29 September 2014

3 Months Old

Gage turned 3 months old on the 24th and let me tell you, 3 months is the magic number! He is out of the newborn stage and things are starting to fall into a routine which I love. His sleeping habits are getting better, he's mastered nursing, my milk supply has finally regulated, he is so smiley and starting to talk and giggle. We are starting to see his personality and he is such a relaxed and happy boy. 

Gage eats about every 3 hours but he's a fast eater only feeding for about 5-10 minutes. He still gets up once or twice a night to feed. I lay him next to me while he eats then he goes right back to sleep when I put him in his crib so I don't really mind getting up with him. 

Gage is slowly learning not to hate his car seat and the screaming car rides are slowly ending. He is starting to get less portable during nap time and only wants to sleep in his crib.
 He absolutely loves bath time and is full of smiles and kicks the whole time. He only likes his binky when he's sleeping but god forbid it fall out! I'm hoping to get rid of that thing soon. He still has a baby mullet and I can see a bottom tooth trying to poke through! He is starting to try to roll from his back to his belly but gets stuck on his side, that's also how he likes to sleep. He weighs 14.5 lbs and is in size 3 diapers. 

Also today is Ryder's first day of potty training. Which also happens to be 
national coffee day and I'm going to need all the caffeine I can get. Wish me luck!

26 September 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!  It's been a nice relaxing week over here. Tyson is actually home and it's been so nice to have him around after a few weeks of traveling. It's been really hot here but we are looking forward to a nice cool down coming this weekend! We also have absolutely no place to be this weekend so it'll be nice to just relax and not rush around. Here are a few of my favorites this week....
Lately I am loving tee's with sayings on them, especially for the boys. A few of my favorites are this Baller Raglan, Legalize Sugar Tee, and this Sup Fleece Pullover.
With cooler weather heading our way I'm excited for beanie season! These Moonlight Shadow Beanies are my favorite because they have them in many sizes including adult. You bet i'll be matching the boys! They also have matching headbands and scarves that are just too cute.
Hello Apparel is coming out with the cutest Fall line including these Helloween Raglan's for the whole family. I also really love their Hello Camo Tee and Hello Jersey Tee.
Last but not least and I am addicted to the new Project Life App where you can make digital scrapbook pages in minutes from your iPad or iPhone. Now excuse me while I go make pages for the past 2 1/2 years!
And of course here is your daily dose of the monsters. We spent the day yesterday in the mountains and it was so nice and relaxing. It's so refreshing to just unplug and spend the day in the fresh air with your family. Have a great weekend! 

24 September 2014

Blog Designer Needed

I'm on the hunt for a blog designer! I need a few simple changes done to my blog and the person I usually go through no longer does it. If you or someone you know might be interested please email me mamaandmisterblog@gmail.com thank you!!

23 September 2014

Happy Fall

Happy First Day of Fall everyone! The weather is screaming Summer but that hasn't stopped us from celebrating the new season. We snagged some pumpkins and hay-bales yesterday and got to work decorating all while watching Hocus Pocus. I'm excited to start doing some Fall baking and I have yet to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte. {Gasp!} 
But for now my Pinterest feed is all things pumpkin and we are loving all the Halloween goodies popping up in the stores.
 Happy Fall from these cute boys!

22 September 2014

Goodbye Summer....

This Summer was full of amazing things and I can't believe it ended so quickly! We celebrated Ryder's 2nd birthday, added a new addition to our family, did a lot of fishing, grilling, river walking, smore eating, firework watching and made so many precious memories. Ryder grew up faster then I hoped in the Summer months and Gage isn't too far behind. Here's a look back at our summer...

Although I'm sad to see this season end I'm so excited for the holiday's coming up. They are so much more fun with kids and I'm excited to celebrate all of Gage's firsts. As for today we will be celebrate by pulling out the Fall decorations while polishing off the last of the Popsicles in the freezer. And we might even do a little Fall baking. How are you spending the last day of Summer?

19 September 2014


I don't think I've ever been this excited that it's finally Friday in my entire life!! It has been an extremely long week and I'm pretty sure it's been the hardest one parent-wise since I've become a mother. Tyson was out of town for work again this week and the boys used this opportunity to play the game "let's see how long it takes mom to lose her shit". And let me tell you, it didn't take long. Ryder has molars cutting and has a cold on top of it so he is just miserable. He has always been a really good sleeper at night, We put him to bed and he falls right asleep and doesn't get out until morning. Well that has changed this week! I don't know if it's because he doesn't feel good or what but refuses to stay in his bed and screams bloody murder all.night.long. Which then wakes Gage up and I have two crying kids to deal with at 2am. I finally broke down and let Ryder sleep in our bed because Gage needed to eat and I didn't have time to deal with him. I was surprised he actually fell asleep, he's never slept in our bed because he just doesn't like it he's always liked sleeping in his own bed. I also took him to the doctor on Monday and they prescribed him medicine to treat croup. Great. I was relieved to get some medicine to get him feeling better! That was until I gave him his medicine and he projectile puked all over me because of the taste. I still haven't been able to get him to keep it down. On top of that, Gage has decided he doesn't like his binky anymore and wants to nurse for comfort instead. So he has been refusing to nap and wants to lay in bed with me and nurse all night. Which wouldn't be too bad if I didn't have to deal with Ryder screaming all night long. So after 3 hours of sleep each night and a lot of tears, Tyson is finally on his way home and I'm so relieved to have some help! I don't know how single moms do it. 

Rant over - cheers to the weekend!! 

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16 September 2014

0-3 Month Favorites

Gage turns 3 months old on the 24th {where have those 3 months gone?!} and I've compiled a list of products that have helped me survive the last few months. I find the first 3 months to be the hardest and I hope these help you mama's and soon to be mama's. 

1. Brica Infant Bather for some reason I had the hardest time finding a good infant tub. I went through 4 that I hated with Ryder and finally found this for Gage. I love that he can't slide down in it so you don't have to hold him while you bathe him. And it fits in the sink and tub! 

2. Aden + Anais Security Blanket These things are the best! Gage has to fall asleep holding something and these are the perfect size for that. It's also made out of breathable material so it's okay if he puts it over his face. Ryder has a set of these that he still loves. We can't go anywhere without it and he won't sleep without it. I just made sure to get Gage a different color and design. 

3. Gerber Baby Zip Front Pajamas When you have to get up multiple times a night to change diapers these zip front Jammie's are the way to go. I don't know how many times I fumbled around with snap Jammie's in the dark but they are a pain when you are half asleep. These are also really affordable for fast growing infants. 
4. 4Moms MamaRoo I have so many good things to say about this swing! It was a life saver the first few months of Gage's life. Ryder hated his swing and I spent many long nights rocking him to sleep. If Gage has a hard time sleeping I just put him in the MamaRoo and he is out. I love the different recline positions, speeds, and motions. Gage also loves the little balls and smiles at them all the time. This is definitely worth the money and will save your sanity! 

5. Comotomo Baby Bottles Gage is exclusively breastfed and I'm on the hunt for a great bottle to use on the rare occasion that I leave him. Right now we use the Dr Brown bottles and he chews on them not sure what to do with it, plus they have a ton of parts to clean. These Comotomo bottles have a ton of great reviews and are suppose to mimick a mothers breast. I am really excited to try these!
6. Crane Cool Mist Humidifier This humidifier is perfect for a newborn's dry skin and sinus'. I use this almost every night with the boys. It is also perfect during allergy/cold season, the winter time and is the cutest shape. It gets a ton of use in our house! 

15 September 2014

Last Week + Weekend

Last week Tyson was out of town for work so that meant long days of relaxing with the boys while trying to do everything myself. I forgot how much he helps out until he leaves for a week!

Ryder gets stir crazy really easy if we don't leave the house atleast once a day so we spent one morning feeding the ducks once again....his favorite! 

Ryder has molars cutting through and to top it off he started getting a cold last week. So we have had some reaaallyyy long nights around here. I would finally get Ryder back to sleep and Gage would wake up to eat. They totally tag teamed me bad one night. So when Tyson got home I welcomed him back to the land of no sleep and we've gotten 3 hours tops of sleep per night ever since. 

Despite Ryder being sick, we took him to the planes, trains and automobiles show on Saturday. Three of his favorite things in one place and he loved every minute of it. He got to see so many different types of planes and helicopters, fire trucks, air shows and he even watched a cop car and helicopter race. 

That night we left the boys home with grandma and went on a much needed date. We ate dinner and walked through a chalk art festival which was so amazing.

Sunday night came too fast and I snapped a few pics of their bedtime routine with daddy. 

And now we've welcome Monday with 2 hours of sleep, 2 boys who won't nap and a doctor appointment that I hope I survive alone with both kids . Here's to tomorrow being a new day!