29 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! Hope you all had a great time stuffing your faces and being with family, I know we did! Here are just a few pics of the little man enjoying the day

Now, time to do some early morning Black Friday shopping!

25 November 2013


Happy Thanksgiving week! Although I am not hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, I've still been busy planning a big festive breakfast, getting laundry and housework done, Christmas shopping, making my Black Friday\Cyber Monday list and the hubby started a new job this morning. I feel like I haven't sat down for days! Then I got our finished family pictures back and I stopped all my work to think about how blessed I really am. This time of year is so busy that sometimes we forget what this season is all about. I am so thankful for my little family that is growing even bigger and these pictures just remind me how much I have to be thankful for. I count my blessings daily.

We got to see baby #2 this past week as well! Hearing its heart beat and watching this little peanut move around is so amazing. What a blessing my babies are! My heart is so full.

 We have a big extended family and every year we try to make it to 3 Thanksgiving parties. Yes, THREE. Now that we have a toddler it's too exhausting to make it to every one. So this year we will only be going to one dinner and we will switch families each year. I'm sad that we won't be able to see every family member this Thanksgiving, but we will be able to make it to every Christmas party.

I hope you all have a great week filled with Family and lots of food!

{a big thank you to my friend Bre for doing our pics! Check her out at www.pypbybre.com}

20 November 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

Yeah, this just happened. I know I said I was going to wait until after Thanksgiving to put my tree up but I just couldn't do it. In my defense, Thanksgiving is late this year AND it snowed so I couldn't help it. 

And as you can see someone was super excited about it!! I love that it put a smile on his face. The holidays are so fun when you have a little one. 

We also had to put Christmas lights on Ryder's teepee. You now may or may not find me squeezed in there reading Christmas books. Do they make these in adult sizes??  

Speaking of Christmas trees, we also went to the lighting of the trees at the Riverwoods last weekend. At least I'm not the only one lighting up a tree this early! 

Does anyone else have their tree up yet?
I know I'm not the only one who will be watching the Thanksgiving day parade next to their Christmas tree! 

Happy hump day!

18 November 2013

Cara Box Reveal

Cara Box

For those of you who dont know what Cara Box is, it was started by Katelyn at Wifessionals Blog. Bloggers and non bloggers are paired up, get to know eachother then send a box relating to that months theme. For more info or to participate click on the link above.

This months theme was Fall, which of course made me SO excited! You all know how much I love Fall. I was paired up with Ashley from Wannabe Green Blog and Tiffanie from Life With The Little Man Blog.

Me and Tiffanie had so much in common. She has a little boy who just turned three and we love the exact same things about Fall. She loves smores, scary movies, Halloween, and spending time with her family. Go check out her blog to see what I sent her.

Ashley was SO fun getting to know over the past few months. She is a mama, avid runner and loves reading books. Her blog is so fun and inspiring make sure you go check it out. This is what Ashley sent me this month....
I told Ashley that I LOVE Halloween so she sent me all sorts of Halloween goodies, I especially love that she sent some pumpkin crafts that me and Ryder can do together. I also got some Halloween fabric, candy corn, EOS chapstick (My FAVE!!), a sparkly pumpkin, the book "Eleanor & Park", nail polish, a coin purse, a coffee scentsy bar (yum!), and a goodie bag full of beauty samples!


I had such a fun time getting to know both my partners and I am so excited I have new blogger friends! Dont forget to sign up for the next round of Cara box. She is matching people up who live in the same state. Happy Monday!

13 November 2013

Thanksgiving Style - Favorites

You guys, I am having the HARDEST time not putting up my Christmas tree!! There are tons of Christmas movies on TV and the stores are filled with Christmas goodies. Our family tradition, like most families, is to put up our tree together the day after Thanksgiving. I'm trying so hard not to do it a day sooner and concentrate on Thanksgiving. So, here is a list of my favorite baby boy Thanksgiving style favorites.

I am also really excited about doing some Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping this year! I am more of an online shopper so I have a long list of things that I am patiently waiting to buy when the sales hit. Where are you guys planning on going shopping this year??  

I will try to hold off on too many Christmas posts until after Thanksgiving, but I have to share some fun Christmas wrapping inspiration that I have been finding on Pinterest that I want to try this year.

To check out more Christmas fun check out my Pinterest. So, do any of you have your Christmas Decorations up yet??

09 November 2013

Life lately

First of all, thank you for all your sweet comments on baby #2!! You girls seriously made my day! I have such great followers!! xoxo

Happy Saturday everyone! How are all you mama's doing with the time change?? Ryder actually adjusted to the change really well! As we speak, it is 8am and he is still asleep as I sip on my coffee. Not sure how I got lucky with him sleeping so good. Anyway, here is what we've been up to lately. {in pics of course}

We got our first really good snowfall this week. It didn't stick to the ground but the snowflakes were huge and Ryder loved it. He went from window to window staring at the flakes. This is what he did when I opened the shades first thing in the morning and saw the snow.

So of course I had to put him in Christmas Jammie's that same night. I've been saving these forever!

There was still a little bit of snow on the driveway the next morning. When we went outside he yelled "NO" which means snow.

This pic makes me laugh so hard. We went and got an orange peel smoothie and I gave him the last little bit. He was so excited to carry the cup and sip on his smoothie, then he realized he drank it all gone. Oh man it was traumatic. 

We had family pictures this weekend so earlier this week I gave Ryder a haircut. While I was cleaning up I caught him with my clippers attempting to cut his hair. So glad they were unplugged!

These pics are just too cute not to add.

And a sneak peak of our family pics we did yesterday. This has got to be my absolute favorite! I got a little teary eyed when I realized these will be our last family pics as a family of three. This little boy has such a special place in my heart and he is going to be a great big brother. 

Coming up next week, 16 & 17 month favorites. Hope you all have a great weekend!

05 November 2013

Baby #2

Well friends, we are excited to announce that Ryder is going to be a big brother in June! We are so blessed and can't wait to add another baby to our family.

When I was pregnant with Ryder I did a weekly pic to document my growing bump, I'm going to be doing it again and posting it here. I'll also be doing trimester favorites and continuing monthly favorites with both babes. 

I had a suspicion I was pregnant when I was trying to put a pillow case on my pillow, I had no patience and got so frustrated that I cursed that stupid pillow, threw it across the room and stormed out. One of my most favorite symptoms of pregnancy....sorry in advance hubby!

So far this pregnancy has already been so different than my first. I was never sick with Ryder and worked full time until I delivered, felt great the entire pregnancy. This time I've been sick, fatigued, been getting horrible headaches and I have no energy what so ever. I hope it all passes once I hit the second trimester. Until then, thank goodness for saltines!

I'm excited to share our baby journey with you. Let the madness begin!

01 November 2013

Trick or Treat

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! We are still recovering from a candy coma, a sure sign it was a great night. We started the morning off by heading to the waffle truck, dressed in our Halloween Costumes of course. We spent the rest of the day going to our families houses and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse trick or treat episode on repeat.

The trick or treaters started coming early and Ryder had so much fun handing out candy. At first he wanted them all to himself, then he got the hang of things.

We ate our homemade chili for dinner then Ryder headed out with Grandpa to hit a few houses. He is still too young to understand but he loved carrying around his bag. He looked a little confused when random people kept putting candy in there but obviously he was okay with it.

Now that Halloween is over I am so excited for the Holidays to begin! You better believe Christmas music has been playing in our house all afternoon and Ryder will be wearing Christmas jammies tonight!