30 December 2016

Bearcubs Co.

We definitely have a special love for blankets in this house and now that I have kids, that love has grown. All my babies have found a favorite blanket at a young age and I love that it is a security for them but my favorite thing about kids having blankets is having a little keepsake for them.
 Bearcubs Co is the cutest handmade shop full of the dreamiest blankets that you could ever imagine. Plus, the mama who runs it is the sweetest thing ever!! I was on the hunt for something soft and comfy for the boys but also something that would match their room. The Geo Bear and Woodland Moose Blankets were a perfect fit for my boys and they have quickly become their favorite blanket that they can't sleep without. They are minky with faux fur backing and are amazingly soft! We also learned that they wash really well since they were the go to security blanket during our stomach bug last week.
Finley has to sleep with a blanket near her face so the lovey sized blanket in Lovely Deer is perfect for her. It has quickly become her favorite if you couldn't tell in these pictures....and the print you guys, is to die for!! 

Bearcubs Co is so generously offering everyone a discount to use on these gorgeous blankets, Just use code MAMAANDMISTER10 at checkout. Code expires 1/6. We are also giving away a lovey sized blanket on my Instagram @whitrichins  so make sure you check it out. Happy cuddling friends!

28 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Another Christmas has come and gone and like I say every year, this was the best one yet! Like I said in my last post, everyone had the stomach bug the week of Christmas. Gage woke up Christmas Eve morning throwing up again but thankfully was fine by the afternoon. Our Christmas Eve traditions consist of opening A present that has festive Jammie's, driving through the Festival of Lights, baking santa's cookies and sprinkling reindeer food on the front lawn. The boys were so excited it took way past bedtime for them to fall asleep. Ryder was the first to wake up and woke the rest of the house up with a nice loud "oh my goodness Santa came!!" Ryder & Gage got an array of things they needed sprinkled with a few wants which included books, light sabers, hot wheel cars, blocks and army tanks. Ya know, the essentials. Oh and my mom got them a fish tank with which we had to fill with glow fish the very next day and I'm pretty sure their lives are now made. 
Watching the boys rip open presents and being so excited is definitely the highlight of every year. Finley just smiled and tried to eat wrapping paper and just stared at me all crazy with my excitement that it was her first Christmas. This was our first year buying girl presents instead of all boy stuff and you guys, my life is now complete. Two words. BABY. DOLLS. All the heart eyes even though she couldn't care less about said baby dolls. 

We are so so sad that Christmas is over but we are still stretching out every last minute of th holiday and having everyone on Christmas break has been so much fun. Plus, a new year is so refreshing. 

I hope you all had a very merry christmas! 

23 December 2016

Christmas Week

You guys, how is Christmas just a few short days away?? I guess time flies when you're having fun! The week of Christmas is the best week of the whole entire year! It also is the most stressful week of my life because it never fails that every year someone gets sick the week of Christmas. Last year every single one of us were dropping like flies with the worst stomach bug you could imagine. I'm seriously still traumatized! So every year when this week rolls around I pray hard for no sickness. Buuuut believe it or not both Ryder and Gage came down with the stomach bug this week. {which is also why my little old blog has been quiet this week}  It never fails. So they are feeling much better and I am just praying everyone else is spared. Besides being stressed out of my damn mind we have been busy watching every Christmas movie we can think of, decorating gingerbread houses, spending days in festive Jammie's and visiting a few of santa's helpers. 

Even though we've had a rough week, the forecast calls for a very white Christmas, Ryder & Gage are both old enough to understand The Holiday's and it's Finley's first Christmas! Seeing Christmas through Children's eye's is just good for the soul. 

I'll be signing off from the blog for a few days but you can always catch me on Instagram @Whitrichins 

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!! 

08 December 2016

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

With Christmas just a little over two weeks away {how did that happen??} we are decking the halls, baking plenty of goodies, drinking lots of festive coffee and putting some last minute touches on Christmas list's. The weather has been so weird around here this winter and I never thought I'd hear myself begging for snow! We are just ready for it to start feeling like Christmas. 

I quizzed the boys about Christmas like I do most years and I love being able to look back at their cute little answers. They are just the cutest!

Where does Santa live?: Ryder- the North Pole. Gage- by Walmart

What is santa's favorite drink?: Ryder- rootbeer Gage- Sodalicious. 

What does mom and dad want for Christmas?: Ryder- bikes. Gage- Donuts.

What's your favorite thing to do on Christmas?: Ryder- color stuff. Gage- see Santa. 

What do you think your elf says to Santa about you? Ryder- that I'm nice.  Gage- I don't know I hope he's not mad. 

What do you want for Christmas?: Ryder- a motorcycle. Gage- Donuts. 

What do you think Finley wants for Christmas?: Ryder- more bows. Gage- a big, BIG present full of eggs. 

I'm dying. 

Here's to Elf on repeat, Christmas music playing all day long, hoping for snow and putting off our shopping to the very last minute! 

06 December 2016

Calming Colic & Reflux With Nuby {Giveaway!}

The type of bottle you choose for feeding your baby is one of the biggest decisions you make in helping your baby feel comfortable. Although Finley has been our easiest baby so far, our babies are usually colicky, gassy and come equipped with acid reflux which makes for a lot of fussy feedings. Whether you are formula feeding or feeding your baby pumped breast milk, the type of bottle you use has a big impact on their little tummies.
In January, Nuby is releasing an all new bottle that helps combat reflux and colic called The Comfort 360 Plus and we had the opportunity to test it out before it is released. Not only is the design totally up my ally being simplistic- with no characters on it but this bottle actually worked for us. Finley has been the least colicky out of all our babies but she does have a little reflux and plenty of painful gas. The bottle has a silicone dual-vent anti-colic nipple which reduces the amount of air your baby ingests. Anti-colic valves in the base of the nipple and silicone nipple rim base allow air to flow into the bottle and way from the fluid that your baby is ingesting. This reduces the amount of suction your baby needs to apply and decreases the amount of air ingested. 

The coolest thing about this bottle is the weighted straw that plugs into the nipple using only two parts, not only making it easy to clean but it also allows you to use it like a regular bottle once the baby grows out of the colic/reflux stage by Just simply unplugging it.
So what's the point of the straw? It is recommended to feed babies upright to help reduce the risk of reflux so the weighted straw allows for for an upright feeding. Weight at the end of the straw follows the milk, which means you can feed in any position that's most comfortable for parents and baby. 
This alone has helped Finley tremendously. Being able to feed her in a more inclined position in addition to keeping her upright for a while after a feeding helps so much with reflux and I actually it noticed it has helped with her spitting up as well.

Nuby comfort 360 plus bottles will be available at Babies R Us starting in January!

We are so stoked about this bottle that we've teamed up with Nuby and are giving away a Comfort 360 Plus Starter set! The starter set includes: 2 - 5oz bottles with slow flow nipples and 360 degree straw. 2 - 9oz bottles with medium flow nipples and 360 degree straw. 2 natural flex pacifiers.

Enter below and find us on Instagram {@whitrichins} for more chances to win! Giveaway ends 12/10 at Midnight MST.

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