01 August 2016

Hospital Bag

Hello, August! It is officially baby month! I am so excited to finally say we will have a new little addition to our family in the next few weeks. So now that I can go into labor at any time, we have our hospital bag packed and ready to go. For all you mama's to be out there, I thought I'd share just a few items I have packed to help our hospital stay be a little more comfortable....

In addition to underwear and nursing bras, you will want to bring a few pairs of dark sweat pants just in case. I packed these grey striped sweats and these Black Simple Pants. For my tops I'm just going to wear a dark tee and maybe my lightweight robe.
Obviously you will want to bring your own toiletries like toothpaste, body wash, lotions etc. Showering after delivery makes you feel like a whole new person but I always hate having to wash and dry my hair while at the hospital. So even though I packed some shampoo and conditioner just in case, I made sure to throw in a good dry shampoo.
Spray Hand Sanitizer. Easy for all your visitors to spritz on their hands.
Nuby All Natural Pacifier Wipes. Because I'm a germ freak and you're in a hospital.
Extra pacifiers.
Nursing Salve. The hospital gave me a little tube of Lanolin at my last delivery and they charged me an arm and two legs for it. Not this time suckers!! I also threw in some Belly Balm because this stuff makes an awesome body lotion too.
Any type of entertainment items you might want like laptops or iPads. Or if you're cool like me you bring a coloring book that will keep you entertained for hours. No shame.
My husband also packed a few things for himself like a change of clothes and loungewear to sleep in.
Now for the baby.....sigh...my husband said I totally over packed for her. And I'm sure he's right. I packed this gown  for easy diaper changes while in the hospital along with these footed pants and this tee for coming home in. Even though the hospital provides blankets I apparently feel the need to bring three extra. This Berry in Bloom Swaddle, Mint and Arrows Cacoon Swaddle and a KBCute Floral Swaddle. Along with a million headbands. I will just use the excuse of taking pictures as a reason for this madness.

The other night we had a slight scare that landed us in labor and delivery. Thank goodness it was nothing and baby girl is still cooking. But since then we have made sure to finish up our last few things on our to do list just in case she makes an early arrival. So I made the husband hang the headbands, attend a warehouse sale for last minute baby clothes and then we packed our bags. Because #priorities.

Okay baby girl, we are ready for you whenever you are!

Happy Monday friends. xo


  1. Oh my word, all those headbands! That is magical!

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