23 June 2015

Gage Turns ONE

Oh my baby Gage. 1 year ago tomorrow, you made your quick entrance into this world and it was definitely love at first sight. You are spunky and full of sass, Your personality is as fiery as that red hair and that sweet smile will melt anyone's heart.
At 1 year old you love daddy, your brother and the dog. But when you're tired or upset you love your mama the most. You take about 6 steps before you sit down but you are getting braver by the day. You are fearless and give me new grey hair on the daily. You love to eat everything, anything and all day long. Your favorite foods are vegetables for sure but you can down an ice cream cone faster than anyone I've seen.
You still take 2 naps a day but still get up once or twice a night to eat. Your favorite things are balls, balloons, cars, animals and water. You can say Dada, dog, ball, nana, mama and lots of jibberish. You hate getting your diaper changed or getting dressed, getting out of the bath, being told no, and watching people eat and them not sharing. Also making you sit still is a form of torture.
You are a complete opposite of your brother and we love watching you two become best friends! Ryder always makes sure you are taken care of whether its helping you off the fireplace or digging rocks out of your mouth. The bond between you two is irreplaceable.
Gage, we have loved watching you grow up the past 12 months and we adore you more than you'll ever know! Happy First Birthday sweet baby boy, we love you!



  1. Those smash cake photos are just darling! Happy 1st Gage! How is it our babies are one?!

  2. Thank you!! I know isn't it crazy?? They are too big too fast!