13 April 2016

Tubby Todd

You don't realize how important skin care is for kids until you have one with skin issues. After Gage was born he soon developed bad eczema. Ryder didn't have any skin issues so we were a little lost as how to handle the situation. Fast forward through Doctor appointments and medicated cream we stumbled upon Tubby Todd where We quickly learned that using the whole Tubby Todd System kept Gage's exczema under control. The boys' bath time routine looks a little something like this - bubble bath and Hair & Body Wash,  Followed by the Everyday Lotion for Ryder while Gage gets Dream Cream all over and the All Over Ointment for any rough patches or diaper rash. I also love the ointment for occasional sunburns on my sweet little red head. 
We also make sure Gage gets a full body rub down morning and night everyday with the dream cream to keep his eczema at bay. This stuff is amazing, I only wish they made huge tubs of it! 
We use the Baby Fresh Spray in the boys' bathroom because...well, it's a boy's bathroom and we also use it a lot in the Summertime when the boys are hot and sweaty. I'm excited to use this with the new baby as well! I hear it works wonders with the baby spit up smell.

The whole Tubby Todd line is all natural so it's perfect for the most sensitive skin and tiniest newborns. This is one of the first things I stocked up for when I learned I was pregnant. There will be no running out of the goods in this house!
 Happy washing friends! xo


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