket. Plus you can't beat the $5 price tag!} And of course you can never go wrong with stickers, treats, bubbles, chalk and hot wheels cars. Lots and lots of hot wheels.

I did put together a few gender neutral goodies for the baby's  Easter basket even though we don't know what we are having until next week. These Mint Jammies, Striped Coveralls, Salt Flat Moccs, and M+M Blanket were just too cute to pass up. I also really love this Knit Rabbit Hat for those tiny Easter babes!

And just because these two grow by the minute, here's a flash back of my little bunnies from last Easter.

01 March 2016


Happy March everyone! I am SO excited for this month and all that it will bring. This March will be pretty busy with St Patrick's Day, Easter, the first day of Spring, finding out the sex of the baby and it's also my birthday month. Talk about exciting!  March has got to be one of my favorite month's of the whole year. 

We've been soaking up every last minute of this Spring weather; windows open, fresh flowers sprinkled throughout the house, trips to feed the ducks and I even pulled out my sandals {with a side of baby bump} for the first time this year. 

Easter is also on my mind and I can't believe it is so soon! We all know that Easter is the kick off to Spring so I'm super excited it's early this year. I've been slowly pulling out Easter decor and the boys' baskets are almost done. Filling Easter baskets has to be my favorite thing ever! Especially with an itty bitty baby basket added this year. I can't wait to share some Easter goodie ideas with you later this week. 

The sun is shining, everyone has finally gone more than a week with being healthy, and the month of March is here. What more can you ask for?? Have a great Tuesday! Xo