20 April 2016

Mid - Week Madness

Hey hey hey humpday! The sun is shining , we have an awesome spring breeze blowing through our house and these two cute boys are smiling. Oh, and no one is sick today so we are extra happy. 

The weather the past few weekends haven't been that great, which actually worked out okay because everyone has been sick. We spent many days cuddled in our Jammie's hibernating inside, so when the forecast called for 80 degree weather all week we were so excited to trade our Jammie's for tank tops. 

This warm weather has me so excited for Summer. Ryder has only about a month left of school and I am so excited to throw our schedule out for a few months. Campfires, flowers, bare feet and sunshine are what my dreams are made of right now. Oh and baking.... There is lots of baking going on in this house. 

How's that for some mid - week randomness?? Have a great day friends' xo

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