21 March 2014


 The other night, me and Ryder were laying on the floor recovering from a long day after waking up early, no naps, and running around all day. I was in my typical "hard day" attire of yoga pants, a tank top, no makeup and a messy bun. Tyson was out of town for work that day so I was trying to gather some energy for attempting our bedtime routine by myself. I noticed while I was laying there the beautiful sunset that was coming in through our sheer curtains in our window. I thought what a pretty background it would be for a picture, So I snapped a photo of me standing in front of the window. With the way I looked that day I expected to laugh at the sight of my tired self standing in front of this pretty sunset. What I got was this...

My pregnant silhouette. You can't tell that I'm exhausted, see the bags under my eyes, or know that it's been a long, hard day. You see that I'm blessed with carrying another little miracle that so many women wish for every day. All you see is just how amazing pregnancy really is. With only a few more months left in my pregnancy I'm going to fully enjoy every kick, roll, elbow and knee that I get to be blessed with feeling every day and pray for those women who want to experience this so badly themselves. 

I'm tired, uncomfortable, weak, and in pain at times....but I'm loving EVERY second of it.