08 December 2016

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

With Christmas just a little over two weeks away {how did that happen??} we are decking the halls, baking plenty of goodies, drinking lots of festive coffee and putting some last minute touches on Christmas list's. The weather has been so weird around here this winter and I never thought I'd hear myself begging for snow! We are just ready for it to start feeling like Christmas. 

I quizzed the boys about Christmas like I do most years and I love being able to look back at their cute little answers. They are just the cutest!

Where does Santa live?: Ryder- the North Pole. Gage- by Walmart

What is santa's favorite drink?: Ryder- rootbeer Gage- Sodalicious. 

What does mom and dad want for Christmas?: Ryder- bikes. Gage- Donuts.

What's your favorite thing to do on Christmas?: Ryder- color stuff. Gage- see Santa. 

What do you think your elf says to Santa about you? Ryder- that I'm nice.  Gage- I don't know I hope he's not mad. 

What do you want for Christmas?: Ryder- a motorcycle. Gage- Donuts. 

What do you think Finley wants for Christmas?: Ryder- more bows. Gage- a big, BIG present full of eggs. 

I'm dying. 

Here's to Elf on repeat, Christmas music playing all day long, hoping for snow and putting off our shopping to the very last minute! 


  1. OMG your kiddos are the cutest!! I love the beanies! Beautiful decorations too.

  2. These pics are darling :) Love it