03 June 2015

What Makes a House a Home

This past weekend was really emotional for our little family. Not only did Ryder turn three but we also had to say goodbye to our first home. When we bought this home it was just me, Tyson and a bunch of empty rooms. Fast forward 7 years and those rooms were full of dinosaurs, trucks, trains, teddy bears, binky's, tractors, two baby boys, a dog and a house full of memories. As we emptied the house and got ready to lock up and say goodbye, all those memories flooded back to me. This is where I first became a mom, Ryder's first wobbly steps were taken in the front room, the same place Gage crawled for the first time. That now empty hallway was filled with many late nights getting newborn babies to sleep, the imprint from the rocker in Gage's nursery where I spent hours cuddling and nursing him to sleep, the bathtub where it took me longer to clean up the water off the floor than the whole bath took.  Watching Tyson teach Ryder how to ride his first bike on the driveway and feeding gage his first bites of food in our kitchen. All of these memories are exactly what makes a house a home and it will forever hold a special place in my heart. 

I cried, and then I cried some more. And then we went to the site of our future home and I watched as Ryder and Gage already began making new memories. We may have closed a chapter in our life but we have many new adventures and a lot more memories to be made ahead of us. I can't wait to make this house our home. 

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  1. When I moved away from the house I grew up in, I cried. I still miss it to this day. My husband and I tried to buy it back but it sold before we got to it!