25 March 2014

Maternity Favorites

Well friends, I'm officially in my third trimester! This pregnancy is flying by so fast that I'm starting to get nervous that I'm not going to be prepared! Now that I've hit the stage where nothing fits, I thought it would be a perfect time to compile a list of my maternity favorites so far. Soon I'll be making a hospital bag and postpartum list....eek!

1. Mason Jar Tumbler It's really important to drink lots of water while you're pregnant and this cute tumbler makes it so much easier for me. And it has measurements on it so I can keep track of how much I drink a day.

2. Preggers Tee I have been eyeing this tee for so long! It is a little pricey for something you will only wear for a few months, but they are having a sale right now....You're welcome.

3. Maternity Jeans I thought I would be able to finish the rest of my pregnancy without having to buy maternity jeans, wrong! The hair tie trick is just not cutting it anymore, and how cute are these??

4. Essential Tank LOVE this tank!! I swear it have it in every color. They do not have ruched sides so they are great undershirts. The colors that I have are also not see through so I can actually wear them alone. Definitely a must have!

5. Elasticity Belly Oil Stretchmark Protection & All Day Moisture Body Lotion I cannot say how great this stuff is! I buy these together in the best bump duo. I use the lotion in the morning and the oil at night. It's so moisturizing, smells great and my belly is never itchy or dry. I also haven't gotten any Stretchmarks while using it. 


  1. Apparently Ive quickly turned into your new cyber BFF, hope it isnt creepy :) Youre about a month further along in your pregnancy than I am, so Im enjoying your pregnancy posts. Love GapMaternity! Old Navy has great layering tanks too (tamis) that fit the same but cost less. I really hope Im not bugging, none of my friends are pregnant this go- around and I find it a little sad not being able to relate to any one during this amazing time.

    1. Haha not creepy at all! I am the exact same way I love being able to relate to other women during my pregnancy especially when they are close in due dates! I'm being a total blog stalker too reading your blog, you've definitely got a new reader :) I'll have to check out old navy's layering tanks! With it starting to warm up I'm going to be needing more. You know the feeling! ;)

    2. You got a new reader, too :) And of course, I go to look where the slimming nursing tanks are from, and its Target lol. Thanks for that gem of a find! Heres to the final stretch of our pregnancies! (yay!)