28 September 2015

Family Vacation

This past week/weekend we loaded up the boys and headed out for our first family vacation. We went to bear world, island park and Yellowstone. There were a few bumps in the road like a vomiting Ryder, wolves in our camp, bear spray in our cabin and heading to a hotel at midnight. But we had SO much fun! For the most part the boys did great during the drive and not sleeping in their own beds. Bear world was definitely my favorite and I think Ryder and Gage agree.

Beware...major photo overload. 

Our first stop at Yellowstone was full of foreigners who didn't speak English. As we walked to some hot pots we got swarmed by people taking pictures of the boys and filming them. It was the weirdest thing and someone even asked if they were famous or something. The next few stops went a lot smoother other than some lady yelling at me in Chinese to put jackets on the boys.... It was 80 degrees. 

Spending time away was so refreshing and the boys absolutely loved spending time with their cousins. But there's just no place like home. The boys are totally off schedule and Gage has decided that since he slept with us the whole trip, that he's no longer sleeping in his crib now that we're home. Wish us luck on that! So this week will be spent catching up on sleep, unpacking, lots of laundry and since we got welcomed back with 90 degree weather, you can find us in ice cream truck Jammie's all day. Guess we'll celebrate summer while it's still here! 

Have a great Monday 


  1. Trips are always fun but coming home is the worst trying to get back to a "normal schedule". Oh and fun fact: Gage and Ryder were top boy names if Brylee would have been a boy! Great choices:)

    'Tis Our Life Blog

    1. Ugh I totally agree! Sometimes it's more work than the trip is worth ;) oh how cool!! What a coincidence!