15 April 2016

Friday Favorites: Baby Girl Edition

This post is brought to you by lots caffeine and Tylenol. The never ending virus has struck our house again and now Gage is the one with a high fever...for what appears to be no reason at all. So, with only two hours of sleep, we are snuggling up with coffee and Tylenol and trying our best to enjoy this Friday. In the mean time, I am swooning over my current baby girl stash. I still cant wrap my head around the fact that we are having a girl! So today I am rounding up a list of a few of my current girl goodies. {Hint, we are giving some of these gems away at the end of the month. Keep your eye out!}
You all know I have a mad obsession with baby jammies. I have an even bigger obsession with jammies that have modern and unique patterns. Enter my newest obsession Bonds. You guys, their Wondersuits are just too good and their designs are so much better than most baby jams. The floral ones are my favorite including this and this one. They come made so you can use footies or mittens when they are little and just fold them over when they get bigger. Genius. I also really love baby gowns for when their are newborn, making it easy for late night diaper changes. Purl Lamb's Organic Knotted Sleepers are my favorite, and they are one sale! You're welcome.
Headbands...let's talk headbands. Their are a million small shops that sell bows and I love every.single.one.of.them. The headband struggle is real. So far my favorite shops are Modern Piggy, Lou Lou and Company, Free Babes and June and January.
Swaddle blankets are also a must for new babies and I'm really loving Mint and Arrows Caccoon Swaddles, KB Cute Designs Swaddle Bundles and Little Unicorn's Poppy Swaddle.
Since our baby is due the very end of August, I have been trying to get more Fall clothing since she will only be in Summer clothing for a small time. These Knit Tights will be perfect for keeping baby girl warm this Fall.  Pair them with a matching Swing Dress and cardigan for the cutest outfit.
Sorry girl mama's, I know that's a lot of girly goodness in just one post! For my fellow boy mama's,
Trilogy Design Co is having a 40% off sale using code 2Trilogy at checkout. Run, don't walk and snag some of their tee's from my favorite Alphabet Collection.
Have a great weekend! xo

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