31 March 2015

Easter Pictures

These cute boys got Easter pictures taken a few weeks ago. And even though they aren't smiling in ANY of them, I still love how they turned out. I love getting pictures of the boys done for holidays and comparing them each year. With both of them growing like crazy, I can't help but document as much as I can. Enjoy!

P.S. Time PLEASE slow down, I want to keep them babies forever!

26 March 2015

9 Months Old

eating :  Gage's eating habits are awesome! He nurses about every 3-4 hours and he eats 3 solid meals a day. He is no longer eating baby food, unless for whatever reason I don't have a meal for him or he can't eat what we are eating. Otherwise he just eats whatever I make for the whole family. Which I love! Ryder hated anything that wasn't puréed so it's a nice change to have an easy eater. His favorite food ever is pasta. He's definitely my child.

Sleeping:  Gage is still sleeping pretty good. He has cut out his late afternoon cat nap and just naps twice a day. Because he no longer has a late nap he does get pretty fussy between 5:00-7:00 which is hard when I'm trying to do dinner and clean up the house for the night. He still does get up atleast once a night to eat. Unless he's teething, like he is now, then he'll get up more than that.  Or if Tyson put him to bed he'll magically sleep through the entire night.... WTF??

Milestones: Lots of crawling, climbing, pulling himself up on things and attempting to walk. He'll also stand on his own if he knows something is behind him to catch his fall. He's also mastered sneaking into the bathroom when I'm not looking and putting both hands on the toilet seat. I. Die. 
We are also putting him in his big boy car seat this week!

Dislikes: being hungry, getting dressed, getting his diaper changed, getting his face wiped, when you take things away from him or try to make him sit still. He also hates to cuddle since he's so busy and it totally breaks my heart!

Likes: crawling, getting into everything, making lots of noises, pulling hair, wrestling the dog and Ryder, food, and putting everything in his mouth. He also gets so excited to see his daddy at the end of each day. It's pretty sad when both boys run to Tyson like its so hard to be with me all day!

Here's what Gage has been up to this month

23 March 2015

Our Weekend & Exciting News

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a blast and was definitely spoiled. Friday Tyson surprised me with balloons and flowers and took me to dinner and a movie. Ryder was so excited to play with the balloons and everyday since he brings me one and says "happy birfday mama" and gives me a kiss. I say thank you buddy! And he responds with "no problem mom" Gage {aka "bam bam"} got a hold of one and popped it which of course was funny to him but devastating to Ryder. 

I also caught Ryder feeding Gage some Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs that I got for my birthday  and when I told him he shouldn't be doing that he responded with "Happy Birthday Gage!" atleast we know he isn't allergic to peanut butter now!

Saturday the boys had Easter pictures which actually turned out not that great. There was too much commotion going on so we could never get any shots of them smiling. We did feed the ducks after so atleast it wasn't a complete waste. 

We also went and looked at our lot for our new future home! Our exciting news is we will be selling our current home and building a new one in a great location. We are so excited for this new adventure of ours!

Since we need to sell our current home asap we spent the rest of the weekend doing some upgrades and cleaning to get it ready to show. 

Ryder obviously is a big helper. We have lots of fun things going on this week including picking out colors and designing our home, getting ready for Easter and some spring rain showers which I always love! Have a great Monday everyone!

20 March 2015

Happy Spring & A Birthday

Happy First day of Spring everyone! I love this day because not only is Winter over with, it's also my birthday! And since I turned 26 {gag. If anyone asks I'm not a day over 21} I thought I'd share 26 things about me. 

1. I have a twin brother. I am 2 minutes older than him. 

2. I have an irrational fear of clowns and a zombie apocalypse {thanks Walking Dead}

3. I used to be a 911 dispatcher
4. I love being pregnant. I could be pregnant my whole life and love it. 

5. I am a licensed cosmetologist.

6. If I were to go to school again I'd be a lactation consultant or ultrasound tech  

7. I'm part Italian and could eat pasta for every meal. 

8. The feel of velvet makes me want to throw up. Like nails on a chalkboard. 

9. I'm a home body.

10. I used to be a dancer.

11. I've never broken a bone. 

12. My favorite season is Spring.

13. My favorite animal is a weener dog and I so desperately want one. {please Tyson!!}

14. Friends is my favorite show and I could quote every episode. 

15. I'm a huge germaphobe. It's gotten worse since having kids. I think I'll fall over dead when I send my boys to school. 

16. I got my drivers license at age 14 and didn't have to take drivers education. Don't ask me to parallel park, it isn't pretty. 

17. I love doing laundry, That's the only chore I actually like to do. Tyson tells me all the time I wash our clothes way more Then they need to be done. 

18. Ice cream is my favorite sweet treat. Make it coffee flavored and you know the way to my heart. 

19. My favorite color is grey. Boring I know. 

20. I love a good pair of sweatpants. 

21. I'm a sucker for good packaging. I'll buy something just because it's packaged cute. 

22. Scary movies stress me out and I can't sleep for days after watching one. But I LOVE them.

23. I'm a really bad cook, But make some killer brownies. 

24. I took 3 years of Spanish but can't speak a word of it. 

25. I talk really really fast. My brain goes even faster. 

26. I'm obsessed with candles. Nothing beats a good smelling home! However Tyson hates them so I hardly burn them. 

And that's me friends! I hope you all have a great Spring filled weekend! 

18 March 2015

St. Patrick's Day

I hope you all had a great holiday! St. Patrick's day is always pretty laid back for us. The leprechaun hasnt visited us yet, but maybe when the boys are older and can understand better. We did a festive breakfast of pancakes, yogurt, fruit and milk, All of which were green of course. Ryder loved helping me make the batter and was in awe when we turned it Green. Gage just banged spoons on pots and pans. 

For the afternoon we just spent a lot of time outside enjoying the warm weather. Ryder brought out all his dinosaurs and played in the rocks. He also loves crawling around with Gage and he makes sure he doesn't put anything in his mouth. If that binky falls out he'll eat anything he finds. Good thing Ryder has it covered when I'm not looking. "Ew ew EW GAGE!! Don't eat that. GROSS."

For dinner I made some corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot and let me tell you Ryder loved it! I've never seen him clean his plate faster and I'm pretty sure he ate more than all of us. Gage loved the chopped up carrots and potatoes. 

Like I said, totally laid back. Just the way I like it! Now I'm counting down the days until Easter. My absolute favorite holiday! I've been getting Easter goodies for the boys here and there and I can't wait to put their baskets together. Happy hump day from me and my little monsters!

16 March 2015

Our Weekend

Last week the weather was pretty cool, but by the weekend temps reached the low 70's which made for a fun few days!

Thursday I took the boys to Walmart to grab a few things for the weekend. It also was the grand opening for a new Walmart in our town so they had a few fun things going on including Olaf greeting customers. Ryder usually loves Olaf, but apparently there is just something terrifying about a huge talking snowman. Gage loved him but he was pretty confused when Ryder was screaming in the background about Olaf holding his baby brother.

Friday and Saturday the weather was gorgeous so we spent a ton of time outside coloring sidewalk chalk, stepping on bugs and even made smoothies! Gage wasn't sure about his breast milk, avocado - blueberry smoothie, mostly because he hasn't mastered a sippy cup yet. But making icy treats has me so excited for summer. 

Sunday we took the boys for a picnic at the park, fed the ducks and played on the playground. Usually Ryder is pretty stand off-ish in public, but this weekend he wanted to do everything all alone. He grabbed the bread for the ducks and headed off all by himself and wasn't even concerned about us coming with him. He's definitely growing up too fast. 

The ducks thought it was their lunchtime too when it was time to feed Gage. 

Sunday nights are my favorite. Tyson and I put the boys to bed early, dish up a treat and spend hours watching our favorite shows recorded on our DVR. These boys are loving having daddy home every night now and so am I. 

And this is my Monday morning... Poor G is teething bad and is making sure everyone knows how miserable he is.

 He skipped his morning nap and we are all pretty tired, but it's 73 degrees outside, the windows are open and it smells like spring! So happy Monday to you all!

10 March 2015

Sick Days

Sorry for the quiet blog lately, I have two little sickies that have kept me busy. Ryder, Gage and Tyson have been fighting colds this past weekend. If there is anything worse than sick kids, it's sick kids AND a sick husband. Ryder is slowly on the mend but little G just can't kick his cough, runny nose and fever. If I don't diffuses peppermint oil in his room at night his cough gets out of control. 

Oh hey did all you moms know it was daylight savings this past weekend?? I love daylight savings! -said no mom ever. It didn't really affect Gage but Ryder was not falling for bedtime while it was light out. Thankfully his shenanigans only lasted one night and he's back on schedule. 

Since the boys have been sick Ryder actually took a nap on the first day of sickness. Gage decided since brother was sleeping he wasn't going to give mom a break and skipped his nap. The day they both nap at the same time I'm throwing a party!

Friday I loaded up the boys for a trip to Walmart for sick supplies. As we were checking out, Ryder was in the basket of the cart begging for m&ms and I had Gage on my hip fussing cause he just didn't feel good. There was an elderly couple in front of me and the women says "oh my goodness you have your hands full!" Her cute little husband shuffles over to help unload my cart and she said "I swear it was just yesterday I had my babies driving me crazy in my shopping cart. Soak it up and don't blink because they'll be grown up before you know it." That little old woman totally made my day and I definitely won't take the time I have with my boys for granted. Even if it's a nightmare of a shopping trip

03 March 2015

Easter Basket Goodies

I know I say this about every holiday, but Easter is one of my favorite ones to celebrate! This is one of those holiday's that has just gotten a million times better since having kids. I love stuffing Easter baskets full of goodies and watching Ryder run around searching for eggs. And since this is Gage's first Easter it makes it even more special. Here are a few Easter basket ideas...
1.Wooden Bunny Teether I am really loving wooden toys lately and Bannor Toy Shop has the cutest stuff. I got Gage their Star teether for Christmas and he loves it. With two front teeth trying to pop through I know this Bunny Teether would be a hit with him. 
2. Chick Magnet Sleep Set You all know it isn't a Holiday in this house unless we get the boys matching jammies. Gap nailed it this year on Holiday PJ's and their girl jams make me want a girl so bad!
3. Born Free Straw Cup Ryder has mastered a regular cup but he uses a straw cup when we're out and he's had his current cup since he was a baby so it's time for a new one. We are also trying to get Gage used to sippys and straw cups as well so this is perfect for him. 
4. Snap Bib Can I just tell you having bibs scattered throughout my house drives me NUTS! They are just not easy to organize and with as messy as Gage is when he eats I end up with a pile of dirty ones in my laundry room at the end of each day. These snap bibs wipe clean easy so there are no need for a ton of them. This is definitely going in Gage's basket this year. 
5. Hello Moccs You all know I'm a huge fan of Moccs for the boys and I usually buy Freshly Picked Moccs during their warehouse sales but Hello Moccs had a 20 minute sale where all their Moccs were half off. I just couldn't pass it up and I totally used Easter as an excuse :)
6. Peep and Ducky book  Every holiday of course needs a themed book so we got Peep and Ducky for Gage and     10 Easter Egg Hunters for Ryder. You can never have too many holiday books.

Although Putting together the boys' baskets is so much fun we are going to try to focus on the true meaning of Easter and use this time to teach the boys more about Jesus. 

So what is everyone putting in their kids baskets??