07 February 2014


Well my friends, we have officially hit a sleep road block. And I officially want to pull out my hair. When Ryder was a newborn he was a rock star sleeper. He hardly ever got up at night and slept most of the day. And then he hit 4 months old. He not only stopped sleeping through the night he also completely stopped napping. How does a 4 month old not nap?? We struggled for a few months, and I mean REALLY struggled! Then one day he just magically started back on a normal nap and bedtime routine and it was blissful! As he got older he kept to a 2 nap schedule and bedtime at 7pm awake at 7:30-8:00 am. AMAZING right?? Then he turned a year old and went to one really long nap a day. Then he turned 18-19 months old, and he decided sleep is for the birds.

At first, the no nap situation was really hard but bearable because he would go to bed early and sleep in late. But now this is how our day goes....

Up at 6am {which is SO early for him}
Attempt nap time after lunch between noon and 1:00. Which is a total fail. 
Try to survive until bedtime at 7pm. By dinner time he is usually exhausted, grumpy and done for the day. {I was putting away the dishes when Ryder snuck a knife from the dishwasher, I'm pretty sure he had plans to stab me with it}
7pm we start our bedtime routine and he is out right as his head hits the pillow. 
11-midnight {usually whenever I FINALLY fall asleep} he wakes up screaming. I'm guessing he is just overly tired. I rock him until he finally falls asleep. I'm lucky if he doesn't get up a second time. 
Then up again bright and early at 6am. 
I am hoping this is just another sleep regression that I know is normal in kids. I can handle it for now, but I'm hoping this passes by time the new baby comes or else this mama might turn into a zombie. 
I have actually broken down and bought a Healthy Sleep Habits book. I haven't started it yet but it has awesome reviews and I know a few people who swear by it.

And this is officially our new bedtime book. I read it with tears streaming down my face. 

{totally kidding}

Happy sleeping everyone!!


  1. omg my son is a horrible sleeper! He is 16 months and is just now starting to sleep through the night! He wakes up at exactly 7am every day and will only take a nap if I'm holding him. He used to wake up 2-3x a night for no reason! I crawled my 6'0 tall 220 lb butt in his crib and got him back to sleep! haha. Good luck! Hope he sleeps better for you!

    1. ugh I feel your pain!! Ryder used to have to sleep on me or he wouldn't sleep at all either! I have contemplated climbing in his crib too haha! Thank you and good luck to you too! I hope your little guy sleeps better soon. Thank goodness for coffee :)

  2. I think I jinxed myself by this comment! haha he's not sleeping through the night anymore! Boo :( Coffee is a life saver around here. Someone needs to seriously think about inventing a coffee IV drip! lol

    1. Is he sleeping through the night yet?? ugh if it makes you feel any better Ryder still isn't napping and he has been getting up once a night. I feel your pain! :) Yes someone needs to invent that!! Since i'm prego I try to only drink one cup a day....it.is.hard.

  3. HAHAHA! You need to look on YouTube for the "Go the F..K to sleep" book that is narrated by Samuel Jackson!

    1. haha I have seen it and I laughed so hard!! It's been a while since i've heard it and I need a good laugh today so I think i'll watch it again :)