13 November 2013

Thanksgiving Style - Favorites

You guys, I am having the HARDEST time not putting up my Christmas tree!! There are tons of Christmas movies on TV and the stores are filled with Christmas goodies. Our family tradition, like most families, is to put up our tree together the day after Thanksgiving. I'm trying so hard not to do it a day sooner and concentrate on Thanksgiving. So, here is a list of my favorite baby boy Thanksgiving style favorites.

I am also really excited about doing some Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping this year! I am more of an online shopper so I have a long list of things that I am patiently waiting to buy when the sales hit. Where are you guys planning on going shopping this year??  

I will try to hold off on too many Christmas posts until after Thanksgiving, but I have to share some fun Christmas wrapping inspiration that I have been finding on Pinterest that I want to try this year.

To check out more Christmas fun check out my Pinterest. So, do any of you have your Christmas Decorations up yet??

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