17 March 2014

St. Patricks Day

Happy St Patty's day everyone! These little holidays are my favorite because there is no huge expectation on how you celebrate. As for us, we just had green pancakes in our green jammies this morning. When Ryder gets older I'm sure some leprechauns will visit but for now, pancakes were the highlight of our day. 

When I first gave him his pancakes he looked at them and realized something was different. He made a funny face and tried to give me his fork like "I'm not eating this!" Once he saw me eat mine he realized I wasn't tricking him and they were okay to eat.

The rest of our day was spent like any other busy Monday. Running errands, laundry and cleaning up our weekend mess. Exciting right??

I couldn't help but go back and look at pictures from last years St. Patricks Day. Get a load of that cute baby Ryder! 

Hope you are all finishing your day shoving your faces with Corned Beef and Cabbage!


  1. He looked adorable last year and still does! Green pancakes sound interesting! The idea is great but I think my original reaction would resemble Ryder's!

    Joely xxx

    basically bonjour

  2. Thank you!! And I agree...green pancakes didn't look as good as they tasted! :)

  3. So cute, I really was slacking with St. Paddy's Day this year..usually I go all out but for some reason I got lazy and didn't even make the typical green pancakes. I'm ready for Easter!