27 September 2013

Fall Checklist

Now that Fall is officially here I am so excited to start doing all the fun activities that come along with it. Hayrides and Pumpkin Picking are among my favorites. Also, I did refrain from adding "Watch Hocus Pocus 200 times" on the list. Although we all know I'm already halfway there. These are just a few things that I want to do before winter hits.

Not sure how I feel about making homemade chili and pumpkin pie. I am definitely not a cook. But i'll give it a try! What does everyone else have on their Fall to do list??

Speaking of the dreaded word Winter, it decided it wanted to come early and Mother Nature dumped her first batch of snow in the mountains here as well as dropping 20 degrees. Not.cool.

My hubby has been working really long hours this week and since the long Summer nights of playing outside are gone, we end up staying up late,eating Oreos in my bed while watching movies. 7:30 is just too early to be Dark! Don't tell dad!

And this picture is just too cute not to throw into the mix! Be still my beating heart....

Hope you all have a great weekend!

25 September 2013

Life Lately

Cooler weather is finally starting to arrive. So we have been spending some much needed time outside before dreaded Winter begins. Our favorite place is by the river. 

We have also been making daily trips to the park. Ryder used to not like them, but now cries when we leave. 

Cooler weather also means pulling out the long sleeve shirts that I've been stocking up on. But I wanted to cry when I put this button up on Ryder. He looks so big!! 

Over the weekend the Utah vs. BYU rivalry game took place and we had to dress up for it.  I'm really not a fan of Utah, so BYU it was! 

And it's officially Halloween season now that Oreo has come out with their Orange cookie!

Now that the Holidays are almost upon us {I saw my very first Christmas commercial yesterday. Yikes!} I'm going to be hopefully working on some fun home projects this weekend, so keep an eye out!

Happy Hump day!!

22 September 2013

First Day Of Fall

Happy first day of Fall! My favorite season! We celebrated by taking a drive up the Canyon this morning to take a look at the changing leaves. The further up you go the more they have changed, but we got rained out. We still spotted a few orange leaves. 

The weather is really cool today and we are sporting scarves and long sleeve shirts! The best thing about Fall is snuggling up in comfy clothes and blankets. Here are some of our favorites

How cute are these matching sweatshirts? You better believe i'm that mom who matches her son and one day he will  kill me for it.

Does this come in adult sizes??

                                                               Ribbed Stripe Leggings
Perfect for Fall AND Halloween!!

To see more of our Fall favorites click here.

Were going to finish out the day baking and watching some Football. And I may have to bribe the hubby to watch Hocus Pocus.
Have a great Fall day!!

19 September 2013


I am finally starting to see pumpkins pop up here and there at the store. I wanted to wait to get some until we could have a pumpkin picking day at a pumpkin patch {with a hot pumpkin spice latte in hand of course} 

But since the pumpkin patches don't open until the first weekend in October, I just bought a few at Walmart to curb my craving for decorating my porch! This is what I have done with my porch so far, it is no where near done. I want to do a few glitter pumpkins and a chalkboard pumpkin too.

{isn't he the cutest decoration you've ever seen?!}  

Lanterns from Target sold out, similar here.
The other lantern is on the other side of my door where I will add more pumpkins.  {Pics to come} My husband painted the pumpkins which was pretty easy. He just used painters tape to make the stripes then spray painted them.

I tried to do a chevron pumpkin using painters tape like I saw on Pinterest....FAIL! It would not line up even and I just ended up cursing at that stupid pumpkin. So I'm going to try to hand paint the chevron on.

The pumpkins looked great until wreck it Ryder got to them and chucked the poor things off the porch and watched them roll down the driveway. Thanks bud!

Here are some pics of my Fall/Halloween decor inspiration that I have found on Pinterest.

Lanterns are my new favorite thing!

This weekend is the official start of Fall so maybe I won't get as many weird looks from the neighbors as I decorate my pumpkins dressed in Halloween Jammie's.

Have you guys started decorating yet??

17 September 2013

Goodbye Sweet Summer Time

Even though I am so excited for Fall, I am still sad to see Summer go! This Summer was full of long nights, fire's and s'mores, walks by the river, lots of swimming, outside movie nights, zoo day's and drives up the Canyon. A 1st Birthday was celebrated and first steps were taken. Here is a look at our favorite pictures from this summer 

So many memories were made and this Summer was the best yet. I am already looking forward to next year's adventures!

Now...bring on Fall!!