25 October 2016

Family Pictures 2016

Another year of family pictures down and I have to say this shoot turned out to be my favorite. I'm not going to lie I was dreading pictures this year and thought about canceling them. Being only 10 weeks postpartum I was definitely not feeling ready but knew I'd regret having photos of the kids. {Even though Finley mean mugged the camera the entire shoot. }

I usually tend to lean more towards cool colors. Shades of blue against a grey barn is usually my jam, but this year we did rich warm colors to match some gorgeous fall leaves and I am in love!

Baby weight and postpartum hair loss have nothing on those cute little smiles! I can't wait to stick these on Christmas cards- which by the way is only 2 months away today! Gasp. 


23 October 2016

October Around Here

I've decided that the whole month of October is so good for the soul. I don't know what it is about this month that makes the sunrises, storms and just the air so much better than the other months. Not to mention matching everyone's clothes to those beautifully colored leaves. 

My favorite part about this season is that the weather isn't too hot or too cold so we can stay outside literally all day long. We are so not ready to hunker down for the winter. Can it just be October year round??

Halloween is just about a week away, so we are declaring it Halloween week in this house. My boys have been obsessed with Monster House and Hocus Pocus, So much that I almost am getting sick of both movies. Almost. But we had our first Halloween party over the weekend and it officially got everyone hyped up for the big day. It is also Finley's first Halloween and I have to say that baby's first Holiday's are my absolute favorite! It makes it that much more special knowing she is our last baby - She's the cutest little kitty I've ever seen!

Follow us on Instagram @whitrichins to follow our Halloween shenanigans this week. Nothing could kick off this week better than the premier of The Walking Dead! Amiright?? Xo

20 October 2016

Happy Baby Wrap

If there is one thing that is very apparent after having baby number 3, it's that we are very outnumbered. And if there is one product that I would recommend to any expecting mom, it would be a baby wrap. These things are a life saver and I never leave the house without it. I wear Finley basically wherever we go so I have two free hands for Ryder, Gage and whatever else I might be wrangling at the time. They also help with colic/acid reflux and you can even breastfeed discreetly in them.
 A couple weeks ago we headed to our local pumpkin patch and our Happy Baby Wrap in Grey Ombre tagged along. Happy Baby Wraps are organic, super soft, lightweight and breathable! They aren't bulky or have a huge amount of fabric so I am able to keep it in my diaper bag for whenever I need it.
The boys went nuts at the pumpkin patch with the hay rides, corn mazes, apple picking and of course all the pumpkins to choose from. It only took a million hours to find the right pumpkin, all of which Finley snoozed through. The Apple Cider donuts are the best part about this pumpkin patch and I was only slightly embarrassed when I noticed Fin's head was covered in sugar after downing way too many donuts.


Not only do I use my wrap while I'm out running errands I actually use it a lot at home as well. Fin has her witching hour right at dinnertime and bedtime hustle where all she wants is to be held so the only way I am able to cook most days is if I wear her. Not going to lie...I don't mind it one bit!

It's so sad when babies grow out of their wraps {they support up to 25 lbs though!} I might stuff Fin into her wrap until she head's to preschool. Until then, I'll cuddle this little peanut on my chest as much as I can.
We love our Happy Baby Wrap so much that we are giving away one on our Instagram {@whitrichins} head on over to enter! Also make sure you check out Happy Baby Wrap's new Fall style's. They are so dreamy!

04 October 2016

The Hard Days

Do you ever have those days where you feel like you're drowning then someone throws you three kids?....and those three kids are all sick...oh and you are deathly ill yourself...no? Just me? Well today was one of those days. Those really hard days that show up every once in a while and make you question everything you know about being a parent and how you handle life in general. Those days where you are surrounded by people but yet you still feel so alone. 

The loneliness kicks in at 3 am when you're up for the 10th time with your sick 2 year old. When you are nursing your newborn baby again at 4am while you're husband sleeps peacefully next to you. When you spend an entire night making your rounds from one kid to another each needing something different. When you feel the walls closing in on day 3 of all sick kids and you haven't left the house in who knows how long. When you're at your wits end and your husband calls to say he's working late again. When you feel like all you do is change diapers, wipe noses, break up fights, make snacks, change clothes, watch cartoons and play candy land for the millionth time in one day. Are there any adults out there?!

Motherhood is hard. But it's not suppose to be easy. After all, tiny little humans rely solely on you to care for them and shape them into decent human beings. There's nothing easy about that, which is why it's labeled the hardest job in the world. And those days, those really hard days that pop up every so often, are good. At the time it doesn't feel that way at all. It feels like you're drowning and just keeping your head above water seems impossible. But if the hard days never came, you wouldn't be reminded about all the good days. The days where you get all three kids ready and out of the house on time and felt like a freaking rock star.  The days where your little boy rides his bike for the first time. When you all play candy land and your 2 year old wins and thinks it's the best day ever. When your 4 year old makes something very special just for you at school. The hugs you get when they've missed you. When your baby smiles at you for the first time. When they say please and thank you and you realize maybe you aren't messing this up. The days where you just sit back and stare at your life thinking how did I get to be so blessed. Those kisses, hugs and little giggles are all small reminders that even though our job is hard - impossible at times, it is so worth it. 
So when your very hard day is coming to an end take a deep breath and hold those sleeping babies tight. Because tomorrow is a new day and it's going to be a good one. 

02 October 2016


I am so excited that October is finally here, it's got to be my favorite month of the year! I love that it is cool in the morning and evening, yet warm enough in the afternoon that you can go outside without melting. The changing of the leaves, the smell in the air, the Fall thunderstorms and of course all things Halloween. We've pulled out our favorite hoodieswarm jammie's, and our favorite spooky books.{Like Room on The Broom, Five Black Cats and Is That You, Wolf?}  Chunky Sweaters, Festive Flavored Coffee,cozy blanket and hocus pocus on repeat is how you will find us this month. 

With the weather being so amazing, our favorite thing to do as of late is to pick up a salted caramel coffee and head for a long walk by the river. Ryder rides his bike, Fin snoozes and Gage collects as many colored leaves as he can find. It wears everyone out and makes for such an easy bedtime. I am not looking forward to being stuck indoors all winter. Soon snow cover these trails and we'll all have cabin fever before you know it. But if you ask the boys, they are ready for snowballs and snowmen. Until then, I'll take this view any day of the week. 

We've already made it to the pumpkin patch once this year and we plan on going a few more times. Apple picking and a spooky train ride are also on our to do list this month. You guys, can it just be October all year round?!

This view would never get old. Happy October friends. Xo