14 December 2015

Snowed In

We are smack dab right in the middle of a huge snow storm, and we are loving it! It's one of those storms that snows for for 3 days straight and is nothing but huge, fluffy snowflakes! That also means we have no plans to go anywhere the next few days. I did have to make a quick trip to the post office this morning and I hope my neighbors thoroughly enjoyed watching me eat it ten times while I tried to shovel my driveway. I really need to learn how to use the snowblower. 
The boys were mesmerized by the blanket of white they woke up to. 

Gage and I got colds over the weekend and Ryder woke up with it this morning. Gage definitely has it the worst and I spent my weekend sleeping on the couch with him, if you want to call it sleeping that is. Being elevated is the only thing that helps him and I can't complain about the Christmas tree view and cuddles. 

Ryder has been asking me all day when we can go build a snowman or go sledding, but with our colds we will be hibernating for a few days. His response is "I'm not sick mama, see!" As he wipes snot all over his face. Sorry kid. He's also pretty bummed that he'll be missing his last week of school and all the festivities that come with it. Nothing a few Christmas crafts can't fix!

Hot chocolate, Christmas movies and warm blankets have our names written all over it today. Sometimes being snowed in is the best thing ever. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! ❄️

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  1. I honestly cannot even fathom what snow like that is. And I'm not even sure I know what a snowblower looks like. :) We had a sunny 65 degree day today. Hoping for a snowman this year though!