08 June 2015

Summer Time

We have finally moved into our rental and are slowly getting settled. We have moved about 20 minutes away from town and into the country so it's taken a bit of getting used to. And when I say we've moved into the "country" I mean "our house doesn't even have a microwave or AC" type of country. I'm a little out of my comfort zone but the boys are loving it and that's all the matters, plus look at this view! 

After almost a full month of rain, Summer has finally arrived! Our days have been filled with sunscreen, swim trunks, ice cream cones, park play dates and all things water! 

{Who taught Ryder how to do the duck face??}

Our house is also coming along nicely. They started framing and it was so exciting to see it up instead of on paper! We can't wait until it's done!

June is a really exciting month for us. Gage will be turning 1 {insert ugly cry face here} we will be celebrating our anniversary and have lots of fun family things planned. So, let's do this June!

Have a great week everyone 

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