31 July 2015

Hello August & Friday Favorites

I'm usually not a huge fan of August. School starts soon which only means the countdown to the end of Summer is on, and let's be real - this summer has flown by! However, our house will be done in two weeks so I'll declare August my new favorite month :) 
My Fall loving heart almost beat out of my chest when I saw Halloween decorations in Joanns yesterday. It was tempting, but I'm determined to enjoy every last bit of Summer! 

Watching Sunsets, drinking out of the hose a hundred times, staying up late, sleeping in and eating lots of cold, sweet treats are our plans for the rest of the month. 

Since our new home will be finished in just about 2 weeks my Friday favorites are all about home d├ęcor.

This Geometric Planter went on sale at Brickyard Buffalo a few weeks ago and I had to have it. I can't wait to plant a succulent and put this baby in my kitchen.

This  Pineapple Sign would be an adorable addition to any kitchen. Who doesn't like pineapples??

I love this Industrial Rolling Cart. It could be used as a bar cart, in a bathroom or in a baby nursery. Too bad I have two little monsters that would be using this thing as a race car or I'd snag it right up.

Target has the best bar stools! My favorite are these Gunmetal Counter Stools. You could even paint them and distress them for a cool look.

Last but not least I love, love, LOVE these Mini Dream Catchers. They are completely customizable and I seriously want one in every room in my house! G's the lucky one that gets one of these in his room.

Happy Friday everyone! xo

27 July 2015

Our Weekend

What a busy weekend! I'm pretty sure we didn't go to bed earlier than midnight all weekend long. We went to a parade, a firework show, played in the pool, and had a bbq. Staying up way past bedtime, eating roasted marshmallows the size of your head and smelling like a camp fire is what summer is all about right??

See this guy in big boy undies?? He's rocking potty training like a champ! I'll do a potty training post soon. 

This is how I have to do dishes every morning. Such big helpers... #momlife 
I can't wait for my dishwasher in the new house. I'll never take that for granted again!

Our house got stucco'd and granite countertops were installed! My grey loving heart is so happy! They still have to put on the stone, the rest of the white soffit and the light fixtures. Our driveway will be poured any day as well. We are about two weeks out and I'm pretty sure it's going to be the longest two weeks of my life! It's like waiting for the birth of a baby....

Have a great week!

22 July 2015

Mid Summer Madness

Summer is in full swing and we are smack dab in the middle of all the festivities that come along with it. Carnivals, rodeo's, parade's, funnel cake, fishing and late nights are in our daily vocabulary. Ryder's favorite so far was the fish rodeo where he got to catch a couple of fish with his hands for him and Gage, and all Gage wanted to do was eat it. 

We are also right in the middle of potty training Ryder which I didn't realize would be so exhausting. We tried to train him right before Gage was born but he just wasn't ready. And although this time is going so much better, it's still a pain! The first day was a nightmare. He had tons of accidents and screamed when Put him on the potty crying begging me to just put a diaper on him. It's slowly starting to get better and we are determined to have him fully trained before we move into our new house.

The house process is still going great. The countertops should go in next week and once those are installed we will be about 2 weeks from completion. They are still behind on stucco so the outside looks like this but we are hoping they finish it this week. We can't wait to finally see the outside done. 

Hope you are all having a great Summer!

16 July 2015

Life Lately

Life has been crazy busy lately but we are loving every minute of it! We live right in the middle of a cherry orchard and this week was the start of their harvest. The boys have had a blast watching the shakers and tractors out of our front window. We are spending plenty of time running through the trees and taking four wheeler rides to watch them work. 

I love how the above pictures show the boys' different personalities. My quiet and sensitive Ryder always holding on to his baby brother making sure he's safe and my wild and loud Gage. I love how different they are!!

We love watching them harvest during the day but when they wake us up all night long this is how we feel.... #stankface

Also, our house progress is on a roll!! They are almost 4 weeks ahead of schedule and the house could be complete in as soon as 3 weeks. I sure hope they keep up this pace and there are no delays. They have installed all the flooring and cabinets and we should have countertops soon. They are a little behind on the outside of the house but we should be getting stucco any day now. 

I can't believe it's mid July already! Have you guys noticed all the back to school stuff out in the stores?? I feel like Summer is all down hill after school starts! Even though I'm hoping these next few weeks fly by because of our house, I'm not ready to see Summer start to fade away. For now, we'll soak up every minute we can. Have a great day everyone! xoxo

13 July 2015

All Things Deer {With Your Little Loves}

Deer is definitely a new craze lately and I love it seeing as my house and the boys clothes are covered in them. So these Deer Knit Pants from Your Little Loves were a must for the boys. I love how comfortable they are with such a great stretch. So much cooler than thick jeans for the summer and much easier to walk in for a newly waking babe! They are really well made and have held up great in the wash so far.  I also love the grey and cream colors, they literally go with everything! 

A little about Your Little Loves

Hey! I'm Julie from Your Little Loves. I create custom handmade clothing and jewelry for little boys and girls. From newborn outfits, leggings, dresses, bubble gum necklace and much more! If you would like something custom just ask! I have a little girl and boy who are my inspiration and models! I create everything as if I'm making it for my own! 

I also really love these Grey Mustache Knit Pants and these Camo Pants. Girl Mama's these Aztec Print and Floral Print sets are to die for!

My deer obsession continues on with  Near and Deer faux taxidermy, Minted Deer Print,
Throw Pillow, and this Deer Crib Bedding Set. Give me all the Deer!!

Want to win a pair of Deer Knit Leggings for your little one??  Your Little Loves is generously giving one lucky person a product of choice from her shop! The contest will run today through Friday June 17th. Enter below and good luck!!

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06 July 2015

Fourth of July Weekend

The holiday weekend was pretty laid back for us. All four of us got sick with a head cold and we are still recovering. We were able to have a festive breakfast and did light off a few fireworks but other than that we lounged around in our Jammie's and took long naps all day.  Definitely not what I had planned for one of my favorite holiday's but we made the best of it. 

Gage had a really rough night Saturday and we both only got a couple hours of sleep. Then after he woke up at 5 am he decided to pour my entire cup of {cooled} coffee right on top of his head. He hated the taste so that's probably the last time he does it but he definitely loved his early morning sink bath!

Yet another day spent dreaming about our new house! They got the whole house painted and doors hung back on all over the holiday weekend. We CAN NOT wait for it to be all done. 

I hope you all had a fun and festive holiday weekend!