04 December 2015

Festive Friday

Festive Friday...it's is a thing...right? No? Well it is in our house! We've been celebrating all things Christmas this week and it started with our Elf "Leland" showing up with Jammie's and chocolate milk for the boys. He was a few days late but hey, he made it! The boys thought it was the coolest thing ever and I'm just over here enjoying using it as a threat. "Oh did you just push your brother over? I bet Leland isn't happy about that hopefully he doesn't tell Santa" 

This morning Leland was sitting in Ryder's recliner in his room reading a book and I'm pretty sure Ryder was thoroughly creeped out waking up to that. I would be too kid. We'll keep him in the kitchen and living room from now on. 

The post office in our town has its own mailbox for Santa and it totally blew Ryder's mind. So, we put a lot of thought into their wish lists and dropped them off in his mail box today. Ryder made sure Santa knew he's been good this year because he has been feeding a stray kitty that he named Black Jack and when I asked Gage what he wanted to ask Santa for he said "baaallll!!". Done. 

The magic of this season is just amazing and seeing it through a child's eyes is even more magical. Stay little my babies. 

Have a great weekend friends!

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  1. The Elf totally creeps me out too! But Im torn, what if my girls would really like him? So I we are elf-less for another year. I adore Ryder and Gage's matching outfits! Is that a common happening? It tickles me :)