02 January 2014

Hello 2014

Well hello 2014, you came so fast! This year we didn't really do a whole lot for NYE. Ryder didn't nap that day so he ended up crashing way early and the hubby worked a little late. And because of the no nap situation that day I was pretty exhausted myself. We relaxed, watched movies and thought about our year. I loved every minute of our laid back night! 

2014 has SO much in store for us! A new baby, we will be building a new home, Ryder will be TWO, and much more! I came up with 4 easy goals that I hope to accomplish this year.

1. Relax. This is my number one goal. I know, it sounds kind of weird. I am an OCD planner. Everything I do has to be planned or scheduled. I am always in a rush and stressed a lot of the time because of it. My husband always has to remind me to slow down and relax. So this year I am going to slow down my everyday life and take in every moment that I can. Especially with a new baby on the way. I'm going to soak up every moment that I can with my growing family.

2. Be a better wife and mom. Because I am always going a hundred miles an hour my wife and mom duties get pushed to the side sometimes. Not this year!!

3. Be better with our finances. I'm sure this is on a lot of people's resolution lists. 

4. Live a healthier lifestyle. This is hard right now while being pregnant. I want to eat everything in site! I'm hoping to make a few changes to my diet {as well as my family's} and exercise. 

So bring on 2014! I'm so ready for it!

And Ryder is ready for it to be warm out. We have bad cabin fever! Is it spring yet?? 

Happy 2014!

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