31 March 2014

Life Lately

Well the warm spring weather was nice while it lasted! It's now rainy/snowy and cold now! Ryder was pretty confused this morning when we didn't head outside after breakfast to play. He kept saying "bubble" at the front door waiting for me to take him out to blow bubbles. Hopefully it warms up soon, I have an energetic little boy waiting to play! Since it's been so nice out I have a million pictures of our adventures. Here's what we've been up to in this massive photo dump!

                        Family drives are my favorite!

We got him new shoes and apparently this was the best way to check them out.

His brand new balloon popped 10 minutes after we got it. It scared him at first then he thought I was the one who took it away and spent the rest of the afternoon pissed at me looking for it. 

He chased bubbles all afternoon! Pretty sure I about passed out blowing those stupid things for an hour straight. 

I figured out the best way to wear out a toddler is by taking off his shoes and letting him run through puddles. He did this over and over for SO long! 

Baking cookies was my attempt to become the new favorite parent and bribe him to take a nap. He woke up at 5am that morning yelling dada and he was super pissed when it was me who got him out of his bed. Then later in the afternoon I attempted nap time and he kept saying "call dada" from his room. I gave in and when his dad didn't answer he threw the phone at me. Cookies didn't do the trick but eating 6 of them sure made me feel better. 

If there is anything worse than Monday - it's a rainy Monday. So I hope it's warm where you are and here's to Tuesday! 

27 March 2014

27 Weeks

How far along: 27 Weeks
Gender: Boy!!
Weight gain: I will find out at my appointment next week
Maternity clothes: Oh yeah! Not much else fits at this point
Stretch marks: No.
Belly button in or out: It's flat and not cute at all
Sleep: It depends on the night. Heartburn and rib pain have been keeping me up most nights 
Best moment this week: His movements are getting stronger and I love feeling an elbow roll across my skin
Worst moment this week: Heartburn!! So much heartburn
Miss anything: Cups and cups of coffee. As usual
Movement:  Lots of it!
Cravings:  Toast with strawberry and apple jam, cereal, ice cream, caramel macchiato's. Basically anything edible. 
Queasy or sick: Minus the heartburn I'm feeling pretty good
Looking forward to: Possibly doing a 3D ultrasound! We are also moving Ryder in his big boy bed this weekend so I'm excited to start on the nursery 

25 March 2014

Maternity Favorites

Well friends, I'm officially in my third trimester! This pregnancy is flying by so fast that I'm starting to get nervous that I'm not going to be prepared! Now that I've hit the stage where nothing fits, I thought it would be a perfect time to compile a list of my maternity favorites so far. Soon I'll be making a hospital bag and postpartum list....eek!

1. Mason Jar Tumbler It's really important to drink lots of water while you're pregnant and this cute tumbler makes it so much easier for me. And it has measurements on it so I can keep track of how much I drink a day.

2. Preggers Tee I have been eyeing this tee for so long! It is a little pricey for something you will only wear for a few months, but they are having a sale right now....You're welcome.

3. Maternity Jeans I thought I would be able to finish the rest of my pregnancy without having to buy maternity jeans, wrong! The hair tie trick is just not cutting it anymore, and how cute are these??

4. Essential Tank LOVE this tank!! I swear it have it in every color. They do not have ruched sides so they are great undershirts. The colors that I have are also not see through so I can actually wear them alone. Definitely a must have!

5. Elasticity Belly Oil Stretchmark Protection & All Day Moisture Body Lotion I cannot say how great this stuff is! I buy these together in the best bump duo. I use the lotion in the morning and the oil at night. It's so moisturizing, smells great and my belly is never itchy or dry. I also haven't gotten any Stretchmarks while using it. 

21 March 2014


 The other night, me and Ryder were laying on the floor recovering from a long day after waking up early, no naps, and running around all day. I was in my typical "hard day" attire of yoga pants, a tank top, no makeup and a messy bun. Tyson was out of town for work that day so I was trying to gather some energy for attempting our bedtime routine by myself. I noticed while I was laying there the beautiful sunset that was coming in through our sheer curtains in our window. I thought what a pretty background it would be for a picture, So I snapped a photo of me standing in front of the window. With the way I looked that day I expected to laugh at the sight of my tired self standing in front of this pretty sunset. What I got was this...

My pregnant silhouette. You can't tell that I'm exhausted, see the bags under my eyes, or know that it's been a long, hard day. You see that I'm blessed with carrying another little miracle that so many women wish for every day. All you see is just how amazing pregnancy really is. With only a few more months left in my pregnancy I'm going to fully enjoy every kick, roll, elbow and knee that I get to be blessed with feeling every day and pray for those women who want to experience this so badly themselves. 

I'm tired, uncomfortable, weak, and in pain at times....but I'm loving EVERY second of it.

19 March 2014

Goodbye Winter - Hello Spring

Tomorrow is not only my birthday, but it's the first day of Spring! No better day to have a birthday right?? Even though it has felt pretty spring-ish the last few weeks, I'm excited that today is officially the last day of winter. Let's hope Mother Nature agrees because we are ready for more Spring adventures!

I'm ready to float in a pool too buddy. 

Now that St. Patrick's day is over I'm really excited for Easter. Ryder was a little too young to really enjoy it last year and I can't wait to see how he reacts to it this year. He is at the perfect age for it! I can't wait to start getting goodies for his Easter basket and we may even make a little one for baby brother. 

Happy last day of Winter!!

17 March 2014

St. Patricks Day

Happy St Patty's day everyone! These little holidays are my favorite because there is no huge expectation on how you celebrate. As for us, we just had green pancakes in our green jammies this morning. When Ryder gets older I'm sure some leprechauns will visit but for now, pancakes were the highlight of our day. 

When I first gave him his pancakes he looked at them and realized something was different. He made a funny face and tried to give me his fork like "I'm not eating this!" Once he saw me eat mine he realized I wasn't tricking him and they were okay to eat.

The rest of our day was spent like any other busy Monday. Running errands, laundry and cleaning up our weekend mess. Exciting right??

I couldn't help but go back and look at pictures from last years St. Patricks Day. Get a load of that cute baby Ryder! 

Hope you are all finishing your day shoving your faces with Corned Beef and Cabbage!

13 March 2014

Thoughts on baby #2

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by. In 15 weeks or less I'm going to have TWO kids.....TWO. As I think about this little babe arriving soon, I can't help but remember having Ryder and how clueless I was as a first time mom. I laugh at all the things I thought I knew about having a baby and feel like somewhat of pro now. Surprisingly, my husband knew more about caring for a newborn than me!
I stumbled upon The top 10 foolish things first time prego moms do. On Pinterest and I laughed so hard!  Because it is so true. I was definitely a first time foolish mom. Don't worry, I've learned a few things since then.

The biggest mistake I made when preparing for Ryder is purchasing all the wrong things. I stocked up on things I didn't need and didn't buy some necessities. Here a some things I forgot and will definitely have for baby #2

Warning: For those of you who are already moms you are going to laugh at this and say "I can't believe she forgot that!" I know, I know...first time mom fail for sure. 

Breast Pump: I was convinced that breast feeding would be so easy and there would be no need to pump at all. Huge mistake! My poor hubby ended up making a midnight trip to the store to buy a pump because I was so full and engorged. What a good sport. 

Nursing bra's and tanks: I thought that nursing in a regular bra and shirt would be no big deal. I learned very quickly In the hospital that I was wrong. Especially while you are getting used to breast feeding and are constantly nursing. I wished I would have packed these in my hospital bag. 

Bottle Set: My husband insisted on buying an expensive bottle set that came with multiple bottle sizes and nipple flows. I didn't think Ryder would take a bottle very often and that we only needed a few basic bottles. We argued! But wow was he right. I was stubborn and when I bottle fed Ryder I used the basic bottle I picked out. Ryder fussed and took forever to finish a bottle. Turns out he needed a faster nipple flow. And thanks to my husband and his stupid bottle set, we had exactly what we needed. Don't worry, I still hear about it to this day. Definitely a must have. 

Some things I purchased and really didn't need-

Too many newborn diapers: I remember when Ryder was a week old and every wet diaper he had he would leak. I was a postpartum mess of course so I got frustrated and cried about it wondering why he was leaking so much, when my hubby says "I think he needs a bigger diaper size" my response was "um no he is a newborn he needs newborn diapers!" Tyson put a size 1 on him and the problem was solved. So I was now stuck with drawers full of newborn diapers that I took out of the box and neatly organized, thinking I would need that many. Told you my hubby knew more than me. 

Diaper wipe warmer: I absolutely insisted on getting one of these things. And I didn't even use it once. Don't bother getting one, Your babe will survive with normal temp wipes. 

A million different lotions and soaps: Am I the only new mom who did this?? I bought so many different lotions, soaps, shampoos, bubble baths etc. and I still have them to this day. Turns out that a baby WILL sleep at night even if you don't use a night time wash. Duh. We have used the same shampoo, soap and lotion from day 1. No need to buy a bunch of different kinds. 

Being a new mom is definitely a learning experience. I learned that babies cry for no reason, that it's okay to ask questions and to ask for help. That postpartum depression is normal and is hard. That you will cry....a lot. That a new baby will take up every minute of your day and that you will be exhausted. That you will question if you are doing things right and realize how fast time passes you by. But I also learned that being a mom is the greatest thing in the world. That you don't know true love until you hold that little miracle that you created. And there is no better feeling than watching him grow. So, as I prepare for our second baby, I am going to take in all these things that I have learned and soak up every minute with my babies. The good times and the hard times. I know that two babes so close in age is going to be hard, but also so fun and a blessing at the same time. And hey, you can get through anything with a big cup of coffee and and a good pair of sweats...right??

10 March 2014

Spring Fever

Spring is slowly arriving and there is something about the warm weather that makes me want a fresh, organized home. This means I've been wanting to re-decorate every room with bright colors and stock our closets with fun new outfits. Ask my husband....he'll tell ya. Here are a few spring{ish} items that are on my list.  

I LOVE the packaging on Candelles! They just released their spring line and every scent sounds heavenly. I'm really tempted to enroll in their monthly program.

I am in desperate need of new throw pillows for my couches! I've searched high and low and have struck out. I stumbled upon Michelle Dwight's website and fell in love with her pillows. They come in so many colors and are perfect for spring.

I finally ordered the maternity maxi from Old Navy that I have been eyeing. I am already getting uncomfortable so hopefully this will help me survive the warmer months. I'm also putting a list together of my maternity favorites so keep an eye out.

The Mason jars from the Mason Bar Company are my newest obsession. I got the whole family matching jars. Perfect for sipping smoothies and iced coffee this Spring. 

Speaking of Spring...how did everyone like daylight savings?? Apparently there is something about an extra hour of day light that makes Ryder want to get up from 3am-6am then back to sleep until 11, throwing our schedule out of whack. 

Hope you have a great week!

03 March 2014

Our Weekend

Happy March everyone!! Spring is just around the corner and we are definitely feeling it in the air. We took advantage of the spring{ish} weather this weekend and spent some much needed time outside. 

Ryder's favorite part had to be feeding the ducks. He waved to them, chased them, blew kisses and was NOT happy when we left without one as a pet.

I took Ryder to the park with a friend but Apparently kids were out of school so there were SO many people. It made Ryder nervous and he just wanted me to carry him everywhere. That's okay because there is a Starbucks just down the road so we spent the afternoon watching trucks go by on he freeway. 

We took a nice Sunday walk by the river. Ryder loved watching Cash take a swim and stomped around in the mud.

We also did some grilling which made me so excited for warm summer nights spent around a fire. 
With the hubs being gone it was the perfect weekend spent with my family. I hope you all had a great weekend and let the spring countdown begin!