29 January 2014

Ryder {20 Months}

I can't believe this little guy is 20 months old! When people ask me his age I'm now forced to say he is almost two and I always cringe. Where did time go??

Even though I am really sad he is growing up, I have to say that this is such a fun age. He is getting the cutest personality and is doing new things every day.

Favorite foods: peaches, toast, cheese, strawberries, milk, avocado, pickles, turkey and tuna fish. He is still not a fan of bananas or really sweet foods. 

Favorite toy: trucks, trucks and more trucks! He also loves his stuffed animals. 

Favorite words: NO! That is definitely his favorite. But it's more like nooooooo. He is talking so much lately. He says ball, balloon, truck, Mickey, car, daddy, mama, papa, cash {our dog}, bye bye, kitty, puppy and so much more. 

Favorite thing to do: Anything outside. This kid loves being outdoors. Coloring, Playing with his trucks, watching Mickey Mouse and bath time. 

Least favorite thing to do: Sit still to get dressed or get his diaper changed. Seriously it takes me like 20 minutes to change a diaper. Napping, we are now going on a month straight with no naps, This mama is tired. And getting out of the bath tub.

Favorite person: His daddy. He loves him so much and is so attached to him. It melts my heart. 

He is also growing super fast. I just ordered him some summer clothes and had to buy 3T and 4T sizes. He is huge! He is the sweetest, most calm and well behaved little guy. I can't wait to see him continue to grow!

And now ill leave you with some adorable baby pics. it feels like it was just yesterday he was this little!

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