20 December 2015

Christmas Week

Merry Christmas week friends! I am so excited for a fresh new week full of festive -ness and healthiness. The boys caught a cold last week which of course went right to Gage's ears like always. He is prone to very bad ear infections that come on quickly and a lot of times result in his ear drum rupturing. They are concerned about him losing hearing So he has an appointment with an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist this week for a tube consultation. However, I did learn something new thanks to the sickness! Since Gage had a hard time breathing at night when he had his cold I put a pillow or two in his crib to keep him propped up. For the first time since he was born I got a full night's sleep, and he has slept through the night ever since! Since he has sensitive ears it apparently helps the pain to have him propped. This is so big for us because he would wake on average 3-6 times a night. Hallelujah!

Now Gage and Tyson have a bad stomach bug. My germaphobe self is in full anxiety mode right now praying Ryder and I don't get it. This is not the week to be sick! All I want for Christmas is a healthy family. 

Despite all this sickness, we did have a great weekend full of Christmas parties and ugly sweaters. The boys saw Santa one last time before the big day and made sure he knew what they wanted. I also heard it's going to be a white Christmas this year! Dreams do come true. 

Our Festive breakfast's and cookie making is on hold until we get this bug out of our home. But we will indulge in plenty of baths, pj's all day and Christmas movies on repeat {with a side of Lysol and plenty of prayers}

Hope you all are having a happy and healthy start to Christmas week!

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