13 March 2014

Thoughts on baby #2

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by. In 15 weeks or less I'm going to have TWO kids.....TWO. As I think about this little babe arriving soon, I can't help but remember having Ryder and how clueless I was as a first time mom. I laugh at all the things I thought I knew about having a baby and feel like somewhat of pro now. Surprisingly, my husband knew more about caring for a newborn than me!
I stumbled upon The top 10 foolish things first time prego moms do. On Pinterest and I laughed so hard!  Because it is so true. I was definitely a first time foolish mom. Don't worry, I've learned a few things since then.

The biggest mistake I made when preparing for Ryder is purchasing all the wrong things. I stocked up on things I didn't need and didn't buy some necessities. Here a some things I forgot and will definitely have for baby #2

Warning: For those of you who are already moms you are going to laugh at this and say "I can't believe she forgot that!" I know, I know...first time mom fail for sure. 

Breast Pump: I was convinced that breast feeding would be so easy and there would be no need to pump at all. Huge mistake! My poor hubby ended up making a midnight trip to the store to buy a pump because I was so full and engorged. What a good sport. 

Nursing bra's and tanks: I thought that nursing in a regular bra and shirt would be no big deal. I learned very quickly In the hospital that I was wrong. Especially while you are getting used to breast feeding and are constantly nursing. I wished I would have packed these in my hospital bag. 

Bottle Set: My husband insisted on buying an expensive bottle set that came with multiple bottle sizes and nipple flows. I didn't think Ryder would take a bottle very often and that we only needed a few basic bottles. We argued! But wow was he right. I was stubborn and when I bottle fed Ryder I used the basic bottle I picked out. Ryder fussed and took forever to finish a bottle. Turns out he needed a faster nipple flow. And thanks to my husband and his stupid bottle set, we had exactly what we needed. Don't worry, I still hear about it to this day. Definitely a must have. 

Some things I purchased and really didn't need-

Too many newborn diapers: I remember when Ryder was a week old and every wet diaper he had he would leak. I was a postpartum mess of course so I got frustrated and cried about it wondering why he was leaking so much, when my hubby says "I think he needs a bigger diaper size" my response was "um no he is a newborn he needs newborn diapers!" Tyson put a size 1 on him and the problem was solved. So I was now stuck with drawers full of newborn diapers that I took out of the box and neatly organized, thinking I would need that many. Told you my hubby knew more than me. 

Diaper wipe warmer: I absolutely insisted on getting one of these things. And I didn't even use it once. Don't bother getting one, Your babe will survive with normal temp wipes. 

A million different lotions and soaps: Am I the only new mom who did this?? I bought so many different lotions, soaps, shampoos, bubble baths etc. and I still have them to this day. Turns out that a baby WILL sleep at night even if you don't use a night time wash. Duh. We have used the same shampoo, soap and lotion from day 1. No need to buy a bunch of different kinds. 

Being a new mom is definitely a learning experience. I learned that babies cry for no reason, that it's okay to ask questions and to ask for help. That postpartum depression is normal and is hard. That you will cry....a lot. That a new baby will take up every minute of your day and that you will be exhausted. That you will question if you are doing things right and realize how fast time passes you by. But I also learned that being a mom is the greatest thing in the world. That you don't know true love until you hold that little miracle that you created. And there is no better feeling than watching him grow. So, as I prepare for our second baby, I am going to take in all these things that I have learned and soak up every minute with my babies. The good times and the hard times. I know that two babes so close in age is going to be hard, but also so fun and a blessing at the same time. And hey, you can get through anything with a big cup of coffee and and a good pair of sweats...right??

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