12 October 2015

Life Lately {in pictures}

Happy Monday friends! Even though Monday's definitely aren't my favorite, There is just something refreshing about a new week. And since its been a while, we're going to start out the week with a massive photo dump and an update on our crazy little life. 

Ever since we got back from our vacation Gage is having a hard time sleeping at night. He wants to sleep with us which means I've spent hours rocking him in his recliner just so he'll sleep. I may even sneak him in our room from time to time when Tyson has gone off to work. I secretly love when he sleeps with me but with weaning in the near future he has got to sleep better at night. 

We all know Fall = lots of baking and we are definitely enjoying this part of the season. Although I learned my lesson and now distract the little monsters with their own bowl of flour so we longer get more batter on little legs than in the bowl. 

We are trying to be so patient for Fall weather to arrive. We got a little tease when the temps dipped into the 70's and 60's a few weeks ago but other than that it's been in high 80's. Which makes for a very hot trip to the pumpkin patch. 

This wild one is keeping me on my toes as always and with him into everything he isn't suppose to be in, we do the sink bath thing on the daily. Also, I can't get enough of the new products launched by Tubby Todd. Gage had a dermatologist appointment last week to look at his eczema and the doctor was really impressed at how we are controlling it without medicated creams. 

Last week Ryder was off to school, Gage took a random early morning nap and I was able to drink a hot cup of coffee in peace! My friends, this is what a quiet house looks like....miracles do happen!

Over the weekend I went to another Freshly Picked and June and January warehouse sell. I don't know why I even go to these because I end up spending waaaay more than I want to. I swear I walk in the door and this FP craze takes over and I buy a bunch of crap I don't need and it doesn't hit me until I walk out the door with 5 bags in hand. However, I did do better this time around then I usually do so that has to count for something... Right? I mainly went to get a few things for my new baby niece that is arriving in November but A few pair of moccs somehow jumped in my bag for the boys. Not pictured is a bunch of random girl stuff I got for my "someday baby girl" and my moms stash she snagged for the boys. 

{ps... Shoot me an email or tag me on Instagram {whitrichins} if anyone ever wants something from these sales! I don't go to every sell...but I do go to a lot}

Here's to a fresh, new week! Have a great one. Xo


  1. Love how the boys are growing up together. What do you use to hang those Instagram pictures with? Just wire?

    1. Thank you!! And we bought the wire from ikea they are actually suppose to be for hanging curtains but you can cut them any length you want. The clips to hang the pics are also from ikea

  2. ummm yes please!! I saw the sale on IG and so wished it was near me! PS loving your rug- we opted for the cream with grey one and now wishing i didnt (kids and light rugs dont mix)

    1. Let me know if you want something the next round! Thanks! I think any rug and kids don't mix haha!