27 February 2015

8 Months old & Schedule

Gage is 8 months old this week and I am really loving this age! He's on a good schedule, is sleeping and eating good, and has the cutest personality!

Eating: we just recently started him on finger foods and he is doing so good with it he hardly eats baby food. Which is great for me since I make his baby food. Ryder had such a hard time with finger foods and gagged and choked on everything so im really happy Gage is doing better. His favorites are sweet potatoes, avocado, peaches, pears and peas. He still nurses about every three hours and has recently learned to bite. Ouch! He is starting to get really distracted when he nurses and does all sorts of acrobatic moves while he's latched just so he can see what's going on. We've also started to give him a sippy cup so when we wean him he'll go straight to a cup. He's not sure what to do with it yet but is getting the hang of it. 

Sleeping: most days he takes 2 naps with a cat nap later in the day/ early evening. He's to that point where he doesn't really need a third nap but 2 naps just don't seem like enough. He gets pretty fussy between dinner and bedtime. He is getting better sleeping at night but still gets up once or twice a night to eat. It's definitely better than him getting up every hour like he did. He also has to nurse to sleep which makes it really hard when Tyson or a sitter needs to put him down for the night. 

Milestones: He is no long army crawling and is cruising on his hands and knees. He also is pulling himself up on everything. We had to lower his crib because of it and I have a feeling he'll be walking before we know it! We will be moving him out of his infant car seat this month and like I said he also started finger foods. 

Dislikes: being hungry, getting dressed, getting his diaper changed, getting his face wiped, when you take things away from him or try to make him sit still.

Likes: crawling, getting into everything, making lots of noises, pulling hair, wrestling the dog and Ryder, food, and putting everything in his mouth. Everyone also comments on his beautiful strawberry blonde hair! He literally smiles at everyone and scrunches his nose to make the cutest little cheeser. 

Here's what Gage has been up to this month

Here's a look at his daily feeding and sleeping schedule:

Wakes between 6-7am
7:00am nurses
7:30am eats breakfast
9:00am nap
10:00am wakes and nurses 
11:00am lunch 
1:00pm nurses then goes down for a nap
2:30pm wakes from nap
3:00pm light snack
4:00pm nurses and some days will take a 30 min nap
5:00pm dinner
6:30pm bath
7:00pm nurses and bedtime
10:00pm wakes to nurse
3:00am wakes to nurse 

I plan on doing another "day in our life post" so keep an eye out. 

We adore this little sassy guy and we absolutely love watching him grow! I can't believe how fast it's flying by but we sure are enjoying the ride. 

20 February 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! Is it just me or was that one long week? Although our warm weather is disappearing and there is snow in the forecast, We are ready for another laid back, relaxing weekend.
Here are a few of my favorite finds this week...
I just bought these New Balance Precious Metal shoes in Charcoal and I LOVE them! They are so comfortable and they go with everything. They are perfect for leggings this spring or ripped jean shorts this Summer.
Rachel and Groms just released their Camo Romper this morning and I got one for Gage along with this Chief Romper. Rompers are my jam lately and i'm even eyeing this Customized Tank Romper for the Summer. They would all pair perfectly with these Timp Moccs that I am patiently waiting to snag for both boys during a warehouse sale.
You all know i'm a sucker for baby gowns and this Sleepy Bear Gown is adorable. I just wish it came in Gage's size. Don't people know gowns are good for babies past 6 months?? I am going to cut the elastic out of Gage's and let him toddle around in it when he is walking!
With warmer days slowly but surely on the horizon, I am excited to grab this Moon Short Sleep Set for Ryder. I'm thinking they would be perfect for his Easter basket along with this matching Stripe Sleep Romper for Gage's basket. {There I go with the Rompers again}
Lately we have been looking into building a house again so it has me on the look out for new things for the home. Whether we buy a new home or stay in the one we are in, Gage's room will be the first to get decorated. His little space is pretty bare and needs to be completely re done. I think we are going to do some sort of a woodland theme and these Reclaimed Wood Plank Art would be perfect. It even comes in grey! I'm a sucker for grey My whole house would be covered in it if I had my way. :)
I hope you all have a great weekend and as always, i'll finish with pics of my two cute monsters....

17 February 2015

Vday Weekend

Our holiday weekend was so laid back filled with lots of warm weather. I love when we have no plans or rushing around to do and can just relax. 

Saturday morning we had red pancakes and the boys gave Tyson the cards they made. Ryder and Gage also got to open their Valentine's which always consist of Jammie's and a book. I'm a sucker for matching PJ's!

After breakfast we went on a walk and did a little fishing. Ryder has his own pole which means we spent most of the trip trying to avoid being hit in the face with it.  The boys didn't catch any fish and according to Ryder they were at home sleeping.

We spent the rest of the day enjoying the warm weather and We finished out our night with ordering a pizza for dinner and watching a movie. I attempted to get a cute picture of Gage covered in kisses for his first Valentine's Day, but as soon as I laid him on my pretty white blanket he rolled over and took of crawling smearing his kisses and getting lipstick everywhere. FAIL. 

Ryder also learned a new naughty word over the weekend thanks to Tyson's road rage! Check out the funny video of him on Instagram @whitrichins for a good laugh :)

It was a perfect weekend spent with my perfect little family! Hope you are all having a great week so far. 

13 February 2015

Valentine's Eve

Happy Vday Eve everyone! I'm pretty excited that this day falls on a Saturday this year so we can fully enjoy it. We will be enjoying a big breakfast and spending the day outside in the gorgeous weather with the boys. We may even try to sneak in a date night. 

I attempted to do my own version of Valentine's Day pictures of the boys since we just didn't have the time to have them professionally done like we usually do. Needless to say it was an epic fail. Gage screamed for whatever reason which made Ryder panick thinking something was wrong with him. This is how it went...

I love how candid and imperfect they are! It definitely makes me laugh every time I look at them. 

Today we made some vday cards for daddy. We did hand and footprint cards from the boys and I made one that said "I love you a latte" and I'll put a gift card to our local coffee shop with it. Super easy and a good way to cherish those little hand and footprints!

And just to make your heart melt here are Ryder's first and second of Valentine's Day pics. 

I'm excited to celebrate another one of Gage's first holidays! 

I hope you all have a great weekend and a great Valentine's Day!

09 February 2015

Our Weekend

Monday already?? Why must the weekends fly by so fast! For the past 3 days we've spent the majority of our time outside in this amazing unseasonably warm weather. It was definitely just what we needed with all the cabin fever we've had lately. 

Friday the boys and I did a little shopping then met up with Tyson for dinner. It was a little bit windy that day so my nursing cover from covered goods was very handy! I love that he can look out the top of it unlike traditional car seat covers that cover the whole seat. 

After dinner we came home and just let the boys play outside for a while. This was Gage's first time playing with grass and he loved it. Pretty sure he ate a few handfulls of it though. 

Saturday was busy full of errands and shopping. Thankfully the shopping mall was outside so it was nice to enjoy the warm weather.  Later in the evening we let Ryder pick out a treat {he picked a sucker} and we all snuggled in bed to watch a movie and ate Chinese food  

Sunday was the warmest day of the week hitting almost 70 degrees! In the morning we headed to Walmart for our weekly shopping trip where we found a cute little Cars bike half off! There were only two left and we just couldn't pass up the deal so Ryder left with a new bike that he calls Lightning McQueen". We spent Sunday riding bikes, playing baseball, visiting family and going on long walks by the river. It made me so excited for Spring and Summer. 

I'm glad we had a few days to enjoy some warm weather, before we know it it'll be snowing again! Gage was up all night again so we will be spending the day relaxing and trying to catch up on some cleaning and laundry from the weekend.  I hope you all had a fun filled weekend and have a great start to your week! 

06 February 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! It has been beautiful weather here and we have been spending every minute that we can outside. Today is suppose to be 65 degrees and I feel like a kid on Christmas waiting to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. So before the sun is up and were running around like crazy, here are some of my favorite finds for the week....
If you are looking for a Valentine's Day present for the man in your life, check out Whiskey Ink and Lace. They have great shaving, body and hair care products so while you're there snag something for yourself!
I recently discovered Mason Jar Coffee Co. and I am very tempted to trade in my Keurig just so I can give these beauties a try! I've heard nothing but good things about their Coffee so if you have a traditional brewer check them out.
I know that it isn't even Valentine's Day yet but I am swooning over Hello Apparels new Shamrock Tee's for St. Patty's day. Perfect for the whole family!
And lastly, with our weather going from hot to cold my skin and hair are taking a beating. I am really excited to try Hello Hair and Beautiful Me products for my hair and skin. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging!
I hope you all have a great weekend filled with beautiful weather, and as always here are a few pics of my little monsters..

02 February 2015

Hello February

Hello February! We are finally done with January and the post holiday blues that comes along with it, it also means We are one month closer to Spring! I'm definitely welcoming this new month with open arms. 

We have been really busy lately and thankfully we are all feeling lots better. {knock on wood} 
Last week we left Gage with grandma and took Ryder to the circus. He really wasn't a fan at first because it was so loud but once we got some earplugs on him he was in heaven. He rode a pony, loved the elephants and was in motorycle heaven. 

We have a really cool barber shop in our town that does old school haircuts and straight razor shaves. Tyson went there Saturday to get a shave and Ryder tagged along to get a new "disconnect" haircut. He did so good sitting still and they even commented about how good he was. Little do they know I usually cut his hair and he definitely doesn't sit that still for me. 

I would've styled it a little different but how cute does he look with it slicked to the side?? 

Our plans for Super Bowl Sunday were pretty laid back. After a yummy pancake breakfast we headed to Costco for our weekly shopping trip then spent the night eating lots of junk food watching the game with family. It was such a good game and we are glad the patriots won!

Usually our Costco trips are pretty easy, Ryder loves to get lunch there and Gage is pretty happy being able to sit shotgun with his brother. However yeaterday's trip went a little something like this... Got the boys strapped in the cart and headed to get some diapers. Snapped this cute picture of our smiling happy boys while thinking how well behaved they are. Then Gage started fussing really bad which was pretty out of character for him while we're out and about. So I went to get him out of the cart except for his safety belt was stuck, I played with it for a minute then he really started to cry and I realized the stupid button on the strap was broken. I then start to panick because I can picture us having to cut a screaming baby out of a shopping cart. Tyson was finally able to get him out using his car keys and a few minutes of fiddling with it. We continue on with our shopping while I carry Gage. He was still really fussy and I thought maybe he was tired so I went to get his binky when he all of a sudden projectile vomited all.over.me. Those of you who know me know that I don't do puke. Give me a snotty nose or poopy diaper but for the love of everything holy PLEASE no puke. Tyson immediately started cleaning up the massive amount of puke on the floor while I'm in my panic mode trying to not throw up myself. Ryder at this point is ready to be done with the hell of a shopping trip and was also starving for lunch so naturally she began to make a scene. So there we are in the middle of Costco, Tyson cleaning up puke, me covered in puke while Ryder is yelling "I WANT A ROOTBEER!!!" Heaven. Help. Me. 

And now it's Monday and we are all as happy as can be with this beautiful weather we are having and ready to get this week started out right. 

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend.