22 June 2015

Our Breastfeeding Journey

It's almost been 12 months since our sweet baby Gage entered this world And for a whole year, my body has nourished his. 
Although it wasn't always easy I am so proud that I have reached my goal of breastfeeding for a year, an experience I didn't get with Ryder. And to be honest, weaning him is going to be hard for both of us.

With Gage being our second baby, I felt a little more experienced as to what I needed to do to make breastfeeding successful this time around. Gage's birth was a really quick one and the first thing I requested was plenty of time for skin to skin contact and breastfeeding. I didn't rush to get him wrapped up to show family {like I did with Ryder} and after about 30 minutes of uninterrupted skin to skin he latched on his own. 

Gage continued to nurse really well but only on the left side. The lactation consultant at the hospital recommended using a nipple shield on the right side, which worked until he got so used to it that he wouldn't latch on the left side without it. Fast forward a few days later and I found myself with a huge over supply and a baby who would no longer latch thanks to the nipple shield. Since I had such a bad over supply I started pumping in between feedings, which actually made my over supply worse. When I researched breastfeeding while I was pregnant with Gage, I made sure I learned all about how to increase your milk supply and how to know if your milk is enough. I never thought I'd have an oversupply of milk! 

For a whole month, I gave up nursing all together. I pumped every two hours and fed It to Gage in a bottle and stocked up my freezer stash. I felt like a prisoner to that stupid breast pump. I would pump all hours of the night and constantly felt engorged thanks to my oversupply. One day I was done. I was just done being hooked up to that annoying breast pump. I packed it in a box and told myself that my body is capable of nursing him and to give it another go. I knew that if I could just get him to latch and not use the pump then my oversupply should level out. Surprisingly after a whole month of not nursing he latched. It took a little time and practice but he got the hang of it. I was so engorged for days and had a few bouts of mastitis, but my oversupply leveled out. I learned that inserting items {the nipple shield and pump in my case} is not always necessary. 
Fast forward a year and we are still going strong breastfeeding. 

 I know Gage isn't quite ready to be weaned yet, but as we slowly start nearing the end I can't help but feel emotional. The thought of him not needing me as much and having those bonding moments make my heart ache. At the same time I'm feeling excited to have my body back and to be able to leave him with family without worrying about feeding him. Bittersweet for sure. 

I just wish I would have been more informed about other issues that arise with breastfeeding other than the most common under supply. When Gage was 5 months old I attended an intermediate breastfeeding class taught by Lindsey Shipley with Lactation Link who is a board certified Lactation Consultant. The class addressed issues such as oversupply, starting solids while breastfeeding, biting, weaning etc. I learned so much from that class and I wish I would have taken her beginners class before I gave birth. I am so passionate about what Lindsey teaches and she has kindly offered a 10% discount to my readers for any July or August class. She does online classes as well as home visits and offers a variety of subjects such as beginners, intermediate and returning to work while breastfeeding. Use code MAMA at checkout but hurry, it's only good for 24 hours! Check Lindsey out on Instagram and Facebook for breastfeeding tips and advice. 


  1. Yay for reaching your goal! I definitely think having a Lactation Consultant helped with my breastfeeding journey too. I hope mamas will take advantage of your discount code!

  2. Yay!! Making that breastfeeding goal is the best! I breastfed Landon for 19 months! I had to wean him because i was feeling too touched out lol I wanted my boobies back! Then I found out I was pregnant! Lol funny how it all worked out