01 July 2014

Mom of 2

Thank you everyone for all your well Wishes and comments on my last post and instagram! you are all so sweet!

The best way to describe having 2 kids is terrifying yet amazing. It is definitely an adjustment and hopefully we get into a routine soon. I've always worried about Ryder having a hard time adjusting to having a new baby in the home and I never thought I'd be the one struggling with it! Ryder goes on with his day like nothing has changed and I find myself wanting to put Gage down and just love on Ryder. Stupid postpartum emotions!!

Tyson has been such a big help this last week, I've kept him so busy and lets just say he handles little to no sleep better than me. Since I feel like all I do is sit and nurse Gage it's been nice to have his help and Ryder has loved having him around. Today is his first day back at work and I'm pretty nervous about doing it all on my own. Wish us luck! It's 9am and both boys are still asleep. I'm hoping that's a good sign of a good day.
Here are some pictures of our first few days at home.

Ryder "fishing" in the front yard while I try to keep my eyes open. Sure do love this boy!


So far Gage is a total different baby than Ryder was. I had a really hard time nursing Ryder and Gage is doing pretty good with it. The only trouble I'm having is keeping him awake during a feeding. He'll nurse for a few minutes than fall asleep and I can't wake him up! He'll wake up a few minutes later still hungry. Which is why I feel like I nurse all day and night. He also likes a binky and being swaddled which Ryder hated.

All in all it's been hard so far but SO much fun! I can't wait to see these two grow together!! We are so blessed to have both these boys in our lives. 
Now wish us luck that we survive until daddy gets home!


  1. I had that problem with my son! I know this sounds cruel, but the only way I could keep him awake to nurse was to put a wet wash cloth on his cheeks or back! It made him mad at first then realized there was a boobie in his mouth so he was happy again. I would first try to blow in his face/hair or tickle his feet but he got used to that and still slept through it lol. Good luck! I hope you can get some sleep soon! You make gorgeous babies!

    1. What great advice! I'm seriously going to try that! Did your son ever grow out of it? I'm hoping once he's out of the sleepy newborn stage he'll do better. And thanks so much!!

  2. At night he wanted to fall asleep still when he got a little older but he still nursed pretty good. What I also did was move the bottom of his chin up and down and that would get him to start sucking again.