07 July 2016

Gage's New Bed

Last weekend we put Gage in his new big bed as well as put the boys together in the same room. We were going to wait a little longer until we made the move but when I got his bedding in the mail he begged to sleep in it. And I do have to say, it's actually going pretty well. I was really terrified to move Gage out of his crib because he is such a good sleeper {something that Ryder was not} and I didn't want to mess up his schedule. I thought having them share a room would be the hard part but it is actually really working in my favor. The first night Gage got out a couple of times but when he saw that Ryder wasn't getting out he stayed in his bed. They did talk and giggle for a little bit and he did lay in bed a little longer than normal before he fell asleep but that's about it. We have struggled the past two nights only because we are having a hard time getting back on schedule after the holiday weekend. The boys are wanting to stay up late, sleep in with a nap sprinkled somewhere in between. So we have had a few late nights of them going crazy in their room. I did threaten to separate them and they both cried like babies, two peas in a pod those two. Hoping to have a better night tonight. 

Nap time is a little bit different for Gage because Ryder doesn't nap so he's in their room by himself. I do lay with him for a minute and that helps but I'm hoping to not have to do that for long. 

As far as decorating goes their walls are pretty much empty right now. I do have some cute little signs scattered throughout that just need to be hung on their wall. {Hint hint husband....} I'll do another post once their room is finished. 
For the bedding the boys chose this Forest Friends Comforter Set from Pillowfort and it is even cuter in person! Plus, it makes my black and white monochrome heart happy. We added a couple pillows {this and this one.} and also got this Bear Nightlight which goes perfectly with their bedding and emits the perfect glow for bedtime.
As far as rails go we did the same thing we did with Ryder and used these foam bumpers that go underneath the fitted sheet. I cannot rave about these enough. They keep him from rolling out but are also soft enough that he can climb over. Plus, they look so much better than bulky rails. A lot of people asked why I don't just use pool noodles under the sheet but these are much larger than pool noodles and they are not rounded which is what keeps him in the bed.

As far as advice goes to those who will be transitioning their kids out of the crib soon, I wrote this post a long time ago when we transitioned Ryder and I basically just stuck to that. The only thing I want to add is have patience and lots of coffee on hand :) 
And now with Gage out of the crib the fun part starts, We can finally start on the nursery! I didn't realize how much I do NOT have for the nursery until the room was emptied. But putting her crib together made my heart burst.

Cheers to it almost being the weekend!! xo


  1. Love the shared boys room! Do you know if those bed rollers fit a crib? We have Brielana in the crib without the side (I guess its considered a toddler bed now lol) but would like to have something to keep her more tucked in at night so she wont roam ;)

  2. So cute! I grew up sleeping in a bunk bed (me and my SISTER always fought over who got the top bunk, of course), but if you have the space you should definitely do something like this! I absolutely adore those bedspreads too, might have to get one myself! I hope to see more of your post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It can be a challenge to transition your child from a crib to a bed, but it looks like you were able to get through it. I have to agree that the bedding is adorable, and the foam bumpers are a better idea than pool noodles. My wife and I use the foam bumpers for our own child, and we feel much better knowing she is not going to roll out of bed.