22 July 2016

Preparing For Postpartum

With this being my third baby, I've made it a point to do some better research regarding postpartum care. I feel like it is so important but is never really talked about. I really struggled after I had Ryder but did a little better after I had Gage and I am hopeful for a great postpartum recovery with baby #3 next month. So I've rounded up a few of my favorite postpartum essentials to share with you and hope it helps a few of you mama's out there. 
Obviously a good pair of sweat pants is a must. Something that isn't too tight to lounge around in the first few weeks months after giving birth.
Staying hydrated is so very important while you recover and as your milk comes in. This cute Glass Water Bottle is perfect for those days where you just can't get enough water.
Nursing bra's are obviously a must for breastfeeding but I have had the hardest time finding comfortable night time bra's. These bra's are comfortable enough to wear and night but have enough coverage that you could wear them out and about as well. Add in some of these adorable Re-usable nursing pads are you are set!
Postpartum depression is no joke And I have definitely struggled with it in the past. Essential Oils were my best friend after my last deliveries and I found they helped so much. I am still doing more research on good blends for postpartum depression but Lemon and Lavender are a must have.
Postpartum Sitz Bathi will help soothe and heal downstairs. I wish I would have found this sooner!
Nursing Salve. nuff said.
Oat Mama Lactation Granola Bars to help with milk supply and they make a perfect snack for the nursing munchies.
Help. Ask for help and lots of it! Have someone help make meals, watch other children and clean up the house. Rest is so very important for recovery and is also the hardest thing to do after birth.
Obviously everyone's postpartum recovery is different. Most of us know the medical necessities you might need after giving birth whether it be C-section or vaginal. Thing like pads, pain medicine, ice packs, perineal bottle, numbing spray, tucks pads etc are all things we need to aid in recovery. Anything to help make you more comfortable during the process is a must have and I'd love to hear everyone else's postpartum essentials!
Have a great weekend friends!! xo

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