10 March 2014

Spring Fever

Spring is slowly arriving and there is something about the warm weather that makes me want a fresh, organized home. This means I've been wanting to re-decorate every room with bright colors and stock our closets with fun new outfits. Ask my husband....he'll tell ya. Here are a few spring{ish} items that are on my list.  

I LOVE the packaging on Candelles! They just released their spring line and every scent sounds heavenly. I'm really tempted to enroll in their monthly program.

I am in desperate need of new throw pillows for my couches! I've searched high and low and have struck out. I stumbled upon Michelle Dwight's website and fell in love with her pillows. They come in so many colors and are perfect for spring.

I finally ordered the maternity maxi from Old Navy that I have been eyeing. I am already getting uncomfortable so hopefully this will help me survive the warmer months. I'm also putting a list together of my maternity favorites so keep an eye out.

The Mason jars from the Mason Bar Company are my newest obsession. I got the whole family matching jars. Perfect for sipping smoothies and iced coffee this Spring. 

Speaking of Spring...how did everyone like daylight savings?? Apparently there is something about an extra hour of day light that makes Ryder want to get up from 3am-6am then back to sleep until 11, throwing our schedule out of whack. 

Hope you have a great week!

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