21 April 2014


What a busy, fun filled weekend! We are still in candy coma's over here and my house is a complete disaster. A sure sign of a successful holiday! 
Last Easter Ryder wasn't even walking yet and was too little to understand much, so this year I was really excited to watch him hunt eggs. Saturday we had two family Easter parties which meant double the goodies and fun for Ryder. It didn't take him long to get the hang of egg hunting. When he would find an egg he'd bend over, point at it then scream some sort of jibberish all excited. He'd put it in his basket then yell MORE!!! He was actually really good at finding them and even found some hidden in the weeds that I had a hard time seeing. However, he didn't want to stop after all the eggs were found. Tyson walked around throwing out eggs he had already found just so he could keep hunting. 

The Easter bunny made his way to our home Sunday morning and even left a little something for baby brother and of course the dog. Last year I went a little crazy with Ryder's basket. It looked more like Christmas morning than Easter. So this year we decided to keep it simple and focus more on the meaning of Easter. Ryder got a coloring book, some chalk, "The Night Before Easter" book, stickers, a pair of Jammie's and of course some trucks. 

He ran straight for the trucks and didn't really care about the other stuff but I loved seeing how excited he was when he came down the stairs 

We then headed to breakfast in our jammies and finished out the holiday with a walk by the river and relaxing outside as a family. 

This year was the best Easter yet and I got a little emotional thinking about this being our last one as a family of 3! Now it's on to Ryder's 2nd birthday and the arrival of baby boy. I hope you all had a great Easter with your families! 


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    1. Thank you!! I definitely don't feel amazing so that means a lot :)

  2. You are so beautiful! Love those mountain views, too! :)

    1. That's so sweet thank you!! Aren't the mountains amazing?? It's my favorite thing about where I live :)