21 January 2014

Valentines Day Favorites

I don't know what it is but Valentines Day is one of my favorite Holidays! And even though it is a very girly holiday I still have the best time dressing up Ryder. Here are a few of our favorites this season.

Ryder has his Valentines pictures this weekend and I really wanted him to wear those jeans with suspenders from H&M. But of course, they didn't have them in his size. Little boy in suspenders....I.die.

Ryder was wearing those mustache vday jammies the other night and my hubby instantly asked why the hell he was dressed like a girl. ummm...they have mustaches! Remember Ryder's Mustache Valentines from last year?? Totally manly.

I am really excited to plan a fun festive vday breakfast. Just something simple like this

I am also planning on doing some yummy treats, a vday box full of goodies for Ryder and of course spoiling the hubby. More posts on that to come. Check out my Valentine Board on Pinterest to find some more fun vday ideas. 


  1. I love the handsome fella shirt! I think my son needs one :)

    1. I know I love it! Gap has some really cute boy vday things!