30 July 2014

Oversupply & Forceful let-down

When I was pregnant with Ryder I knew I wanted to breastfeed. I never did any research on it and figured it just came easy and naturally. When Ryder was born he wouldn't latch and I ended up having to exclusively pump and eventually ended up feeding him formula. I felt so disappointed and guilty that I couldn't give him the most healthy start to life and felt like I failed. So when I got pregnant with Gage I was determined to breastfeed no matter what it took. I spent hours doing research on how to get the correct latch and how to increase your milk supply. I stocked up on oatmeal and mothers milk tea to help my supply and also purchased a nipple shield and fancy breast pump. I felt a lot more prepared this time around. When Gage was born I made sure to do as much skin to skin for as long as possible and it didn't take long for him to latch on. I have never been more happy when he started to breastfeed! He did really well the first few days. I pumped in between feedings to help my milk come in and I never had to supplement with formula. Then my milk came in and things got hard. He got frustrated when he would nurse. He would nurse for 30 seconds then pull off and fuss and he would also choke at times. It was worse at night when he would sleep longer and I ended up having to pump and feed it to him in a bottle. After a few google searches I realized I have an oversupply of milk and a forceful let-down. I'm making TOO much milk....What?? I didn't even know that could happen! I spent so much time researching how to increase your milk supply I didn't even think I'd have trouble with too much milk. It turns out that since I have such a big supply, if Gage doesn't empty my breast he is only getting fore milk and no hind milk which can cause gas, fussiness and can hurt the lining of his gut. Because of this I have been pumping a while before he feeds, attempt nursing then feed him the bottle of pumped milk. This obviously is time consuming and I don't want him to start to get attached to a bottle. Although I am glad that I have too much milk rather than no milk at all, I am very frustrated. Has anyone else had this problem?? I'm open to any ideas on how to solve this! I don't want to have to exclusively pump but will if I absolutely have to.  

27 July 2014

Our Weekend

We had a very busy, fun filled week and weekend! It was a holiday in our town so Tyson got a few extra days off work and there were a bunch of activities going on like a carnival, a parade, rodeos, a car show, food trucks, a movie under the stars and lots more. 
We left Gage at home with Grandma and took Ryder to his very first rodeo. He loved it! He was a little nervous at first, I think it's because it was really loud. But by time we left he was ready to ride a bull himself.

I love this picture solely for the mountains in the background. I love our view!

We also went to a parade Thursday morning which I ended up not getting pictures of. But Ryder loved seeing all the horses, trucks and balloons and it was a perfect overcast morning to be outside. 

Ryder has been loving Dinosaurs lately so we loaded up both boys and headed to the Museum of Natural History. His favorite part was putting together a magnetic dinosaur. He loves puzzles and we sat there forever as he pulled all the pieces off the wall then put them back on. I love seeing his excitement and that big smile of his!

Saturday night was a little stormy so we spent our night camped out in the family room eating treats and watching movies. Winnie the Pooh is his new favorite and he now runs around yelling "poooooop" all day long. 

Sunday morning was spent reading books, cuddling in bed and a trip out to breakfast. You know it's going to be a good day when your 2 year old sticks both his hands in pancake syrup, rubs it all over his face, then freaks out because his eyelids are sticking together. 

Sunday night Tyson took Ryder to feed the ducks so I could have a minute to rest while Gage slept. I heard all about it when he got home. Turns out a 2 year old can babble 30 minutes straight about feeding ducks. Oh to be little again...

And now it's Monday again so I'm going to drink my 3rd cup of coffee and hope for a smooth week ahead. 

25 July 2014

Friday Favorites

JCrew is having a 40% off sale this weekend so this Friday Favorites is all about kids! With Summer sadly ending in just a few months i've been looking for more Fall appropriate styles. I love their baseball styled onesies and of course I couldn't pass up a chance to match the boys. 

I love their girl clothes. It ALMOST makes me want a girl....almost. 

Not only is it Friday, but its also Christmas in July! If you're looking for something fun to do tonight check out the Christmas Vacation Drinking Game from Little Baby Garvin Blog. Her festivness will put a smile on your face. Happy Friday Everyone! 

24 July 2014

One Month Old

I can't believe this little guy is already a month old! I swear I just found out I was pregnant yet at the same time I feel like he's been mine forever. He's such a good baby and only fusses if he's tired or hungry. He is slowly starting to get on a sleeping routine and actually does pretty good at night only getting up once or twice. He does struggle a little sometimes between 4am-6am and I think it's because he is still falling asleep during feedings so by then he is starving. 
He nurses pretty good minus falling asleep and sometimes the flow is too much for him and he ends up choking and getting frustrated to where he doesnt want to nurse. I'm hoping he grows out of it but until then I'm pumping a lot to keep up my supply. 
He loves his swing, being swaddled, has red hair that is falling out and growing back white blonde, has the biggest blue eyes, has rolled over a few times, loves his baths but cries when he gets out, weighs 11.5 pounds, is in size 2 diapers and is starting to smile. 
Here are some pictures of Gage from the past month. 

We sure do love this little guy! And even though some days are hard, we cannot picture life without him. He is the perfect addition to our little family. Happy one month baby boy!

22 July 2014

Life Lately

Even though we are crazy busy over here, things are slowly getting back to normal and I'm finally starting to get the hang of having 2 babes. Some days are more overwhelming than others but I am absolutely loving having two boys! Here is what we've been up to lately in the most random post ever.

Ryder is still loving his baby brother and smothers him with love all day long. At first he just kept his distance but now I have to make sure to keep an eye on him, He isn't afraid to lay on top of Gage and give him a big fat kiss. 

Leaving the house by myself is quite the event. I swear it takes me an hour to get ready between making sure both boys are fed, changed, dressed and diaper bag packed. I braved the grocery store by myself the other day for the first time, It was a total fail. Ryder begged me to ride in the big race car grocery cart that is impossible to steer and Gage's car seat took up the entire basket that there was no room for food. I left with only the necessities and cursed at that stupid cart as I left. Next time Gage will be in the moby and the hubby is coming with me!

Even though it's a pain to leave the house we couldn't pass up the opportunity to hit up some food trucks last night. Mini donuts for dinner?? Don't mind if I do! 

Gage is actually already starting to get on a sleeping routine which is so nice! However, there have been a few nights where he just won't sleep. Thank you 4Moms for saving my sanity at 4 am!! Seriously...this thing is a life saver. 

Guess who's turning one month old this week ALREADY!! Keep an eye out for that post later this week. Hope you are all having a great Tuesday!

21 July 2014

Gage's Newborn Pics

These have got to be my absolute favorite pictures that I have had done! It took some pursuading to get Ryder to sit still with brother but she I love how she captured his personality and smile.
Gage was wide awake through most of the session and it took some time to get him to fall asleep, but I'm so glad because look at those eyes! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. 

18 July 2014


I'm happy to announce that all three of us survived a whole week alone without daddy! Tyson has been home a lot since we had Gage and has been a huge help. So even though I panicked the first day, I'm pretty proud that I juggled a 3 week old and 2 year old all alone for a whole week. Shout out to all you single parents out there!
Not only did we survive, we actually got out of the house. It's been really hot here so we've been having to do most of our activities in the morning, Like sidewalk chalk and coffee guzzling.

Both boys woke up really early on Wednesday so we took advantage of the cool morning temps and headed to feed the ducks. 

Ryder did so good this week and only lost his shit twice. Once when our pantry door opened and he thought it was his dad and it turned out it was just the dog. And a second time when I got Gage in the bath tub and he realized he didn't get to get in too. I tried bathing them together which was a bad idea so I've been switching them off every other night. 

And now today we are taking a trip to the aquarium, going to watch a movie in the park tonight and are looking forward to our favorite person coming home. Please dont leave ever again!

Have a great weekend!