27 June 2016

31 Weeks & Some Favorites

31 weeks. You guys, I am thirty-one weeks pregnant. This pregnancy is flying by and the best way to describe my feelings right now is so excited in a terrified and overwhelmed sort of way. I'm not even going to lie, I am scared. Out of all my pregnancies this one has been the hardest and I feel like I was way more prepared at this point in my last two pregnancies. It's one of those things where It freaks me out that she could possibly be here in as little as 6 weeks but I also can't imagine being in this pregnant body for another 9 weeks. #moodswings

 On top of that I can't help but think about how things will be when she is here. Taking care of THREE small children. When I asked a friend how it was adding a third baby into their family she replied with "It's like you're drowning and someone throws you a baby." You guys..... I have no words. 

Buuuut I feel like all these emotions, including the scared to my very core emotions... are normal. I am also so very excited, I catch myself laying out all her clothes imagining what she'll look like in them and what her personality will be like. There are days I still can't believe I'm having a girl and at the same time I feel like I already know her. When Tyson and I were first married I always said to him that our future family would be made up of two boys and a girl. So My first thought when we were surprised with this pregnancy is that I finally get to meet our baby girl that has been waiting for us and I've been dreaming about. My heart is so full. 

So I've panicked, I've cried and I've made a loonnggg list of things to get done. Because apparently a closet full of dresses and headbands are fun and all, but homegirl needs necessities like onesies, socks and burp rags. Oh and a car seat....we should probably get one of those. Lord help me. 

Even though the husband has basically banned me from buying anything else for baby girl until we get the "necessities" {Like headbands aren't a necessity.... insert eye roll emoji} I have to share with you a few of my favorite finds as of Late.
Old Navy has been my go to shop for cute and affordable clothes this year. They really are killing it this Summer for my boys as well as baby girl. Right now I am loving this Crochet-Yoke Dress, Gauze Floral Dress and Gauze Bubble Bodysuit.
Free Babes just released a new chambray bow collection today in Coral, cream and Peach Sherbet that I'm swooning over! I also really love the Jessica Garvin X Free Babes Handmade Collection but they always sell out in minutes.
I have a post coming up about my maternity favorites but I just had to share that Tubby Todd  released their new Mama Collection and I am so excited to try the Belly Balm that everyone is raving about.
Time to tackle my huge to do list. This week's tasks consist of taking away Gage's binky and moving him out of his crib. Someone have a drink for me.
 Have a great day! xo

25 June 2016

Gage Turns Two!

Yesterday we celebrated Gage's Second birthday and like always, I can't believe how cruel time is! We barely made it to the hospital in time for his arrival and he's been keeping us on our toes ever since. Gage is our little spit fire. He's not afraid of much and got his nick name "bam bam" {bam for short} early on in his life. He may be a wild one but he still has the sweetest little soul. He loves animals and gives kisses and hugs to all his stuffed bears multiple times daily along with our dog. Gage adores his big brother! Wherever Ryder is you'll find Gage tagging along. He is so very smart for being so little. His vocabulary is amazing and he can already count to ten and almost has his ABC's down perfect. He is a kid after my own heart with his love of donuts, sleep and the color red. We sure do love our little bam!

We celebrated yesterday with a huge stack of donuts and taking him to his favorite restaurant for dinner. Gage sang Happy Birthday loud and proud along with us and blew out his candle on top of his donut cake then yelled "do it again!" In his sweetest little voice. I wish I would've gotten it on camera. The celebration continues today with lots of water fun outside and more good food and treats tonight. 

We can't wait to see all the places you go Gage. Happy second birthday little man! 

21 June 2016

Little Foot Clothing Co.

Let's talk dresses my friends..... I'm pretty sure baby girl's closet is 90% dresses. I may be wrong because I've never dressed a baby girl before but, I feel like they are really versatile pieces. They are nice and cool for Summer but can be paired with a cardigan and tights for the cooler months. Which is exactly what I need for an end of Summer baby. 
Little Foot Clothing Co has an amazing dress collection with so much to pick from. They have a great array of tank, long sleeve, hi-low, tunic and maxi dresses that come in the prettiest patterns. Basic dresses paired with a pop of color or bold floral's are my jam.  
Fresh Pedal Dress

Floral Maxi Dress

Black Long Sleeve Maxi Dress {pair this with a red plaid button up around the waist and some Chuck Taylor's and you got yourself a little hipster. I die.}

Run, don't walk because Little Foot Clothing Co is having a 50% off sale right now with code 50OFF. yes, HALF OFF! While you're there make sure you check out more of their products including their rompers, leggings and clothing racks. {which is a MUST for baby girl's nursery!!}

Happy shopping!!

20 June 2016

Father's Day

Happy first day of Summer friends! Mother Nature is celebrating today by bringing us the hottest day of the year so far. So if you need me, you can find me and my huge belly in our air conditioned home with an ice cold drink in hand. 

I hope you all had a great weekend celebrating all the father figures in your lives. We spent the weekend nestled next to a fire, cherry picking, celebrating our anniversary and loving on our favorite person in the whole world. 
The boys made Tyson a rad dad book from chatbooks where they picked cute graphics and wrote all of their favorite things about him inside. We also made him a cute little video that hopefully I can get uploaded soon. Ryder & Gage answered questions like "what's your dads favorite food and drink?" Which Ryder promptly answered with "taco's and coke". Gage was asked what his Dad's name was and he said "....Daddy Richins" I can't even. 

We started off the first official day of Summer with Ryder's swimming lessons this morning. He did great minus a slightly traumatic near drowning incident. Plus the fact it was a million degree's by 10 am made a rough start to our day but we are hoping for a better class tomorrow. 

Hope you all have a great first day of Summer! 

15 June 2016

Summa Summa Summa Time

Summer time is in full effect over here and we are loving every minute of it. With the sun rising earlier that means so are the boys and right now our favorite thing is having breakfast on the back patio before the heat really sets in. I try to plan a few fun things a week to do with the boys like the splash pad or park especially before I get too pregnant but most days you can find us outside early in the morning or later in the evening when it isn't so hot. I made the mistake of taking them to the park at 3:00 in the afternoon one day, too. Effing. Hot.  Ryder and Gage love splashing in the water table after dad is home and dinner is cleaned up. Running around in undies way past bedtime.  Goodbye schedule!

This past weekend we finally got our sod laid in our backyard and it is so nice to see some green grass instead of dirt! We still have a lot of work to do including a fire pit, a shop for the hubby, play area, garden and the rest of the fence. But we have grass and that's all I really care about at this point. I'm excited to just let the boys run around out there without being covered in dirt. 

I found the cutest summery dresses for baby girl. Floral is my jam lately! Some of them won't fit until fall but pairing them with some tights and a cardigan should do the trick. I can't wait to put a tiny little body in these beauties. 

And while I'm here I'd to wish my sweet husband a happy anniversary! 9 years, almost 3 babies, 2 houses, a couple of jobs and plenty of adventures later and I still love this guy like the day we were married! 

Happy Summer time friends!

09 June 2016

Gage is almost TWO

We've had quite the busy week over here so I'm extra excited that it's almost the weekend! I had my glucose test, we've been getting ready for Father's Day {keep your eye out of a post coming soon} and Ryder had a stomach bug yesterday where he puked non stop all while we are trying to prepare to lay sod in our backyard this weekend. You guys, pass the coffee. But most importantly we are getting ready to celebrate a cute little boy's second birthday in just a few short weeks! 

I don't even know where to start when it comes to our little spit fire. He has just lit up our lives! Gage is so smart saying all sorts of big boy things and counting to ten. His voice you guys, is this sweetest thing you would ever hear! He is a sour patch kid, smacking you in the face then giving you the biggest kiss right after. He has the biggest smile and the best mean mug. Gage is very honest, he'll tell you if your outfit is ugly, let the waitress know if his food was disgusting and will even yell out the car window for people to move or ask a complete stranger for money, all in his own nice little way. He also always asks if he can kick baby sister back because she kicked him first...We're working on all of it. :) But he also has a tender heart, he loves giving hugs and kisses and will never pass up an opportunity to cuddle dad on the couch. He absolutely loves his big brother and it melts my heart on a daily basis. He cries for Ryder when he's hurt or upset and wants to do everything big bro is doing. They are the best of friends and I love watching them grow up together. 

Gage loves rootbeer, apples, pasta, Cheetos and his most favorite thing of all is donuts. Gage is all boy loving anything to do with sports, cars, balls and animals. He is a blanket hoarder and goes no where without his lovey. He is also way attached to his binky which is going away as soon as he's two. Heaven help us. 

Gage you sure have added so much happiness and love to this family! We are so blessed to have you in our lives and we are so excited to watch you grow up!! 

02 June 2016

Third Trimester

I'm just a few short days away from entering my third and final trimester. I sadly always forget how far along I am and find myself checking my baby bump app to remind myself.... Third child syndrome already. So the other day when I checked and saw I was heading into my 28th week it definitely freaked me out a little bit! This pregnancy has flown by so fast that I can't decide if I'm super excited or extremely terrified. I struggled really bad postpartum wise with Ryder and with Gage I did a little better. So with this third baby I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst. I will have three small kids that rely on me, there's no time to be in a funk. I've been doing more research about pospartum care and hopefully it will just be a breeze. After all, this isn't my first rodeo! 

I thankfully have pretty easy pregnancies. Ryder and Gage's pregnancies were identical but this time with baby sis it's been a little different. I was really sick in my first trimester and I still get morning sickness a couple times a week. Girlfriend is sitting very low compared to what I'm used to. My hips and pelvis hurt constantly and my left leg is numb 90% of the time. She loves moving all night long early into the morning {Heaven help me} and I do have some pregnancy insomnia. Late nights and early mornings have been on repeat. And let me just say, homegirl better have a full head of gorgeous locks because my heart burn is out of control! 

I'd say although I have a ton of not so fun symptoms, this pregnancy so far has been pretty easy going. However, I just entered my third trimester and it's the beginning of June. Ask me next month when I'm huge and uncomfortable in 100+ degree weather and I might be singing a different tune. 

I'm super excited for the boys to meet their baby sister. Ryder adjusted so well to Gage and he really is the best big brother ever. I can't wait to see his eyes light up when he see's her, she will definitely be the apple of his eye. I worry a bit about our little Gage adjusting. He is too young to really understand what's going on and he's definitely a mama's boy. It might be hard at first but I know he is going to be such a good big brother. 

People ask me all the time if I think having our kids close in age has been hard or has worked in our favor. Ryder and Gage are two years apart as well as  Gage and sis will be two years apart. Granted, I might say something different when the new baby gets here but I definitely think it has worked in our favor. Ryder and Gage are such good friends which I think will help a ton when the baby gets here. Plus, Ryder is older this time and will be a big help. His sweet little soul is already looking out for me. I found him crying at the table the other day while eating a snack. He told me he dropped some food on the floor and was crying because he knows how hard it is for me to bend over. Bless his sweet little heart! Good thing we have a dog that doubles as a vacuum kid, problem solved.

So I am welcoming my third trimester with open arms! I can't wait to see what the next 11 weeks bring our little family.