27 April 2015

A Day In Our Life

The last time I did a "Day In our Life" post Gage was not even 2 months old, wow have things changed so it is definitely time for un update! I love reading other blogs about their daily schedules and I like that I can look back and see how the boys have grown. Here is how most days go in our house as of late.

7:00 am- Gage wakes up and I nurse him in his room. I change his diaper then I bring him downstairs and he plays while I drink coffee, check emails and blog. This is basically the only alone time him and I get besides feedings so I really love this time with him.

8:00-9:00 am- Ryder wakes up. I give him a cup of milk and some Cheerios to snack on while I make breakfast. Ryder is always so excited to see Gage in the morning so he gives him lots of hugs and kisses and he entertains him while I get breakfast on the table. 

9:00am - We all sit down to eat. Ryder's favorite is yogurt, fruit, toast and sometimes eggs. Gage eats fruit and oatmeal and I usually just eat oats and milk. 

10:00 am After breakfast I take the boys to their rooms and get them dressed, do their hair and brush their teeth. It's time for Gage to take his first nap so while Ryder plays in his room I nurse Gage and lay him down. 

10:00-11:30 am - Ryder plays with his toys or in the backyard while I do dishes and laundry. 

11:30 - 12:30 Gage wakes up from his nap and it's time to start lunch. Lunch can get so boring and be the same thing everyday so I try my best to feed the boys a variety of things. We will usually eat turkey or tuna sandwiches, pizza, avocado and mozz grilled cheese, spinach and cheese quesadillas, home made Mac n cheese in a mug, or leftovers. Gage eats everything we do but I'll usually give him a little extra veggies because he loves them. 

12:30- 2:30 This is the only time I have to run errands or do things out of the house before Gage naps again. We do shopping, go on walks, play outside, go to the park, run errands etc during this time. I try to do something active with Ryder at this time too otherwise he has built up energy around dinner time and is a mad man.

2:30 pm- it's time for Gage's second nap. I turn on a tv show for Ryder, nurse Gage and put him down. 

2:30-4:00 pm - This is when I get my deep cleaning done like toilets, tubs, mopping etc. Since Ryder doesn't nap I give him something to do whether it be coloring, watching a show or playing on the iPad. I like to do a little bit of cleaning done each day of the week so when the weekend rolls around everything is done and I have the weekend to relax. 

4:00-4:30 pm : Gage wakes up from his nap and usually nurses again then we play as a family. Tyson's work schedule varies but some days he is home by this time so we all like to spend some time together until dinner. 

5:00-5:30 I start dinner If it isn't already in the crock pot, I use my crock pot almost everyday because unfortunately I'm a really bad cook :)  We have to eat dinner early because Gage goes to bed pretty early. 

6:00 pm We eat dinner, clean up toys and try to go for a walk to get wiggles out before bed. 

7:00 pm I really like to have Gage in bed by this time but when it's bath nights he goes to bed a little later than this. So we either do bath time or we get the boys in jammies and I nurse Gage and put him to bed while Tyson plays with Ryder. 

7:30 pm we start Ryder's bedtime. We brush his teeth, say prayers and read books. I can't go to bed without the house being semi clean so I leave to finish cleaning up the kitchen and toys while Tyson lays with Ryder and they talk about their day and he's usually asleep around 8:00

8:00-10:30pm Tyson and I catchup on our DVR shows, go over our budget some days and just relax and spend time together. 

11:00pm Gage wakes up to nurse. I swear babies have a radar that can detect when their moms fall asleep because he literally wakes up right when I close my eyes. He also doesn't sleep through the night unfortunately. He gets up atleast once a night to nurse. If he's teething or not feeling well it's more than that. It just depends on the night. 

Then we start all over again the next day! My schedule loving heart is so happy that we are finally in a pretty good routine vs my last day in our life post. But seriously....wasn't that just yesterday??

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  1. I need more information about this mac and cheese in a mug! Im with you, lunch gets me down some days.

  2. They are getting so big! And I agree ^^^ mac and cheese in a mug recipe!!

  3. You are supermom. I would be so exhausted lol and yes, Mac and cheese in a cup please!!!

  4. Keep an eye out for a recipes post soon girls! xoxo