31 May 2016

A Birthday + A Holiday

Monday at 2:19 am our little Ryder turned 4 years old! What can I say....time is just plain cruel. I swear it was just yesterday when he was born. In fact, I remember very clearly all the feelings and emotions from that day like it just happened. He shook up our world in the best and hardest way. He cried for months straight and slept very little making my transition into motherhood very difficult. Then I blinked and he is now Four years old. He went from being a very hard baby to such a well behaved and sweet little boy. As a matter of fact, he is our easy kid out of the two {we still love you Gage!} Ryder is the best big brother to almost 2 little siblings and has the sweetest, most tender soul that you can ever imagine. He will cry at sad commercials but will turn into the hulk if you are mean to his little brother.  He is his dad's mini me in every way possible and is the definition of boy. We are sure blessed to have you Ryder, I can't wait to see all the amazing things you do. 

Check out this adorable birthday video my amazing photographer made of Ryder. I bawl every time I watch it! And if you couldn't tell, his favorite thing is being a big brother.

We celebrated his birthday on Saturday with a little superhero party. He had his friends and family over for snacks, water guns and spider man masks. We had the cutest little superhero's running around. His cake was his absolute favorite and I cringed having to cut into it.  

Summertime has officially arrived and we are soaking up every last minute of it until it's too hot {and I get to be 800 weeks pregnant} to be outside. We are sleeping in, running around way past bedtime and hitting the pillow with rosy cheeks covered in sunscreen.

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend with family as we remembered all those who gave everything for our country. Have a great week! 

27 May 2016

Friday Favorites: Memorial Day Edition

Ah Memorial Day weekend, the official kick off of Summer is finally here! We will be super busy this weekend. Not only because of the Holiday but because a certain cute boy named Ryder is turning 4! We have lots of party plans with a Memorial Day BBQ snuck in between. This week's Friday favorites is all about Summer and the amazing Holiday that starts it all off.

Nothing scream's Summer like fresh fruit! This Flag Fruit Dessert would be a perfect addition to a Memorial Day BBQ. Add some Red, White and Blue Sangria to the drink menu and you are sure to please everyone!

My favorite thing about Summer time is throwing some comfy jammies on the whole family and staying outside way past our bedtime, enjoying those warm Summer night's. Fire pits, smores, a festive pair of jammies with a Memorial Day game station would be a blast for the whole family.

It isn't a Holiday until you dress up for the occasion! Atleast in my house it isn't. :) These Cuffed White denim shorts with a striped tank would be an easy Holiday outfit. Don't forget some festive Swim trunks !! Baby girl is going to be missing out on all these Red, White and Blue holiday's this year. But, if she were here you would probably find her wrapped in nothing but this Poppy Red Blanket and matching 4th Of July bow.

It is only the beginning of Summer and I am already hot and uncomfortable. Heaven help me. So I've been on the hunt for ways to stay cool during the hot months while being 800 weeks pregnant. These Raspberry Sorbet Lemon Bowls look so refreshing and just might satisfy my sweet tooth I've been having with this pregnancy.

Summer time means more bare skin showing, shorts and tanks are a must! Body Scrubs are the best way to keep your skin healthy and glowing during the hot months. I love these ones because they are made with natural ingredients which has been perfect for my pregnancy. Keep an eye out for a post about this skin care line coming up!

So, what does everyone else do to kick off Summertime?? Happy Memorial Day weekend friends! Hope your days are filled with sunshine and remembering those we have lost.

17 May 2016

May Madness

I can't believe that we are already mid way through May. I mean, wasn't it just Christmas?? Everything has snuck up on me including Ryder's Birthday party planning that happens to be next weekend and the last week of school which includes an end of year program.  But thanks to my pregnancy insomnia that has me up early in the morning, I have been playing catch up.

Ryder has requested a superhero Birthday party this year and since this is the first year that he has friends his age that he wants to invite, a superhero party he gets. I knew the time would come where he would have his own likes and I could no longer throw him whatever type of party I wanted, but I didn't think it would be so soon! Good thing I think I have one year left of that with Gage, who said he wanted a donut party for his 2nd Birthday next month. You got it kid.
I am not very creative when it comes to parties. Something easy that is already put together like this Party in a Box is just my style.

Check out Ryder's First Birthday Mustache Bash, Construction Truck Party, Monster Truck Party and my favorite woodland theme for Gage's First Birthday.
We've also been busy getting stuff together to move Gage into Ryder's room. We picked up a twin bed for him that matches Ryder's and also already got him a new mattress. For their room I decided on a modern camping theme. This campground sheet set, duvet cover and campsite night light are a few of the things on the list for their room. I am just patiently waiting for a sale!
As far as rails go for Gage's new bed, we have these portable bumpers that go under the fitted sheet and work wonders! Plus they are much better looking than traditional rails that hook on the bed. We used them for Ryder and he was still able to climb over the top of them to get in bed.
Ryder was really easy moving out of the crib and we put him in a twin bed around the same age Gage is. Gage is a little a lot different than Ryder so we are kind of hoping for the best but expecting the worst. You can read my tips on transitioning to a big kid bed here.
Moving Gage into Ryder's room means I get to finally put away these itty bitty baby clothes and start on the nursery! Pretty sure that's the best thing about pregnancy!

Have a great week friends!

11 May 2016

Nursery Inspiration

With little miss making her debut in 3 months, we have been starting to think about slowly getting her nursery together. I think my style is a little more modern, I don't usually like to go with a theme but decide on a color palette instead. I really wanted to do her room orchid purple and gold like this nursery., but the husband hates purple and pink. Coming from a person who has all brothers and 2 little boys, go figure. So we decided to switch things up a little and do red's, coral's, gold and shades of light pink. I am not a huge fan of red and I don't want her room to be too loud so we will tone it down with quite a bit of white mixed in. Here are a few of the goodies I have found so far.... 

Summer Poppy Fitted Sheet and quilt.  I'm not sure what to do for a changing pad cover yet, like I said I don't want too much red. I'm thinking this Gold Bird Cover to break up the colors a bit.
Pineapple Lamp

Luxe Dream Catcher. I love this one as well!

Wire Bin.  As I'm sure most of you know, the whole Pillowfort Collection at Target is amazing. I'll take one of everything please.

I am also wanting to replace the knobs on her dresser with some type of floral knob in coral or these Pink Glass Knobs. 
Above her bed I want to hang this Wooden Name Sign in gold, that is if we ever decide on a name for her!

Whew, writing it all down overwhelms me a little. So much to do, so little time! But what would being pregnant be like without a little stress and anxiety?? Don't ask me, I wouldn't know. Happy hump Bump Day!

09 May 2016

Mother's Day

Oh Mother's Day.... What a perfect day! It was non stop thunderstorms all weekend which made a perfect setting for getting showered with cuddles, coffee and little voices saying "happy Mother's Day Mama!" {or in Gage's case it was Happy Birthday Mama!! }

 We took a trip to a local coffee shop for breakfast then headed home where we stayed in our Jammie's, opened all the windows, listened to the rain pour and watched movies cuddled together on the couch. Four little arms wrapped around my waisted while sister wiggled in my belly. Talk about blessed. 

My Mother's Day officially started Saturday when the hubs sent me off to the Rags warehouse sale with my mom. Where I not only scored some goodies for little miss, but was also reminded how crazy some mama's are to get their hands on these bad boys. I was like the 7th in line and it was still a challenge to get any rompers! I survived with only a few bruises and didn't leave empty handed. Note to self: never turn into one of those mom's!! 

On Sunday I didn't wash a single dish, cook a meal, or fold any laundry....and it was ahh-ma-zing. But today has me like...

Totally worth it. 

Happy late Mother's Day to all you Mom's, soon to be mom's, wishing to be mom's, Angel baby mom's and the people stepping in as mom's!

05 May 2016

Hello, May!

I can't believe it is already May, Summer is so close I can taste it! We have been running around barefoot eating popsicles, skipping naps, staying up way past our bedtime and eating all our meals on the back patio. Hello May!

May is so busy and exciting for us. Memorial Day, the last few weeks of school and end of year programs, Mother's Day, and of course a special someone to turning 4! Ryder requested a super hero birthday party and wants all his friends to come. When did he grow up??
 Not to mention, little miss will be here in a little over 3 months! We've been busy preparing for her arrival but I feel like we still have so much to do like moving Gage out of his crib and into Ryder's room. which by the way, I am dreading. I will feel so much better when her room is done. But, we have been slowly getting the necessities for her and I do feel like we are not too far away from being ready. The Baby Cubby had a sale yesterday at our local store where you could get a discount on anything you could fit in a new diaper bag. If you remember, I've been eyeing the Little Unicorn Rambler Diaper Bag so when I told my hubby about the sale he said Happy Mother's Day and sent me on my way! When they tell you that you can get a discount on anything you can stuff in there you take your bag packing skills to a whole new level. I was able to get a kids size umbrella to fit, but couldn't quite cram in a car seat. ;)
I did however grab some things that I know never go on sale like this Poppy Crib Sheet, matching cotton quilt, Natursutten Paci, Covered Goods nursing/ carseat cover {In mismatch print} and Ju Ju Be Paci Pod.

I've also been thinking about some stuff I want to pack in my hospital bag and I love these Grey Striped Skinny Sweats. I'm just afraid I wouldn't save them for the hospital and would live in them. Give me all the sweats.

With all this shopping for baby girl that we've been doing I was so excited when I stumbled upon the app Parcel Track. You just add in your tracking numbers and it tracks them for you all in one place as well as sends you notifications. Holla!
Let's not forget about Cinco De Mayo today! We don't do much to celebrate but it's always fun to have tacos on the back patio with some festive drinks. And by festive drinks I mean water for the prego. But if you still need some dinner ideas try these Blueberry Pineapple Margaritas and Sweet Potato and Lime Taquitos.

{Fiesta Print}

Sadly, our Cinco De Mayo day of fun was ruined when I discovered there is a mouse in our new home and unfortunately, I now have to burn it down.

Happy May and Cinco De Mayo friends!! xo