06 April 2016

Spring Break

I was hoping this post would be full of sunshine pics and fun plans Buuuut we are sick again. AGAIN. Fever's, runny nose's, cough's, no sleep and not enough coffee. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but apparently being pregnant while taking care of two sick littles ones makes it ten times harder. It's our Spring Break this week which means I've turned off all alarm clocks and we basically haven't been out of our Jammie's. Say hello to the preview of our Summer. Before the sickness got too bad we were able to make a trip to the Zoo so atleast I can say we have done one fun thing this break. Gage kept asking if he could ride the monkeys and he was so concerned when one of them dropped the celery stick he was eating. Yelling "Pick it up monkey, PICK IT UPPP!!!" Ryder just kept asking where all the baby animals we're at. Such a nurturer that one is. 

I just wanted to pop in say hello, tell you that I haven't disappeared and to maybe drop a hint about a huge giveaway coming up that might include some FP Moccs, dreamy swaddle blankets, headbands and some other baby goodness. So stay tuned! 

Oh, and I really just wanted to share a pic of Gage trying on baby sissy's headband and the flower's he picked for me all by himself. Oh My heart Gage. 

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  1. You guys cannot catch a break. We have been sick free for 3 weeks but this has not happened since October. Hope you guys have a healthy spring and summer, nothing worse than sick kids (nevermind, a sick momma can make it worse).