03 March 2014

Our Weekend

Happy March everyone!! Spring is just around the corner and we are definitely feeling it in the air. We took advantage of the spring{ish} weather this weekend and spent some much needed time outside. 

Ryder's favorite part had to be feeding the ducks. He waved to them, chased them, blew kisses and was NOT happy when we left without one as a pet.

I took Ryder to the park with a friend but Apparently kids were out of school so there were SO many people. It made Ryder nervous and he just wanted me to carry him everywhere. That's okay because there is a Starbucks just down the road so we spent the afternoon watching trucks go by on he freeway. 

We took a nice Sunday walk by the river. Ryder loved watching Cash take a swim and stomped around in the mud.

We also did some grilling which made me so excited for warm summer nights spent around a fire. 
With the hubs being gone it was the perfect weekend spent with my family. I hope you all had a great weekend and let the spring countdown begin!


  1. He looked so adorable watching the ducks. Seems like he's a natural animal lover. BTW, just followed you on bloglovin..:)

    Shelah @ Everyday Alaska

    1. Thank you! He really loves animals for sure :) thanks! Following on bloglovin as well