15 June 2015

Our Weekend

Wow what a busy few days! Tyson had a 4 day weekend and we made sure we took full advantage of him being home. We had something planned everyday and I'm pretty sure the word "schedule" won't be in our summer vocabulary, including sleep schedule!

The boys favorite part of the morning living out here, is watching the tractors go by. We live smack dab in the middle of cherry trees and they love it. 

Our weekend started out with poor little Ryder waking up with the stomach bug. He woke up and his skin was green so I was atleast prepared for the puke I knew was coming. Give me all the snot and coughs in the world, but for love of everything holy - no puke. Nothing gives me greater anxiety than a kid with the throw ups. Thankfully after he took a long nap he woke up just fine. 

We spent most of the weekend outdoors, watching a rodeo and fire works, playing in the water, fishing and taking late night walks. I'm pretty sure the earliest the boys when to bed over the weekend was 10pm which is way late for them. That's a sure sign it's summer!

Gage also had his 1 year pictures Saturday morning. Here are some sneak peeks I got back. My heart just about burst. This little guy is a complete opposite of his brother and dug right into that cake. He also wore the same outfit that Ryder did during his smash cake session so I can't wait to compare them. 

We spent a lot of time at our house this weekend as well. You guys, they are flying on the building process! We hope this is the case throughout the rest of the building and we can move in sooner than expected. 

And last but not least, happy anniversary to me and this guy! 8 years, 2 babies and a ton of amazing memories! Here's to many more years

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  1. oh i love your house! can't wait to see the finishing product!! We are hoping to build a house within the next year or two!!