29 October 2015

Bath Season Favorites

Am I the only one who calls Fall and Winter "bath season"?? I could live in a hot both during the cold months and I'm pretty sure my boys agree.
With bath season upon us we've rounded up a few of our favorite bath items that help make bath time a little more fun. 

Our newest favorite is Nuby Floating Octopus Toy . It comes with three rings that fit on the octopus arms and older kids can even play ring toss with them. It helps with hand eye coordination and its BPA free. 

You can purchase the Octopus at Amazon Walmart or Bed Bath & Beyond.

Our favorite washes, creams and bubble baths are made by Wash With Water and Tubby Todd.
We've loved every product we've tried from both brands. Nothing's better than a fresh smelling baby straight out of the bath.


A few more bath toys that the boys absolutely love are these Stacking Bath CupsBasketball Bath Set, swimming penguin and Bath Letters.  
No bath time is complete without slipping on a pair of your favorite jammies. Just a few of our favorites are Hello Sunday, Old Navy, Gap and Carters. I also wished I had a teeny tiny baby that fit into these Sleeper gowns. Oh my heart!! 
All of the above would make great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers! Yes...I just went there.

Happy Bath Season!
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I received The Floating Octopus Bath Toy as a part of the Nuby Parent Blogger Program. All opinions are my own.

26 October 2015


It's Monday, but who cares because it's Halloween week! I can't believe how fast this month has flown by. We've been so busy that we haven't celebrated Halloween as much as I might have wanted, so this week we are going to be as festive as possible! Bring on the Halloween goodies, movies and Jammie's. 

Over the weekend we got a few projects done around the house, had a Halloween party and spent plenty of time outside enjoying the Fall weather. If you ask Gage what he did, he'll tell you he woke up a million times a night, all weekend long but was too cute in the morning to care. 

The boys had such a blast at our family Halloween party. I really want Gage to be Bam Bam Rubble for Halloween this year since Bam Bam is his nick name, but I refuse to spend $40 on a costume for him. So the plan is to make it some time this week. Worst case scenario he'll make the cutest hand me down monkey ever. #secondchildproblems

I found the cutest hutch at a little home show a while ago and it was finally delivered. I'm so in love! I have different shades of blue in my kitchen so it matches perfectly. Now I just have to decorate it. 

Speaking of blue.... Want to guess what my favorite color is?? I've been wanting to paint my front door for a while. I was looking for something light and pastel just to add a splash of color to the house but naturally, I end up with the complete opposite. I love it! My husband on the other hand has mixed feelings. 

In our house Monday's mean cleaning up after the weekend and I'm so excited to try my new cleaning products from Mrs. Jones Soapbox! They are all natural which  is a must for us lately with little hands touching every surface in the house.

Painting, cleaning and hutch decorating. Sounds like a wild weekend right?? It's all good because we'll be partying all week long! Happy Halloween week everyone!

20 October 2015

Lazy days

Is it just me or does Fall weather make you want to stay in comfy clothes all day and not do anything productive? I have piles of laundry and a to do list a mile long but all I can get energy to do is cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. But really, Fall weather is the best. 

Know what else comes with Fall weather? Cold and flu season. The worst. Gage woke up sick yesterday and I thought he was just teething until Ryder woke up this morning and said his throat hurt. No sleep and lots of coffee are on the agenda for the next few days. If you need us, we'll be hibernating until next summer. 

Hot baths and mint cream on repeat today. 

With each new season my online shopping problem gets worse. Not only does Fall have the best weather but it also has the best clothes! Me + a computer during nap time = one BIG problem. And my husband is definitely not amused...

Even though these lazy days happen more than they should, I'll soak them up as much as I can. Before I know it the boys will be in school and busy schedules will take over. For now, I'll enjoy them being home and all the lazy days that come with it. 

16 October 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! We had a super busy week and we are so happy the weekend is here. There is a fall storm rolling in this weekend, so today we are going to enjoy the last of the Summer weather and maybe have a Bon fire or two. It's really hard to get in the Halloween spirit when it's 85 degrees outside... But it hasn't stopped us from Halloween Jammie's and spooky movies on repeat. 

On to Friday Favorites....
A lot of you have asked about my Instagram wall on Instagram {@whitrichins}. We got 3 of these Curtain Wires and just cut them to the length we wanted. I printed my instagram photo's with Artifact Uprising and hung them with these Clips. I love being able to switch the pictures out all the time and they will be great for Christmas cards. Definitely my favorite wall in the house.

This Hoodie Jumper is perfect for Fall and Winter weather. I snagged the heather grey for Gage but I love how they are completely unisex.

Beanie weather is upon us, and I definitely have a slight obsession with them. My favorite shops for beanies are Lemons and Lace and Beau Hudson. BH had the sale a while back and I got this Circut Bandit Beanie and Green Cardigan for both boys. I think they are adorable on them! But if you ask their dad, he might have a different opinion.

We have a thing for blankies in this house, Ryder and Gage carry them around all day long. These Organic Cotton Blankets are the cutest! My favorite is the cactus print.
You all know my love for breakfast food and what's better than French toast? A Pumpkin French Toast Bake!! We will be testing out this recipe this weekend.
I just discovered the shop ZILVI and I am in love with every.single.product. But my favorite has to be their Magnetic Calendar. You can customize pieces for Birthday's or special occasions and you can use it year after year. These would make awesome Christmas Presents!! {hint hint husband..}
Here's to a Fall-Filled weekend! Have a good one friends. xo

12 October 2015

Life Lately {in pictures}

Happy Monday friends! Even though Monday's definitely aren't my favorite, There is just something refreshing about a new week. And since its been a while, we're going to start out the week with a massive photo dump and an update on our crazy little life. 

Ever since we got back from our vacation Gage is having a hard time sleeping at night. He wants to sleep with us which means I've spent hours rocking him in his recliner just so he'll sleep. I may even sneak him in our room from time to time when Tyson has gone off to work. I secretly love when he sleeps with me but with weaning in the near future he has got to sleep better at night. 

We all know Fall = lots of baking and we are definitely enjoying this part of the season. Although I learned my lesson and now distract the little monsters with their own bowl of flour so we longer get more batter on little legs than in the bowl. 

We are trying to be so patient for Fall weather to arrive. We got a little tease when the temps dipped into the 70's and 60's a few weeks ago but other than that it's been in high 80's. Which makes for a very hot trip to the pumpkin patch. 

This wild one is keeping me on my toes as always and with him into everything he isn't suppose to be in, we do the sink bath thing on the daily. Also, I can't get enough of the new products launched by Tubby Todd. Gage had a dermatologist appointment last week to look at his eczema and the doctor was really impressed at how we are controlling it without medicated creams. 

Last week Ryder was off to school, Gage took a random early morning nap and I was able to drink a hot cup of coffee in peace! My friends, this is what a quiet house looks like....miracles do happen!

Over the weekend I went to another Freshly Picked and June and January warehouse sell. I don't know why I even go to these because I end up spending waaaay more than I want to. I swear I walk in the door and this FP craze takes over and I buy a bunch of crap I don't need and it doesn't hit me until I walk out the door with 5 bags in hand. However, I did do better this time around then I usually do so that has to count for something... Right? I mainly went to get a few things for my new baby niece that is arriving in November but A few pair of moccs somehow jumped in my bag for the boys. Not pictured is a bunch of random girl stuff I got for my "someday baby girl" and my moms stash she snagged for the boys. 

{ps... Shoot me an email or tag me on Instagram {whitrichins} if anyone ever wants something from these sales! I don't go to every sell...but I do go to a lot}

Here's to a fresh, new week! Have a great one. Xo

07 October 2015


I used to not be a morning person, I was quite the night owl actually. And then I had kids and mornings suddenly became magical. The pitter patter of little footsteps and the quiet giggles as they surprise you in bed in the morning. The rising sun peaking through the windows and the smell of brewing coffee. Making breakfast with smiling faces staring at you from the bar and talking about dreams from the night before. For just a little while there's no to do lists, nowhere to be, and no busy schedules. But my favorite is Cuddling up on the couch with the boys with a hundred blankets and feeling like you could stay there in your pajamas all day. 

As you know, we love a good pair of Jammie's. Okay I admit I might have a slight obsession with baby jams and right now Hello Sunday brand is at the top of our list. We love supporting small business' and Hello Sunday is completely handmade in the USA by a sweet mama of two little ones named Andrea. Andrea came up with the name of her shop because on Sunday's her family spends most of their day in their pajamas - something we can definitely relate to.  
All of her products are made out of organic cotton and are so soft and well made. Perfect for lounging in all morning long. 

Andrea has so kindly offered a 20% off coupon to my readers through the end of October. Use code BLOGLOVE20 at checkout.
Happy Hump day!